Yahoo! and Micron team up to provide small business service

Direct seller brings portal into people's homes

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Remote control for virtualized desktops

Micron Electronics has signed up with Yahoo! to provide customised start pages for home and small business users. The plan is part of the vendor?s launch of its wider mConnect programme with EarthLink, Yahoo! and 3Com. Micron's Millennia PCs will come equipped with a co-branded Micron/My Yahoo! start page, including general, sport and financial news and weather information. The personalised point of entry to the Web also links to Yahoo! Connected Office, where small business users can hold virtual meetings, post messages and communicate in real time with colleagues. The mConnect programme will provide one-year?s free Internet access through EarthLink and a small business network solution - including networking products and services - through 3Com. ®

Secure remote control for conventional and virtual desktops

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