More home computers to be given away as direct-marketing tools

iMacs better than junk mail, but won't fit through your letter box

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Secure remote control for conventional and virtual desktops

US ISP One Stop Communications has joined the computer give away bonanza, announcing it is to offer 25,000 iMacs "free of charge". FreePc.com, which, earlier this week, offered 10,000 free computers to anyone willing to subject themselves to a barrage of advertising has been inundated with requests for machines -- it received more than 500,000 requests in the first two days (see There's no such thing as a free PC). Users seeking a free iMac will be contracted to spend at least $100 each month for 36 months at One Stop Communications' on-line shopping mall, Shopss.com. They must also subscribe to One Stop's Internet service provider, costing $19.95, although this is waived if more than $200 is spent each month. One stop communications boasted that 2500 people had signed up for the free iMacs within the first two hours after the deal was announced. This new offer is perhaps better thought out than the FreePc.com offer, because at least One Stop Communications has a mechanism for monitoring the level of spending taking place as a result of its advertising. ®

Secure remote control for conventional and virtual desktops

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