Hull to wire entire city to the Net

Still won't make it wired capital of Europe

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Officials in Kingston upon Hull want to give everyone in the city access to the Net.

Speaking at a conference yesterday, Councillor Patrick Doyle, Leader of the City Council, explained how the authority's Digital City Task Group was working to make Hull the wired capital of Europe.

Cllr Doyle said he was seriously examining the costs of the scheme that would provide households, businesses and schools with Kingston Communication's Interactive TV Service.

KC's iTV also offers Internet access.

The aim of the proposals would be to offer employment opportunities, raise education standards, and to work against social exclusion.

Councillor Doyle said: "Why not put on-line every household in Hull. It would be the first city in the world to achieve this.

"We could use our local technology, we have Kingston Communications.

"We've talked about being a learning city. This is not rhetoric. This is about access to information for all.

We want to provide something for everyone in the city," he said.

He stressed that the plans were still at an early stage but there would be ongoing discussions between KC (the council owns 44.9 per cent of KC) and the City Council to try to turn the aspiration into reality.

Councillor Tom McVie, chair of the council's Digital City Task Group said: "Our aim is to create a world digital city which will attract new industries, new jobs and new opportunities to Kingston upon Hull."

Details of the ambitious project will be revealed over the coming weeks, a spokeswoman for the city council said today. ®

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