Dane-Elec's daily DRAM prices – prices continue to rise

Daily prices: 19 October 1998

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1 x 32 EDO moved from £4.40 to £5.00 2 x 32 EDO moved from £6.90 to £7.40 4 x 32 EDO moved from £14.90 to £16.00 8 x 32 EDO moved from £29.50 to £32.00 On the PC66 SDRAM front... 2 x 64 moved from £11.50 to £12.50 4 x 64 moved from £20.90 to £22.90 8 x 64 moved from £47.10 to £49.00 16 x 64 moved from £95.80 to £98.00 On the PC100 SDRAM front... 4 x 64 moved from £22.25 to £24.00 8 x 64 moved from £48.50 to £51.00 16 x 64 moved from £97.30 to £102.00 All prices are courtesy of Dane-Elec Limited and reflect changes within a day. Look out for tomorrow's prices...tomorrow...®

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