Pentium III-800 brought forward to Q1 of next year

Intel acknowledges depth of Coppermine shortages

A report on a US wire said that Intel will bring the launch date of an 800MHz Coppermine Pentium III forward to the first quarter of next year. The Intel roadmap had this processor slated to appear in quarter two, said Pat Gelsinger, a senior VP at Intel, according to PC Week. And Intel has also acknowledged the shortages of many of the Coppermine parts it announced in October, as reported here a day after the launch. Gelsinger admitted that supply of many of the Coppermine parts was tight but claimed this was not due to any fundamental problem with its .18 micron process technology. Instead, Intel had underestimated demand for processors. However, the more fundamental problem is likely to be that Intel has not yet cranked up its .18 fabrication to produce sufficient microprocessors to satisfy demand. ® Huge shortages, technical problems dog Intel's Coppermine debut So why is Intel's Coppermine good?

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