Nvidia Sucks big time in domain registration blizzard

Get your retaliation in first

Our thanks to reader Tjark Verhoeven for this little Nvidia gem. It seems that Nvidia doesn't want anyone to "steal" the name of its precious new toy: NV Corp (GE-FORCE5-DOM) GE-FORCE256.COM NV Corp (GE-FORCE6-DOM) GE-FORCE256.NET NV Corp (NVIDIASUCKS3-DOM) NVIDIASUCKS.COM NV Corp (GEFORCE3-DOM) GEFORCE256.COM NV Corp (GEFORCESUCKS3-DOM) GEFORCESUCKS.ORG NV Corp (NVIDIASUCKS2-DOM) NVIDIASUCKS.NET NV Corp (GE-FORCESUCKS3-DOM) GE-FORCESUCKS.COM NV Corp (GE-FORCESUCKS2-DOM) GE-FORCESUCKS.NET NV Corp (GEFORCESUCKS2-DOM) GEFORCESUCKS.COM NV Corp (GEFORCE5-DOM) GEFORCE256.ORG NV Corp (GE-FORCESUCKS-DOM) GE-FORCESUCKS.ORG NV Corp (GEFORCE4-DOM) GEFORCE256.NET NV Corp (GEFORCESUCKS-DOM) GEFORCESUCKS.NET NV Corp (NVIDIASUCKS-DOM) NVIDIASUCKS.ORG NV Corp (GE-FORCE4-DOM) GE-FORCE256.ORG NV Corp (GEFORCE6-DOM) GEFORCE.COM NV Corp (GEFORCE-DOM) GEFORCE.ORG NV Corp (GEFORCE2-DOM) GEFORCE.NET NV Corp (GE-FORCE2-DOM) GE-FORCE.COM NV Corp (GE-FORCE-DOM) GE-FORCE.ORG NV Corp (GE-FORCE3-DOM) GE-FORCE.NET The names were registered on 2 July, so if we'd been more on the ball we could have outed the new Nvidia chip two months as opposed to two days (still a world scoop) early. ® ®

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