Red Hat gets Wide Open with Register

Intelligent co-operation for the Information Economy

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Security and trust: The backbone of doing business over the internet

Today, Red Hat launches Wide Open News, its very own News and Views site for the Information Economy. And guess who it's selected in its first tranche of content partners? That's right, The Register, sitting alongside Salon and The Industry Standard. Which is nice. In effect, Red Hat is, through Wide Open News, extending the values of the Open Source software movement to the mucky world of IT publishing. This is "intelligent co-operation" in Wide Open News lingo. Well, The Register is intelligent (sometimes) and always willing to co-operate. We have signed a cross-publishing deal which will see us regularly post Wide Open-originated articles. Wide Open News will take some of our stories, too. It's early days yet. But we think Red Hat could be on to an editorial winner: Wide Open News is easy to use -- nice, clean design -- and there's some keen editorial intelligence at work. Moreover, there's a point to it -- Wide Open News is constructed around an idea, not an advertising demographic. Here's the link Wide Open News. Check it out. ®

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