K7 vs Pentium III benchmarks emerge…is it a hoax?

Looking good for AMD...

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Updated A hardware research engineer from Acer who does not wish to be named, has provided The Register with some comparative tests between the AMD K7 and the Pentium III. NB: We're not quite sure why, but the benchmarks did not appear in this story when first posted. Apologies for that. They're now included. Oh, and BTW, we haven't tested these configurations. The info was supplied by the reader mentioned above. So please don't bombard us with hate mails or love mails -- you're always welcome to post your thoughts on our Message Forum. Since we first posted this story on Saturday, a lot of people have cast doubt on their veracity. We don't actually know for sure how good they are, but here is the Web site of the gentleman who originally sent us the information. How good are you at foreign languages? And is it all a hoax? Here they are anyway: K7 Test machine CPU K7 600MHz (FSB 200MHz x 3.0) 600MHz 128KB L1 Cache 2-way associative 200MHz 512KB L2 Cache 4-way associative EV6 BUS Controller L2 Cache Speed 1/3 FSB RAM TI Direct RDRAM 256MB at 600MHz VGA Matrox Millennium G400MAX 32MB SGRAM 360MHz RAMDAC Resolution 1600x1200 32 Bpp 85Hz Harddisk IBM Ultra3 SCSI 6ms 10.0 GB Mainboard AMD Sample Chipset Northbridge AMD Irongate AGP4X SouthBridge AMD Cobra ATA66 USB 2.0 OS-Windows 2000 Beta 3 WinHEC April 99 Release P-III Test machine CPU Pentium III 600MHz (FSB 133MHzx4.5) 600MHz 32KB L1 Cache 4-way associative 600MHz 256KB L2 Cache on-die 4-way associative RAM TI Direct RDRAM 256MB at 600MHz VGA Matrox Millennium G400MAX 32MB SGRAM 360MHz RAMDAC Resolution 1600x1200 32Bpp 85Hz Harddisk IBM Ultra3 SCSI 6ms 10.0 GB Mainboard Intel Sample Chipset Northbridge FW82820 AGP4X Southbridge FW82801AA ATA66 USB 2.0 OS-Windows 2000 Beta 3 WinHEC April 99 Release WinBench99 Version 1.1 (5 times measure) CPUMark99 (CPU Integer Performance does not include MMX register) - K7@600MHz 68.4 Mark - Pentium III@600MHz 70.1 Mark FPUWinMark (CPU Floating Point Performance does not include MMX,SSE,3DNow!,FSTORE Extension register) - K7@600MHz 2,819 Mark - Pentium III@600MHz 3,104 Mark Interesting stuff... ®

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