Pentium III/600 & Celeron 500 – the NDA emerges

Dealers and disties get first stab before 'official' launch

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Sources close to Intel's plans have now disclosed that the chip giant has released box versions of the Pentium III/600 and Celeron/500, available to channel partners. Dealers can only buy a maximum of three each, but are bound by one of Intel's fearsome non disclosure agreements (NDAs). This is the Intel line on the pre-release of the parts: "Early access to the boxed Pentium® III processor 600 MHz and Intel® Celeron processor 500 MHz "Intel is offering designated dealers early access to the boxed Pentium® III processor 600 MHz and Intel® Celeron processor 500 MHz so that they may purchase and integrate them into systems and have them ready to sell on the day of Intel's formal corporate launch on July 31, 1999. Intel is pleased to invite you to participate in this program subject to your agreement to the below terms of participation. "* If you desire to participate, you may purchase a total of up to three boxed Pentium® III processors 600 MHz and Intel® Celeron processors 500 MHz beginning July 26, 1999 from any authorized or participating distributor. Ordering pre-launch product from more than one distributor is strictly prohibited. Again, this program only applies to boxed Pentium® III processors 600 MHz and Intel® Celeron processors 500 MHz through authorized distributors. "* As always, this program is dependent on distributor supply and participation. Supply will vary by distributor, so contact your distributor as soon as possible. "* Until the boxed Pentium® III processor 600 MHz and Intel® Celeron processor 500 MHz is formally released by Intel for public sale on 7/31/99, the product is Confidential Information of Intel's. Our distributors and any of their authorized customers may only purchase the product under Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)". Our sources tell us the price of the boxed parts are the same as we published last Sunday. Major distributors are already accepting orders. (See Intel's PIII/600 for sale). However, it is unclear whether these prices will apply at release. ®

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