DSL standard set

Could become official by next June

The International Telecommunications Union has, as anticipated, set a preliminary standard for DSL modem technology, according to Lucent, one the many companies involved in the specification negotiations. The standard, now dubbed G.992.2, applies to G.lite Digital Subscriber Line modems, which can make connections of up to 1.5Mbps, far in excess of analag modem technology. G.992.2 should be formally ratified by the ITU next June. The quiet agreement is a distinct improvement on the loud hostilities that accompanied last year's attempts to combine Rockwell's k.56flex and 3Com/USR's x2 56kbps modem technologies into a single standard, v.90. Kevin Cone, strategic marketing manager with the Lucent's Microelectronics Group, said: "The industry has proven it can avoid a repeat of last year's 56kbps modem standards battles." ® Click for more stories

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