HP makes four-way bid for networks

Offers fibre channel solutions

HP has introduced a four way NetServer box using four 400MHz Xeon CPUs and at the same introduced Fibre channel and Ultra 2 SCSI Rack Storage subsystems. The LH4 offers storage capacity of 12 drives and includes integrated controllers. The system will support up to 4Gb of buffered EDO memory and will ship next month with a UK street price of £5,400, HP said. At the same time, HP also introduced version 4.1 of its TopTools software. This, claimed the company, allows administrators to control HP, Compaq and Big Blue boxes from a single monitor using browsing software. The NetServer RackStorage 12GC, claimed HP, is a breakthrough in fibre channel subsytems, offering fault tolerance over distances of up to 10 kilometres. The Ultra SCSI external storage enclosures are the first of their type, the company claimed. ® Click here for more storage

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