Pull up! Pull up! Pull up! Ding ... HP ends eleven-quarter sales nosedive

Take that parachute off, Meg. You won't be needing that, eh?

Business 21 Aug 00:42

Did you swipe your card through one of these UPS Store tills? You may have been pwned

As many as 100k transactions spied upon by malware

Security 20 Aug 23:40

Oi! Rip Van Winkle: PATCH, already

Stuxnet, Sality, Gauss, Flame still infecting your unpatched boxen

Security 20 Aug 23:10

Hi-ho EVO: VMware eyes TWO new hardware-flavored trademarks

VMworld 2014 'EVO' and 'EVO: RAIL' filed in early August – just in time for...

Virtualization 20 Aug 22:43

Need a green traffic light all the way home? Easy with insecure street signals, say researchers

No crypto, default passwords, FTP servers? It's 1998 again

Security 20 Aug 22:27

Netflix swallows yet another bitter pill, inks peering deal with TWC

Net neutrality crusader once again pays up for priority access

Broadband 20 Aug 21:40

Linux Foundation says many Linux admins and engineers are certifiable

LinuxCon 2014 Floats exam program to help IT employers lock up talent

Operating Systems 20 Aug 20:28

Boffins build CYBORG-MOTHRAs but not for evil: For search & rescue

Video This bio-bot will chew through your clothes then save your life

Science 20 Aug 20:11

Barnes & Noble: Gobble a Samsung Nook tablet, please ... pretty please

Novelslab finally on sale with ($199 - $20) price tag

Tablets 20 Aug 18:55

Speedy software upstart PernixData showered in gold by expectant VCs

Whippersnapper gulps down initial funding, greedily tucks into second helping

Storage 20 Aug 17:04

Samsung bags second Internet of Home Stuff home firm in a week

US electronics division slurps heating and A/C distie Quietside

Financial News 20 Aug 16:31

WTH? Upstart stuffed with ex-VMware bods grilled on Amazon cloud 'rescue' plan

Interview Platform9's co-founder on how they started a new biz

Storage 20 Aug 16:02

Stand clear! Will HTC's One act as a defibrillator for Windows Phone?

Analysis Low end success, high end boredom

Phones 20 Aug 15:33

Hello, police, El Reg here. Are we a bunch of terrorists now?

Do Brits risk arrest for watching beheading video nasty? We asked the fuzz

Law 20 Aug 15:02

Felony charges? Harsh! Alleged Anon hackers plead guilty to misdemeanours

US judge questions harsh sentence sought by prosecutors

Law 20 Aug 14:33

Can it be true? A BIG DATA benchmark? Yes, says TPC

Vendor-neutral stats for tech's biggest meaningless buzzword

Storage 20 Aug 14:02

Apple to build WORLD'S BIGGEST iStore in Dubai

It's not the size of your shiny-shiny...

Hardware 20 Aug 13:26

I don't see dead people: Twitter to yank some images of deceased folk

Family members can submit takedown requests

Media 20 Aug 12:57

Heartbleed implicated in US hospital megahack

This time superbug has nothing to do with MRSA

Security 20 Aug 12:32

Citrix drizzles lightly and briefly on VMware's parade with Xen update

Xen App and Desktop get refreshes and native Chrome OS Receiver returns

Virtualization 20 Aug 12:00

UK.gov sinks another £1.6m into Internet of Stuff spec HyperCat

Blighty consortium gets additional funding

Data Networking 20 Aug 11:36

The Register to boldly go where no Vulture has gone before: The WEEKEND

No more aching 2-day void to wait through each week

Site News 20 Aug 11:20

Speaking in Tech: Meet the man who SURRENDERED to Facebook

Podcast Cloud architect tells Regcast: 'It owns my entire life'

Cloud 20 Aug 11:04

Video of US journalist 'beheading' pulled from social media

Yanked footage featured British-accented attacker and US journo James Foley

Media 20 Aug 10:48

Creaky PC? SanDisk gives users a NAND with speedy '3-bitter' SSD

Tart it up with a TLC retrofit

Storage 20 Aug 10:01

Brother, can you spare a DIME for holy grail of secure webmail?

