Sun unveils Solaris Linux compatibility

Efforts with lxrun beginning to pay off

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Remote control for virtualized desktops

Sun yesterday put the next stage of its plans to have Linux applications run on Solaris into place. The company has been collaborating to produce enhancements to the lxrun Linux compatibility program, and using lxrun for the Intel edition of Solaris it is now possible to run Linux applications unmodified. Sun will also be providing free development tools to make it easier for developers to achieve source code compatibility between Linux and Solaris. According to Steve Ginzburg, lxrun source code maintainer, Sun's contributions have already proved "invaluable," and its continued involvement "will increase the visibility and accessibility of lxrun." Lxrun for Solaris on Intel is available immediately, with information at Sun's site. Software development tools for the Sparc version are planned to be available next month. ®

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