Roel Pieper flees Philips glare

Skiing accidents…what next? We thought Holland was flat...

Ex-Tandem executive Roel Pieper has fled from the light shining at Dutch company Philips, only a year and a half after fleeing from Eckhard Pfeiffer. According to reports on US wires, Pieper, a Dutchman, resigned today, because of irreconcilable differences he had with the management of Philips. As we reported in The Register No. 67, Cor Boonstra, CEO of Philips, welcomed Pieper into the light. Then, Boonstra hired Pieper and also turned in a profit for the Dutch firm. We were supposed to meet him at Comdex/Fall the year before but an unfortunate "skiing accident" prevented the meet. Strike a light. ®

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