IBM unveils free Netfinity Linux support, Linux for RS/6000

Servers to ship with Red Hat, Caldera

IBM today said it would offer 90 days' free support for Netfinity server users running either the Red Hat or the Caldera Linux distributions. The announcement comes days after the company said it was working with PowerPC Linux distributor Yellow Dog to port the latter's Champion Server to the RS/6000 platform. On the Netfinity side, enterprise buyers across the world will gain full Linux support for the first three months. After that, they can extend coverage through an IBM support contract. Those support products will also be made available to existing customers, and those who install Linux on their Netfinity servers off their own bat. Servers will ship with copies of Caldera's OpenLinux and Red Hat Linux, said IBM's Netfinity e-business manager, Tom Figgatt. Big Blue also re-iterated its earlier promises to port key middleware applications to Linux, including DB2, Websphere and Lotus Domino. Yellow Dog, meanwhile, said it will release a version of Champion Server 1.1 for the RS/6000 43P Model 150, the F50 and an upcoming application server box for thin client systems, codenamed Pizzazz. The software will ship shortly, though Yellow Dog has already begun taking orders, it said. Yellow Dog itself will offer installation support for the product. ®

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