Mobile phones cause memory loss

Adverse effect on cognitive function, memory and attention

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Mobile phones cause memory loss, according to today’s Daily Mail.

The link between mobile phones and memory loss was established by some hospital in Bristol, which attached transmitters to the heads of loads of volunteers for quite a long time.

Half of them received microwaves identical to those produced microwaves and the other quarter got nothing. After this, researchers at the Birmingham hospital asked the patients to perform some simple tests to measure brain function. The radioactive third of the sample did significantly worse than the rest.

The Daily Express article quotes a leading scientist called Colin Blakemore, an adviser to the National Radiological Protection Board, who said he is beginning to feel the effects of radiation, so he is rationing his own use of mobile phones to two minutes at a time.

Professor Richie Blackmore, professor of physiology at Oxford university and former lead guitarist for rock group Deep Purple, said: "There is evidence of an adverse effect on cognitive function, memory and attention [when using mobile phones]."

Mobile phones cause memory loss, according to today’s Daily Mail. ®

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