Intel, AMD, Cyrix, Rise and IDT in May

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Here are The Register URLs for most of our stories about x.86 processors during the month of May. Intel, TechSearch, IMS case takes further twist IMS went into bankruptcy, Intel set up a shell company to try and get the Smalltalk chip patent…the saga continues. Panic at Chipzilla central The introduction of the 550MHz and various price cuts indicate some worry at Intel Craig Barrett caught outside Log Cabin Yee Hah. He sells executive log cabins as a hobby AMD trademarks own name This has got to be trademark-blunder of the year. It obviously forgot… Intel's Merced may never see the light of day But don't worry, Foster could fill the gap K6-III/500 shipping, will cost £299 Slated for June, in volume Sony adds data protection to 1394 Firewire finally ready to become digital consumer electronics standard Direct Rambus further delayed Volume slips back into Q4 Intel's pricing fork gets sharper Battle with AMD to get yet bloodier. Intel brings forward price cuts. FTC investigators recommend action against Intel A year ago Limited scope to start with, but this one could grow big Hardware IA-32 kludge put in Merced, whatever... HP slide tells whole story. Hardware emulation name of the game. Final release of AMD K7 sample spotted Front side bus goes up to 250MHz Eight other mystery Intel developers tip up There were nine in the bed and the little one said, roll over World watches to see if Merced delayed While Intel corrects last week's mistake… Intel board alliance pushes PII in embedded market Here we go with Pentium class ATMs, cash registers etc... Intel buys stake in US broadband network Another piece of the plan to host the Internet in its own data centres Intel can't access Net at Internet World Fnar... fnar... Acorn's Web (News) Pad makes late debut The picture that speaks volumes... awards Register prize Receives accolade, not Lucozade AMD gets all heavy-handed Must be those ex-Intel people at Chimpzilla The Pentium III 550MHz is an emergency Follow that ambulance marchitecture PIII is a Ferrari, says Intel If only the Web deserved such 'highly tuned' hardware... Intel's NewsPad from Acorn... the saga continues... Didn't Acorn have a similar design? HP and Intel join hands And speak about the marchitecture that is yet to be Intel registers loop to prevent people going inside Has Chipzilla gone stark staring bonkers? Intel has three days to tape Merced out That's three days, babes-in-the-wood All becomes Santa Clara as Texas Micro merges with Radisys It's PCI stuff, of course -- and NGIO starts today CPU prices go into free fall on spot market Despite pricing concerns from majors Intel ready to roll with StrongARM Web pad 'idea'? Mysteriously, IAL says the 'concept' will have a reference design this month Intel says Web Pad "just an idea" It's those crazies at the Architecture Labs Pete Sherriff exposed as whisky-guggling libertine Caught in shot with his paramour AMD's Alereon still shrouded in mystery But positioning made clear by Intel's Little Brother Intel's Itanium and Intel Pla Y make trademark debuts What's all this then? Corsair ships PC-133 SDRAM Is it the thin end of the Direct Rambus wedge? Intel takes cowboy approach to branding Chipzilla takes its eye™ off the ball®? AMD to ship 500,000 K7s in Q4, says Intel Correction Data comes hot from Old Mother Chipzilla's Almanac TSMC goes 12-inch And when will Intel? AMD K6-2 dominates retail PC market And Apple showed the highest unit growth NGIO architecture takes shape PC Developers will hear all about it Intel made big, big mistake Sueing ViA was not a bright idea Centaur-IDT outlines chip plans A year ago WinChip 2 and 2-3D to arrive in volume later this year Rock to quit Intel board… Five weeks ago ...and so he has IBM Micro to go Slot One in 1999 A year ago We look for the smoking pistol Intel in secret deal with nine mystery companies Chipzilla launches new initiative...not many told Intel to demo Savage 4-based digital display card S3's 'by the goolies' partnership with Chipzilla bears fruit My chip is bigger than yours MHz madness rules notebook market in Germany US crypto law cover for industrial spookery Europe says UK and US steal data to aid home-grown firms. Several Great Satans implicated Intel gets paid $5m to set up in Utah Give us $5m or we'll go someplace else, says chip behemoth Over 50 years experience in IT PR? Dell wants to hear from you Russian chip