Google+ goes TITSUP. But WHO knew? How long? Anyone ... Hello ...

Wobbly Gmail, Contacts, Calendar on the other hand ...

Applications 22 Oct 09:13

It's Big, it's Blue... it's simply FABLESS! IBM's chip-free future

Worstall on Wednesday Or why the reversal of globalisation ain't gonna 'appen

HPC 22 Oct 09:02

Managing identity to drive business

Join us in the Reg Studios on 26 November

Data Networking 22 Oct 08:38

Computer misuse: Brits could face LIFE IN PRISON for serious hacking offences

Vague wording leads to legal uncertainty, says JCHR

Government 22 Oct 08:02

Comet Siding Spring revealed as flying molehill

Hiding from this space pimple isn't going to do humanity's reputation any good

Science 22 Oct 07:28

Pagers shout data center creds, pop star airport arrivals

Encryption: IBM and Australian spooks have heard of it, but aren't using it

Security 22 Oct 06:58

HPC Wales stretches its reach to Northern Ireland

Selling cycles across the Irish Sea

HPC 22 Oct 06:33

Really... an iKeyfob? Apple continues war on fanbois' pockets

Relax: it's just a patent... for now

Hardware 22 Oct 06:03

VMware's new enemy no. 1 isn't Hyper-V, it's Vladimir Putin

Healthy quarter marred by plunge in Russian sales and missed US federal deal

Financial News 22 Oct 05:32

Freescale lassos Ethernet cables around car, calls it 'Internet of Things'

Dev kit for the auto sector

Hardware 22 Oct 05:01

NOT OK GOOGLE: Android images can conceal code

It's been fixed, but hordes won't have applied the upgrade

Security 22 Oct 04:31

PARC Alto source code released by computer history museum

A slice of history: the GUI before the Apple

Vintage 22 Oct 04:04

In dot we trust: If you keep to this 124-page security rulebook, you can own yourname.trust

Step 1: Don't get owned. Step 2: Use HTTPS. Step 3: ...

Security 22 Oct 03:27

Marty McFly wannabes face disappointment with the Hendo Hoverboard

Buzzing board (and some future apps) leave a lot to be desired

Hardware 22 Oct 03:02

Broadcom pitches chips at G.fast OEMs

'Gigabit' silicon should land in equipment in 2016

Broadband 22 Oct 02:28

Google puts Chrome credentials on USB drives for two-factor authentication

Company teams up with FIDO Alliance to support push-button security keys

Security 22 Oct 01:59

San Franciscans: Lyft and UberX want to take you to the airport

If your driver doesn't pull you out of the car and smash your phone first, that is

Law 22 Oct 01:44

Apple grapple: Congress kills FBI's Cupertino crypto kybosh plan

Encryption would lead us all into a 'dark place', claim G-Men

Security 22 Oct 01:33

Preview redux: Microsoft ships new Windows 10 build with 7,000 changes

Latest bleeding-edge bits borrow Action Center from Windows Phone

Operating Systems 22 Oct 01:02

Apple, GT bury hatchet – but sapphire screen spat skinny stays secret

GT to sell off factory to repay Cupertino loans if deal is approved

Business 22 Oct 00:32

EMC calls sudden event to reveal 'New business development'

VCE absorption tipped, but let's not forget Cloudfather Tucci's time is nearly up

Business 21 Oct 23:58

Marissa! Mayer! ends! 21! month! dry! spell! as! Yahoo! sales! grow!

Purple Palace finally tilts revenue upwards ... but income downwards

Financial News 21 Oct 22:42

Hey Apple, we're gonna tailor Swift as open source – indie devs throw down gauntlet

GPL language clone is 'a friendly nudge' to Cupertino

Developer 21 Oct 20:54

How Magic Leap got $542m from Google: Dress as a SPACEMAN with dayglo dancers

Vid Virtual insanity reality

Media 21 Oct 20:19

ARM heads: Our cores still have legs ... as shares tumble amid 'peak smartphone' fears

Chip shipments up 19% in Q3, but revenues missed

Financial News 21 Oct 19:57

Who will be Europe's privacy champion? Oh, go on then, Mr Deputy

Assistant chief becomes the boss. And it took EU HOW LONG to decide that?

