Confusion reigns over Celeron 100MHz FSB

What is going on here?

A few days ago we published news that Intel would deploy a 100MHz front side bus (FSB) in Q3. (Story: Intel stops wavering on 100MHz Celeron FSB) That elicited a response from the Intel PR spinola department which puzzled us. It goes a lot like this:"Don't forget that currently 810 chipset DOES support 100MHz FSB because it's also used with Pentium II and Pentium III processors (for "value" systems). So even though we also use 810 for Celeron - the Celeron processor itself is and will remain (at least for the near term) at 66MHz FSB. Also remember that since Celeron is mostly a retail consumer focused processor and consumers buy mainly on MHz, there isn't an immediate need to introduce a higher FSB! Now, at some point in the future we realize that it will be a need to implement 100MHz FSB on our Celeron Processors - but it's just not now." how about the following Intel slide we got our mitts on then, we asked. The spinolas are puzzled, but we can vouch for the fact that this is a 100 per cent genuine Intel Insider slide. And don't forget that when Intel says "not in the near future", that near future can come sooner than anyone thought, like in Q3... ®

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