Forecast: A preview of Merced, software-wise

Palm Spring's events brought into profile

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Internet Security Threat Report 2014

Tomorrow The Register will post all of its Merced information and we will focus on the software side, rather than the cartridge. We successfully collected every material we could find and are now in a position to post the definitive piece on Merced, on the software side. Watch this space. ®

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Designing and building an open ITOA architecture
Learn about a new IT data taxonomy defined by the four data sources of IT visibility: wire, machine, agent, and synthetic data sets.
Why CIOs should rethink endpoint data protection in the age of mobility
Assessing trends in data protection, specifically with respect to mobile devices, BYOD, and remote employees.
Getting started with customer-focused identity management
Learn why identity is a fundamental requirement to digital growth, and how without it there is no way to identify and engage customers in a meaningful way.
High Performance for All
While HPC is not new, it has traditionally been seen as a specialist area – is it now geared up to meet more mainstream requirements?
Security and trust: The backbone of doing business over the internet
Explores the current state of website security and the contributions Symantec is making to help organizations protect critical data and build trust with customers.