ZD hacks advised to RTFM before filing stories

Using PIII with chipset not designed for it "may not work" shocker

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Shock horror revelations on the increasingly-out-of-touch ZDNet are bemoaning an alleged compatibility problem between the Katmai instructions in the Pentium III and Intel's new cheap'n'cheerful 810 chipset. This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, however, because the 810 was never supposed to support Katmai in the first place -– being entry-level, the 810 was designed for the Celeron processor which won't be equipped with Screaming Cindy's Extensions until the next Millennium. However, the real question is why on earth anyone would want to use the cheapo 810 with the expensive PIII –- until the appearance of the 810E and 820 (aka Camino) chipsets alongside the 600MHz PIII in September, OEMs with any sense will stick with the venerable BX chipset. ®

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