BT makes £136 profit per second

Number of local calls placed doubles thanks to Web access boom

Internet users helped British Telecom make £136 ($220) profit a second after it reported that its profit had jumped 36 per cent from £3.15 billion to a whopping £4.3 billion. But despite having money coming out of its ears, BT said that it won't cut the cost of Net access in the UK. A spokesman for BT said: "Our pricing structure is very competitive especially if you combine that with our other discount schemes. "We're also using the money to invest in new technology that will ultimately benefit all our customers," he said, while he was no doubt thinking what to do with the £533 bonus every BT employee is getting as a result of the company's latest performance. According to BT's own figures, the number of local calls made during the last year has doubled and that increase is down to Net use. And according to a report in Daily Mail, broker SG Securities reckons that figure could double again to 40 per cent as more and more people hook up to the Net. A spokesman for the Campaign for Unmetered Telecommunications (CUT) --which is lobbying for fairer telecomms charges -- would not be drawn on the subject of BT's profit. Instead he said that he hoped the growth in telecomms usage would allow BT to introduce different pricing structures including unmetered tariffs. ®

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