Feature Lavabit man's new project: One of security's thorniest problems

Security 20 Aug 09:36

The agony and ecstasy of SteamOS: WHERE ARE MY GAMES?

Game Theory And yes it does need a fat HDD (or SSD, it's cool with either)

Games 20 Aug 09:02

Look, no client! Not quite: the long road to a webbified Vim

Programming the Web, Pt. III Building in the browser

Developer 20 Aug 08:30

Wall Street woes: Oh noes, tech titans aren't using bankers

Worstall on Wednesday Get out your hankies: Facebook, Google use in-house teams

Financial News 20 Aug 08:05

Xennet wants YOUR machines for tradable supercomputer cloud

SETI@home, Bitcoin the inspirations

Cloud 20 Aug 07:31

Power of iPhone 6 hype-gasm: Apple a sniff away from record stock high

Peak Apple Split share price threatening to reach 2012 apex

Business 20 Aug 07:02

Malware married to software in undetectable attack

Boffins demo how traffic redirect can endanger code downloads

Security 20 Aug 06:31

Kate Bush: Don't make me HAVE CONTACT with your iPHONE

Can't face sea of wobbling fondle implements. What happened to lighters, eh?

Phones 20 Aug 06:01

Gigantic toothless 'DRAGONS' dominated Earth's early skies

Gummy pterosaurs outlived toothy competitors

Science 20 Aug 05:29

Intel's Haswell-E brain to emerge from the lab at end of August – reports

Motherboards spotted in the wild, it seems

Hardware 20 Aug 05:02

Lazy sysadmins rooted in looming Mozilla cert wipeout

CA maintainer warns 'check your infrastructure'

Security 20 Aug 04:32

'Leccy racer whacks petrols in Oz race

ELMOFO rakes in two wins in sanctioned race

Science 20 Aug 04:02

Uh, Obama? Did you miss a zero or two off Samsung's Chinese supplier 'fib' settlement?

No? OK. Tech giant will go ahead and write a $2.3m check

Business 20 Aug 03:29

Astronomers scramble for obs on new comet

Amateur gets fifth confirmed discovery

Science 20 Aug 03:05

VMware shuffles the executive deckchairs

Big guns Eschenbach and Chadwick aimed at growth markets

Business 20 Aug 02:03

Cryptolocker flogged on YouTube

Cat video encrypts all the things

Security 20 Aug 01:04

Tech patent hoarder Intellectual Ventures to lose a fifth of its trolls

Layoffs hit licensing powerhouse

Business 20 Aug 00:03

Rubber Ub' hub: Uber test-drives condoms, gift card, soap etc deliveries

Get drugstore stuff in a hurry – like it's a 1999 dotcom bubble all over again

Small Biz 19 Aug 23:02

US TV stations bowl sueball directly at FCC's spectrum mega-sale

Broadcasters upset about coverage and cost as they shift up and down the dials

Media 19 Aug 22:22

Dozens of COPS cuffed in Turkish Prime Minister's wiretap probe

Plod accused of illegally snooping on top govt officials

Government 19 Aug 21:11

Microsoft and HTC are M8s again: New One mobe sports WinPhone

Just a couple of little catches, though

Phones 19 Aug 20:07

Ballmer quits Microsoft board to spend more time with his b-balls

From Clippy to Clippers: Hi, I see you're running an NBA team now ...

Business 19 Aug 19:16

Intel's Raspberry Pi rival Galileo can now run Windows

Behold the Internet of Things. Wintel Things

Operating Systems 19 Aug 17:28

'Fangless' activist investor chomps up chunk of Rackspace

Blue Harbour thirsting to quaff some fresh asset sweat

Financial News 19 Aug 16:32

Eat up Martha! Microsoft slings handwriting recog into OneNote on Android

Freehand input on non-Windows kit for the first time

Applications 19 Aug 16:10

Apple analyst: fruity firm set to shift 75 million iPhones

We'll have some of whatever he's having please

Phones 19 Aug 15:55

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