Microsoft on Trial: November 98


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Back to the main Microsoft on Trial page Stories from... January 1999 December 1998 October 1998 28 November 1998 How does an MS-owned magazine cover the Microsoft trial? Carefully - but not carefully enough, judging by the numbers of reporters going through the revolving doors 27h November 1998 DoJ data reveals Intel and Microsoft's slices of PC cake The amount of money Microsoft and Intel get per PC has been increasing -- and even more so as a percentage of price Court documents reveal MS moves to lock-in OEMs, users Chase wanted 'proprietary hook' to keep MS sign-up in the boot sequence 26 November 1998 Court steps spin increases as Microsoft demands dismissal DoJ running scared, and expert is a know-nothing, apparently... DoJ 'expert' in trouble as expertise exposed Microsoft's attorney is exposing Warren-Boulton's sketchy knowledge of the industry 25 November 1998 DoJ fights bid to strike Apple evidence Argues against Microsoft claim that Tevanian evidence is hearsay 'Buy AMD or NatSemi,' Microsoft exec told Gates A superficially barking suggestion might have made sense if Microsoft thought the DoJ was on the run 24 November 1998 AOL deal sparks pundits day in court Will it or won't it? The jury's out - matter of fact, there's no jury anyway DoJ witness argues Microsoft prices too high But he and the Microsoft attorney seem to be running an 'I know less about software than you' match 23 November 1998 Microsoft lawyer claims AOL deal makes lawsuit dead parrot We think he means the DoJ should just stand back and let everybody compete unfairly with everybody else... Microsoft Java plan tempts fresh Sun legal action Does just switching it off, and letting the developers switch it back on, count as compliance? Will Gates take the stand? He may be talking himself into it... The trial this week: DoJ consultant in the frame With just two days work before Thanksgiving, it looks like W-B will be a busy boy in the box How Microsoft put spin on Japan 'innocent' verdict There's that consultant it doesn't mention being on the payroll, for starters 22 November 1998 Gates moans to press about DoJ deposition tactics What can we tell you? The man seems to have an interestingly weird perspective 20 November 1998 Gates' memory problems causing concern So we're publishing some more transcript as an aide memoire for him... Microsoft attacks 'ivory tower' expert Antitrust guy don't know about software, says software outfit that don't know about antitrust DoJ deploys antitrust expert to prove Microsoft misuse of monopoly Warren-Boulton looks like being a tough nut for Microsoft to crack Japan's FTC decides not to bust Microsoft These day, champagne corks pop whenever somebody doesn't sue... Judge damns Gates as 'unresponsive witness' And suggests Gates' own lawyers can't believe it either... Microsoft's plan to levy annual rental fee for Windows Top OEM VP lays out plan to secure old age with 'annuity' scheme 19 November 1998 DoJ learns tricks from Microsoft spinmeisters Monday night is Gates TV night for the foreseeable future, apparently... IBM's 'plot' to destabilise Microsoft exposed in email But as it didn't work, it's not much use as evidence IBM testimony sets scene for attempt to prove Microsoft monopoly Somewhat hampered by the O word, Soyring goes in to bat 18 November 1998 Testimony points to corporate hostility to integration of IE Faced with it, large numbers have been vaping the system and reinstalling Justice throws Microsoft OS/2-shaped lifebelt Did Microsoft cynically destroy OS/2 by, er, paying IBM to employ all those useless execs? Sun judge says 'unfair business practice' key to Microsoft injunction So the Sun case starts to converge on the antitrust one... Sun win knocks wheels off Microsoft Java plans A ruling forcing Microsoft to purify its Java may undermine Redmond's fragmentation strategy 17 November 1998 Gates video 'not a beautiful thing to watch,' says Microsoft brief Here we go again - the whole transcript of yesterday's very strange Gates testimony Court argues over validity of browser integration The DoJ may be moving up a blind alley in trying to separate browser and OS What if Gates loses? - A treacherous WSJ considers Even Microsoft's supporters are starting to think the unthinkable 16 November 1998 Gates: He's just a guy who can't say N... N... Court laughs as memory man fails to comprehend line of questioning, apparently... Microsoft claims DoJ hand-picked IE critics But one of the critics, Boeing, turns out to be a Microsoft showcase corporate customer 13 November 1998 Mud flies as Microsoft brief goes for Intel exec's throat Andy Grove? Mad Dog? May be a reference to an Intel CPU project, Cerberon... McGeady to Grove: goad Microsoft into provoking the DoJ One wonders why he thought Microsoft needed goading before it would do this... 12 November 1998 MS apps 'bloatware' -- official Beast of Redmond VP reveals all in court-released evidence Are Microsoft's trial attorneys delivering? The Register's brief encounter DoJ case 'effort to advance competitors' -- Gates The government is a stooge for a shadowy conspiracy, apparently 11 November 1998 'Gates unplugged' session sheds light on 1995 strategy Notes from Intel meeting record views on IBM, Apple, Compaq, life the universe and everything Microsoft said drop NSP or MMX gets it, says Intel exec McGeady holds his ground in face of heavy fire from cross-examination Torch the emails? Intel exec claims Gates considered it But it seems saintly old Bill resisted Satan's temptation 10 November 1998 Gates to Intel: stop competing with Microsoft "Microsoft was concerned that things would get out of its control," says exec Gates under the grill - the full transcript The Register publishes the full (well nearly) Monty, for all you trial junkies out there Lousy Intel software 2: Windows 98's full of the stuff At the 98 launch, Intel listed all its techie contributions -- as a purely precautionary measure, of course... Apple and Compaq were threatened, insists Tevanian Threat to Office was "strongest bargaining point" Gates memos show how Microsoft puts screws on Intel And they suggest that the OEMs will only jump when Microsoft tells them to 9 November 1998 Intel writes lousy software, says Gates Kindly Bill tells Intel it's wasting its money on crap programming -- leave it to me, he says Microsoft fixes QuickTime, but says it didn't break it But check the small print of the patch posting -- it confirms Tevanian's claims Intel to testify in Microsoft case today And this one will be verbal only, so pay attention at the back DoJ subpoenas Gates' former girlfriend over Vobis Justice is chasing claims that evidence was deliberately destroyed Valley reckons Microsoft case won't change The Beast But they do think it will be good for competition. Puzzling, no? 6 November 1998 'We're talking about knifing the baby' -- MS exec QuickTime infanticide proposal revealed in Apple, Microsoft meeting memo 5 November 1998 Knife the Mac? Redmond Don in shock infanticide allegation Microsoft trial descends into tacky film noir mode Tavanian 'Microsoft attempted to nuke QuickTime' line continues But hard evidence seems thin on the ground Who killed Apple's Rhapsody? Strange but true - Steve did, not Bill 4 November 1998 Government victimising Gates, says Microsoft Beating up Bill on video is cowardly -- they should face him in person, apparently... 3 November 1998 Gates squirms on screen as memory problems re-emerge Are those who don't remember past emails condemned to resend them? Microsoft challenge to testimony rebuffed Attempt to rule out hearsay fails for the second time Lawyers spin after Gates video And will the US elections keep Billy-Boy off the front pages? How the Microsoft machine crushed Apple -- Tevanian The Apple exec's testimony provides a case study of how the Microsoft 'standards' script operates EU considers its own case against Microsoft Europe seems to be considering opening a second front Top of the page

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