Intel porno squatters want $400k – bare faced cheek

Bare naked ladies giveway to bare naked capitalism

The porn site exposed yesterday for using Intel's name to promote online sauciness, has put its domain up for sale at $400,000. The cheeky owners of had this morning removed their usual array of writhing bedroom images in favour of the following notice: "This domain is for sale. Price $400,000 -- USA Dollar. For your information last bid 14 October '99 $150,000, (From another Chip maker...)" Registered in March, the springboard site had been using the Intel brand name to attract customers to its links and The Register today made contact with the owners of the site. Via email, we were told that they had been contacted by "a very big chip maker" yesterday, who wanted to make a bid for the site. The emailer, who identified himself only as Thomas Puntman -- the registered owner of the site -- declined to disclose the name of the prospective buyer. But he did say he was willing to give Intel the chance to buy the site (and make himself almost half a million dollars into the bargain). Thomas added that he didn't feel he was infriging on the intel-inside trademark. "I never ask Intel to join the WWW (=freedom)," he wrote. Intel today denied that it was the mystery bidder for the site, but said it had got its lawyers on the case. "Following on from our comments yesterday, we took swift steps to make sure that there was no link between Intel and the site," said an Intel representative. "Obviously, we don't want our name to be abused in this way." He added that the bidding was "quite clearly a scam". Find out for yourselves. Offers for the domain can be made at ®

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