Free Web service for Gateway UK customers

It might look like a cow, but it won't eat you out of house and home

Gateway -- the bovine PC company -- has launched its own subscription-free Net access service in the UK. Available to anyone who buys a Gateway PC, consumers will have the option to have their systems configured to access the Internet through free of charge. Global ISP UUNET will provide the infrastructure to run the Net service and Yahoo! will provide co-branded, personalised Web pages. Mike Swalwell, MD, Gateway UK & Ireland, said: "With this level of expertise, Gateway is entering the market with a product that is designed to give our clients the easiest and fastest way to get on and experience the Internet." offers V90 access, five email addresses and 15MB of Web space. Calls made to the technical support helpdesk will be charged at £1.00 a minute. ®

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