Government 21 Oct 19:15

How much will it take to make OpenStack better? Well, stack dev Mirantis just bagged $100m ...

We'll knock out a wall there, put through some pipes there

Cloud 21 Oct 18:41

NSA approves Samsung Knox for use by TOP SECRET g-men

Nine gadgets from chaebol green-lighted

Mobile 21 Oct 15:59

Edward who? GCHQ boss dodges Snowden topic during last speech

UK spies would rather 'walk' than do 'mass surveillance'

Security 21 Oct 15:32

Reg man has the cure for IBM storage: Just swallow 10 firms

Comment It'll only set you back a few billion

Storage 21 Oct 15:18

Microsoft and Dell’s cloud in a box: Instant Azure for the data centre

Analysis A less painful way to run Microsoft’s private cloud

Cloud 21 Oct 14:35

Yes, yes, Steve Jobs. Look what I'VE done for you lately – Tim Cook

New iPhone biz baron points to Apple's (his) greatest successes

Financial News 21 Oct 13:57

Migrate to the cloud and watch your business take flight

Expand your horizons

Cloud 21 Oct 13:18

Reg Vulture grills Xen hypervisor daddy on latest storage upstart

Interview Coho Data techie gets technical on flash-disk rivals

Storage 21 Oct 13:05

MARS NEEDS WOMEN, claims NASA pretendnaut: They are light, eat less

'Some might find the idea offensive' boffin admits

Science 21 Oct 12:45

Defence giant BAE coughs $230m for cloud heavy SilverSky

Multinational gets defensive over emails

Financial News 21 Oct 12:18

You get what you pay for: Kingston's SSDNow V310 960GB whopper

Review Enterprise-worthy TBW stats ... with price tag to match

Hardware 21 Oct 12:02

Lords take revenge on REVENGE PORN publishers

Jilted Johns and Jennies with busy fingers face two years inside

Law 21 Oct 11:44

Satya Nadella's $84.3m pay packet: Did he use the 'female superpower' to get it?

He can get some Satya's-faction

Jobs 21 Oct 11:28

Hacked and ashamed? C'mon, Brits – report that cybercrime

Gov.uk campaign: Consumer security led to '£670m losses'

Security 21 Oct 11:14

OnePlus One cut-price Android phone on sale to all... for 1 HOUR

Still teasing...

Phones 21 Oct 10:55

Will EMC swallow cloudy upstart? These analysts seem to think so

Maginatics baits hook with software-only storage

Storage 21 Oct 10:26

Luscious LOHAN t-shirts fly into Vulture Central

Then fly straight out to our Kickstarter backers

SPB 21 Oct 10:08

Steelie Neelie orders Germany to sort out its mobe charges – or EU will go FULL LEGAL

Explain this 80% hike or PAY, thunders EC commish

Mobile 21 Oct 09:31

Most cloud apps flout EU data protection rules – study

Data Protection Directive not passed yet, though...

Cloud 21 Oct 08:58

ICO warns UK broadcasters over filming using drones

Must comply with data protection rules, m'kay?

Hardware 21 Oct 08:02

That's PROFESSOR Woz to you from now on, young whippersnapper

Apple co-founder signs up to teach at Australian University

Business 21 Oct 07:39

Carders punch holes through Staples

Investigation launched into East Coast stores

Security 21 Oct 07:17

VMware gives up on dual-persona smartphone concept

AirWatch has other ideas about the best way to deliver apps to your pocket

Virtualization 21 Oct 07:01

Palo Alto Networks boxes spray firewall creds across the net

Crummy configurations to blame, Moore hardening offered as remedy

Security 21 Oct 06:32

FedEx helps deliver THOUSANDS of spam messages DIRECT to its Blighty customers

Don't worry Wilson, I'll do all the paddling. You just hang on

Small Biz 21 Oct 06:03

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