ISPs handbagged: BLOCK knock-off sites, rules beak

Historic trademark victory, but sunset clause applies to future blocks

Law 20 Oct 16:12

Microsoft to enter the STRUGGLE of the HUMAN WRIST

It's not just a thumb war, it's total digit war

Hardware 20 Oct 15:33

Two-timing HP snubs Scality's RING, organises object threesome

Cleversafe smoothly slips into third wheel territory

Storage 20 Oct 14:57

IBM storage revenues sink: 'We are disappointed,' says CEO

Time to put the storage biz up for sale?

Financial News 20 Oct 14:32

China gets free pass from EU commish as telco probe dropped

I'm scratching your back, Gao, now how about it for our guys?

Government 20 Oct 13:58

Ex-US Navy fighter pilot MIT prof: Drones beat humans - I should know

'Missy' Cummings on UAVs, smartcars and dying from boredom

Hardware 20 Oct 13:35

Ex-Microsoft man takes up arms for Red Hat's open-cloud crusade

Because enterprise cloud doesn't just happen

Cloud 20 Oct 13:04

Xperia Z3: Crikey, Sony – ANOTHER flagship phondleslab?

Review The Fourth Amendment... and it IS better

Phones 20 Oct 12:42

Routine WHAT NOW? Bank of England’s CHAPS payment system goes TITSUP

Abandon hope all ye homebuyers who enter

Financial News 20 Oct 12:18

The 'fun-nification' of computer education – good idea?

Battle of Ideas Compulsory code schools, luvvies love it, but what about Maths and Physics?

Government 20 Oct 11:59

EU digi tzar: 'I like the nickname STEELIE NEELIE. Yeah, why not'

Regrets, I've had a few ... says outgoing commish

Government 20 Oct 11:48

Violin: Don't weep for Tier 1 storage... it'll soon be flashtastic

Comment CEO: Scale-out hyper-converged systems? Pah!

Storage 20 Oct 11:28

Hey, iPhone 6 fanbois: Apple's bonk to 'Pay' app is GO

Scrump up the sales volume

Financial News 20 Oct 11:14

Sophos to offshore American support operations

Exclusive Blame Canada?

Security 20 Oct 11:01

QLogic: Healthy fibre boosted our bottom line

Grantley servers help drive sales

Storage 20 Oct 10:43

Twitter 'news' spreads faster than Ebola #FakeCures #Malware

Security watchers warn to brace for scams

Security 20 Oct 10:22

Police stats inflate the number of guns actually stolen in Blighty

Analysis Guns, or objects licensed as guns? Big difference between the two

Government 20 Oct 10:03

IBM: Please, take our chip unit. We'll give you $1.5 billion

Global Foundries fattens up on IP, engineering

Hardware 20 Oct 09:36

SDI Wars: EMC must FORGET ARRAYS, adapt or disappear

Sysadmin blog Can the storage giant overcome a lack of necessary leadership?

Storage 20 Oct 09:03

Doctor Who and the Dalek: 10-year-old tests BBC programming game

Young VB warrior commandeers Daleks

Games 20 Oct 08:31

You can crunch it all you like, but the answer is NOT always in the data

Hear that, 'data journalists'? Our analytics prof holds forth

Science 20 Oct 08:05

Visual voicemail hack makes your messages a snack

Ruxcon Rate limiter patch is a fun MEELLION-user DoS banhammer

Security 20 Oct 07:32

Microsoft pulls another dodgy patch

Redmond makes a hash of hashing add-on

Security 20 Oct 06:58

'LulzSec leader Aush0k' found to be naughty boy not worthy of jail

15 months home detention leaves egg on feds' faces as they grab for more power

Security 20 Oct 06:26

Sysadmin with EBOLA? Gartner's issued advice to debug your biz

Start hoarding cleaning supplies, analyst firm says, and assume your team will scatter

Business 20 Oct 06:02

FCC, Google cast eye over millimetre wireless

The smaller the wave, the bigger 5G's chances of success

Networks 20 Oct 05:29

STONER SHEEP get the MUNCHIES after feasting on £4k worth of cannabis plants

Baaaaaa! Fanny's Farm's woolly flock is high, maaaaaan

Bootnotes 20 Oct 05:00

ICT ministers mark out net-regulation patch ahead of ITU plenipot

Busan Declaration looks like a statement of intent

Business 20 Oct 04:02

WAITER! There's a Flappy Bird in my Lollipop!

