Business for sale

$8 million price tag to be in league with the devil

Domain name shoppers are to get the chance to buy one of the hottest URLs ever. is up for sale, and US domain name broker expects to auction it off for no less than $8 million. "Considered by branding experts to be one of the most powerful and recognised words in the world, 'hell' is about to conjure a new meaning – 'money!'" screams the company's press release. "With built-in marketing slogans such as 'Go To', the name can bring instant recognition to any Web site that acquires the URL." Hitdomains reckons that whoever buys the address will be able to build a whole business around it due to its recognised brand name. Despite having no content, already manages to pull in around 100,000 unique visitors per month. Hitdomains has a whole heap of other domains for sale on its site – including, which has a minimum bid of $15,000, ($25,000), as well as the slightly tamer, but more costly, (minimum bid $9 million). The Florida-based company recently sold for $2.2 million. Last week the Roman Catholic Church slammed a Scottish auction site selling ® Related stories auction kicks off with £600K bid Big bucks URL is the business(.com) Scottish firm suffers eternal damnation for auction

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