Rambus gets dead bullish about results…

..and when we say bullish we mean bullish

Like every other US listed corporation, Rambus was forced to file its financial results today. The company, which has an Intel investment, said it had Q3 revenues of $10.6 million, a mere 16 per cent rise year on year. But in a telling statement, Rambus said the company's revenues included half a million bucks of deferred revenue, "recognized on a contract terminated by Rambus due to the nonperformance of a licensee." Rambus did not say which licensee was the culprit, but the shareholders will want to know, for sure. However, Rambus did announce some wins, including VLSI and PixelFunction. And it said that during the quarter Micron shipped samples of 128Mbit and 144Mbit memories. So it must be doing OK then, by and large... ®

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