Yac debuts free unified messaging service

One number follows you everywhere -- you can run but you can't hide

An Irish company is set to offer a free unified messaging service (UMS) to Net users. -- which stands for "You're Always Connected" -- has one million telephone numbers to give away so that anyone who wants to be contactable all the time can be literally just a phone call away. By simply using one number, users will be able to divert al their messages to their home, office, mobile -- or even e-mail -- depending where they are. A number of big-name Net companies, including AOL, are interested in the service as another nifty offering for users in order to maintain loyalty and stickiness. makes its money by taking a cut of the call charge when people call the Yac number. Around 18,000 people have already registered their interest for, VP Piers Mummery told The Register. ®

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