Anarchists run riot on the Web

This will be the surprise action that brings capitalism to its knees. Oh no it won't…

June's anarchist backlash against City fat cats looks set for a repeat performance at the end of the month. What's more, the organisers (anarchist organisers, whatever will they think of next? - Ed) are using the Internet to promote the next uprising.

Scheduled to take place on 30 November, protest group Urban 75 is calling for people to take action against the World Trade Organisation (WTO), which it claims is controlled by the US, UK, Canada and Japan - and is bowing down to the financial muscle of multinationals such as Microsoft.

According to the organisation's Web site, there will be two protests organised in the UK aimed at bringing the downfall of the WTO. One will be in London, where the group Reclaim the Streets is planning to assemble its troops on the morning of 30 November at Euston Station. The second is scheduled for Oxford, meeting at Cornmarket in the afternoon. Both events were unconfirmed and the details of the protests had not yet been decided, it said. "Make November 30th the day which sees the end of the WTO, and the end of worldwide exploitation. The millennium beckons - lets enter it under a new guise," the Web site stated.

The group claims that the biggest demonstration will be in Seattle, with others are planned for Germany, Argentina, Switzerland, Colombia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, South Africa, France, Czech Republic, Italy and Portugal. Regarding the 18 June protest, which saw riots on the streets of the City of London, the Web site states: "The police turned this event nasty and the end result was a number of injuries and many million pounds worth of damage to multinational companies." "For this reason, any similar protest has got be a surprise."

The plans coincide with the prevention of terrorism bill outlined today in the Queen's speech at the opening of Parliament. Under the new proposals, terrorism is to be re-defined as the threat of violence against the government or public, an extension on the current Prevention of Terrorism Act which is restricted to "use of violence for political ends". The new act will also be stretched to include "green" groups, and those acting for religious or ideological ends. ®

Feel like joining in? All you need do is rush down to your local army surplus store get some regulation anarchist clothes - i.e. tatty fatigues - and then check out the Urban 75 site.

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