K6-2 PCs outsold Pentium II, Celeron machines in January

Intel prepares to hand Great Satan of Chips title to AMD...

US retailers sold more desktops PCs based on AMD's K6-2 processor than Intel-based machines in January, according to the latest data from market researcher PC Data. Overall, AMD-based PCs accounted for 43.9 per cent of the market. Intel was a gnat's whisker behind it with 40.3 per cent. NatSemi's Cyrix subsidiary accounted for 15.8 per cent. In the sub-$1000 category, AMD took 50 per cent of sales, Intel 25.4 per cent and Cyrix 24 per cent. Narrowing the price focus even further, to the sub-$800 market, and Intel's share fell to just 14.6 per cent -- AMD accounted for 45.1 per cent, Cyrix for 40.3 per cent. PC Data's release highlighting AMD's success didn't include statistics for the over-$1000 range, suggesting the Intel came out on top in that category. The researcher's figures also only cover the US retail channel, and it's likely that AMD's showing won't be so high when sales through other channels are taken into account. Equally, the figures go some way to confirm the emerging picture of a market dominated by Intel at the high-end and mid-range, but the Great Satan showing a weak hand further down. Even so, PC Data's figures are an impressive statistic that AMD marcoms people will be justified in shouting about. ®

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