makers get to 0.35 micron Watch out, Intel, they have designs on you Microsoft says Win2K will run fine on Celerons Updated But still make your chip buying decisions carefully Intel confirms Pentium II dead Six months down the line Rambus Opera goes live… …with apologies to anyone, ever, anywhere, who sang about the Perons Intel competes with its PC server customers Yet customers like Compaq, HP, Dell and the ilk are strangely silent You can buy a 550MHz Intel Inside PC now But you can also buy an AMD one… Compaq trademarks letter Q Intel tr*ed that w*th the letter i AMD registers new domain name This is an event but what does it mean? Andy Grove's office empty Where is he? Under the table? AMD carries on cutting prices Intel's 450MHz/PIII under pressure Celeron accelerated as chip market decelerates A year ago Intel slots in further slot one ramp Intel's Otellini says Ray Lane good president for Compaq But Otellini himself is a refusenik for Pfeiffer's ex-post Intel holds line on Direct Rambus But where's its backup strategy? Don’t buy an Intel Inside PC … at least until Monday Intel and Silicon Storage settle lawsuit A mediator has mediated Intel aims to be number 2 server manufacturer in Europe by year end Intel World domination latest... Intel fabbing for HP Updated Someone wins a Register pin Intel to expand Manila fab Maybe Will the FTC re-open Intel investigation? As Cyrix, IDT totter, surely things must get hotter Intel back-tracks on IEEE1394 support Great Satan joins FireWire patent pool, as it dramatically cuts royalties Intel's Otellini outlines chip strategy No intention to squash rivals IBM Micro-Cyrix agreement takes further twist A Year Ago IBM claims lower prices and better distribution for same parts Rise raids Intel for new CFO Aims to exploit IDT wobble, Cyrix withdrawal What the hell is… a thin client? Something Oracle doesn't know about any more IBM wins $1bn Nintendo deal for PowerPC A customer folks - Big Blue has got a PowerPC customer... Mike Magee worked for Intel... ...and now he does AMD's PR HP will do Merced And why the hell not... No takers for The Register PSN Challenge No one identifies mystery PIII user Intel too close to Clinton for comfort Gives a whole new meaning to government affairs Intel's fund has no specific focus on Merced Its contribution is $100 million in the fund AMD to take on Intel in SMP market A year ago Products set to appear with K7 next year Merced is a zombie It is the living undead US exchange issues CPU spot marketing details Some are stable, others are shifting sand SiS intros integrated "non legacy" chipset Socket 7, Celeron, Pentium IIs & IIIs Merced just a development platform for McKinley Could explain an awful lot... Lucent debuts Netphone-on-a-chip ARM-based chip to cut phone costs by 30 per cent Intel seeks deal with FTC A year ago Company attempting to head-off antitrust action Compaq unveils EV6 DS10 family AMD K7 watchers will look closely at WebBrick performance Intel in desperate cash bid to rescue Merced? Pushes loads of money into IA 64 Intel's 550MHz PIII comes in a week's time And watch out for other price reductions Why Halla's head should be on the block Cyrix debacle sorry tale with bitter end Intel hand seen behind SIA roadmap shift When is .15 micron .13 micron? New high-end Intel systems coming your way … more codenames to learn Chipzilla speaks. What you will be using in 2001 Double pumping coming your way RSN HP confirms Merced retreat McKinley, McKinley, it's got to be McKinley Will Compaq change direction on Alpha? New broom may sweep clean AMD fuels speculation on K7 Refuses any comment on performance Intel sues Via -- by mistake... Updated Meanwhile, Motorola-Intel settle Intel talks 600MHz StrongArm Power down means performance up -- next year FTC to appoint guardian for Alpha A year ago Trustees to look after future of endangered chip Can AMD seize the corporate day? Analysis He may get by with some help from his friends 810 boards debut Or at least pix of them do Should The Register sue AMD? US attorney follows the ambulance... Chimpzilla attacks Gorillazilla Sanders outlines chip futures MPR analyst writes to Register Letter Memory report not relevant to PCs Oregon warns public to stay away from Klamath It poisons the water Intel on target for Merced -- unofficial Except it's just got to be ready by May 27 Future Xeon roadmap revealed Coppermine PIII Xeons to debut at 667MHz - maybe

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