New Android release includes frustrating, derivative, Easter Egg

Games 20 Oct 02:45

FIRST standards to clean up messy CERTs

Sharing is caring, but not for Blighty

Security 20 Oct 01:29

Human spaceships dodge ALIEN BODY skimming Mars

Odyssey orbiter yet to report, though, comet's trailing trash poses new threat

Science 20 Oct 00:35

Austrian telco trials G.fast as 'interim solution'

Commercial services planned for 2016, long-term plan calls for fibre

Broadband 19 Oct 23:58

vSphere meets iCylinder in new VMware update

Virtzilla to support Mac Pro with patches and something called 'vSphere .NEXT'

Virtualization 19 Oct 23:05

No sail: NASA spikes Sunjammer

'Solar sail' demonstrator project binned

Science 19 Oct 22:23


Fossil find proves it first happened 385 million years ago

Science 19 Oct 19:50

Yahoo! finally! releases! Flickr! app! for! iPad! BUT! shuns! Windows! fans!

Purple Palace got selective hearing, much?

Cloud 19 Oct 17:48

Whisper chief: 'We're not infallible but strive to do right by our anonymous users'

ILLEGAL ACTIVITY? 'Limited info is shared with Feds'

Data Networking 19 Oct 15:55

COMET barrels towards Mars, machines of humanity race for cover

Pic NASA to observe Comet Siding Spring whizz past Red Planet TODAY

Science 19 Oct 14:06

Are you a gun owner? Let us in OR ELSE, say Blighty's top cops

Downrange Populist campaign goes off at half cock

Weekend Edition 19 Oct 13:30

'Cowardly, venomous trolls' threatened with TWO-YEAR sentences for menacing posts

UK government: 'Taking a stand against a baying cyber-mob'

Law 19 Oct 13:00

Steve Jobs' bio man tackles geeks who 'created the digital revolution'

Page File The Innovators: Explained

Weekend Edition 19 Oct 12:01

Space exploration is just so lame. NEW APPS are mankind's future

CoTW We feel obliged to point out the headline statement is total, utter cobblers

Weekend Edition 19 Oct 11:03

Happiness economics is bollocks. Oh, UK.gov just adopted it? Er ...

Worstall @ the Weekend Opportunity doesn't knock; it costs us instead

Weekend Edition 19 Oct 10:00

'George Orwell was an OPTIMIST. Show me a search history, I'll show you a perv or a crook'

QuoTW Hm. Do optimists really have more fun?

Weekend Edition 19 Oct 09:02

Want a more fuel efficient car? Then redesign it – here's how

Crawling from the Wreckage 43mpg from a Jaguar XJ-S

Weekend Edition 19 Oct 08:30

'Hmm, why CAN'T I run a water pipe through that rack of media servers?'

eXpat Files Leaving Las Vegas for Armenia kludging and Dubai dune bashing

Weekend Edition 19 Oct 08:00

Doctor Who's Flatline: Cool monsters, yes, but utterly limp subplots

TV Review We know what the Doctor does, stop going on about it already

Weekend Edition 18 Oct 20:14

Facebook slurps 'paste sites' for STOLEN passwords, sprinkles on hash and salt

Zuck's ad empire DOESN'T see details in plain text. Phew!

Security 18 Oct 18:08


Vid Astro boffins probe fiery star's hidden depths

Science 18 Oct 16:52

Apple SILENCES Bose, YANKS headphones from stores

The, er, Beats go on after noise-cancelling spat

Hardware 18 Oct 15:28

Slabba-dabba-GOLD! Apple kicks off presales of fingerprint-loving iPads

iTouch myself, so Cupertino IDs me

Hardware 18 Oct 13:57

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