Major High St firm to out-Tiny Tiny

But who could it be?

A major UK retailer is set to out-do Tiny by offering ISDN on free PCs. That follows the news that Tiny had negotiated a deal to offer so-called "free PCs" as part of a deal with a major telecomms supplier. Our source, who definitely did not wish to be named, said that the High Street retailer will trump Tiny's offer over the next three days or so. ISDN is offered by both Cable & Wireless and British Telecom but both have received much criticism for the high prices of their services. Said Tony Dennis, a datacomms analyst: "The C&W system looks very much like BT's Home Highway anyway. The original idea of ISDN was so you could swap your ordinary phone system for a faster one." The UK High Street does not have many PC retailers on it these days so your guess is probably better than ours. We shop direct... ®

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