Think-tank to infosec: you're doing it wrong

Cyber risks 'similar to 2008 crash'

Security 23 Apr 06:32

Japanese boffin EYES up big bucks with strap-on digi-glasses

AgencyGlass saddles user with creepy OLED display

Bootnotes 23 Apr 05:31

So, just how do you say 'the mutt's nuts' in French?

Vital linguistic question interrupts LOHAN spaceplane mission

SPB 23 Apr 05:02

Japan airport staff dash to replace passcodes after security cock-up

Haneda employee drops key codes ahead of Obama visit

Security 23 Apr 04:29

Cisco kicks off security kit/software/cloud combo

Realtime protection, apparently

Security 23 Apr 04:01

Kill dodgy RNG says NIST

But you already knew that, right?

Security 23 Apr 03:02

Algorithm ramps up genetic computation

'Sailfish' boosts RNA gene expression predictions

Science 23 Apr 02:02

Oz crime-busters' calls for data retention get louder

'We can hold your metadata forever'

Government 23 Apr 01:02

Dorian Nakamoto gets $23,000 payout over Bitcoin invention saga

Maintains he didn't create cryptocurrency, but will join community

Bootnotes 23 Apr 00:28

AOL Mail locks down email servers to deal with spam tsunami

Security problems like it's 1995

Security 23 Apr 00:07

Systems meltdown plunges US immigration courts into pen-and-paper stone age

Massive outage could last four weeks, sources claim

Government 22 Apr 23:55

Apple fine-tunes touch and keyboard in latest iOS update

Security fixes also arrive for both iOS and OS X

Operating Systems 22 Apr 23:31

STEALTHY NANOROBOTS dress up as viruses, prepare to sneak into YOUR BODY

Cloaking techniques nicked from viruses tackle roadblocks on way to medical frontier

Science 22 Apr 23:05

Apple inaugurates free OS X beta program for world+dog

Prerelease software now open to anyone, not just developers – as long as you keep quiet

Operating Systems 22 Apr 22:52

Got Windows 8.1 Update yet? Get ready for YET ANOTHER ONE – rumor

Leaker claims big release due this fall as Microsoft herds us into the CLOUD

Operating Systems 22 Apr 22:18

Boss of Russia's Facebook says Putin cronies have taken over his company

Found out he was jobless via press report

Media 22 Apr 21:50

VMware slurps more cash from the death of hardware

Expectation-busting quarter means Gelsinger's ship not slowing down yet

Financial News 22 Apr 21:45

US Supreme Court supremo rakes Aereo lawman in oral arguments

Antenna-array content streamers: 'Ruling against us could dissipate the cloud'

Media 22 Apr 20:23

OpenBSD founder wants to bin buggy OpenSSL library, launches fork

One Heartbleed vuln was too many for Theo de Raadt

Security 22 Apr 19:53

Battery-production problems delay anorexic 5.5-inch 'iPhone Air'

Don't know about too rich, but apparently you can be too thin

Phones 22 Apr 18:43

Study shows dangerous asteroid impacts hit Earth every six months

Cold War tech detects worldwide strike rate

Science 22 Apr 18:42

Apple patent LOCKS drivers out of their OWN PHONES

I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't let you text that

Phones 22 Apr 18:32

SAVE THE EARTH: Give all your iThings back to us, pleads Apple

Then prints 1.5m+ copies of a paper ad slagging off Samsung

Business 22 Apr 16:29

Diablo: Get a load of this, PCIe flash-floggers. It's DIMM fine stuff

PCIe bottlenecks MLC flash when collecting garbage, upstart claims

Storage 22 Apr 15:29

Despite your fancy-schmancy security tech, passwords still weakest link in IT defences

So concludes Verizon's new global data-breach probe

Security 22 Apr 14:48

Violin, Microsoft slip Windows, SQL Server, apps, flash into box

Keep your enemies close, keep your databases closer

Servers 22 Apr 13:36

Och aye! It's the Loch Ness Monster – but only Apple fanbois can see it

Photo evidence Fondleslab-friendly beastie's wake spotted... OR WAS IT?

Bootnotes 22 Apr 13:02

Slip your finger in this ring and unlock your backdoor, phone, etc

Pic Take a look at this new NFC jewellery – why, what were you thinking of?

Phones 22 Apr 12:30

El Reg gets mobile makeover

Site news Give it a spin, give us your verdict

Site News 22 Apr 11:42

SAP's on-site apps fumble for the gearstick as cloud stamps pedal

This bandwagon is up and away, even if it's not carrying that much cash right now

Cloud 22 Apr 11:35

SanDisk surfs cash tsunami on biz SSDs: Prelim nice, but DIMM?

Flash-on-DDR3-sticks to emerge later this year, we're promised

Storage 22 Apr 10:38

Whaddaya mean, NO REFUND? But I paid in Bitcoins! Oh I see...

Something after the Weekend, Sir? El Reg sets an arse among the pigeons

Small Biz 22 Apr 09:34

A premium smartie lump: Oppo N1 CyanogenMod Edition

Review Monster phablet rooted at the factory for your pleasure

Phones 22 Apr 09:01

'Maybe I'll go to Hell, but I think it's a good thing' says plastic Liberator gunsmith Cody Wilson

Interview 3D-printed pistols, Bitcoin, government and more

Government 22 Apr 08:34

Array upstart's chip boffin CEO: Skyera's not just a flash-in-the-pan

Comment These are serious revenues - plus there's a volume ship in May

Storage 22 Apr 08:04

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS: Great changes, but sssh don't mention the...

Review Why HELLO Amazon! You weren't here last time

Operating Systems 22 Apr 07:27

Fixing OpenSSL's Heartbleed flaw will take MONTHS, warns Secunia

The bug that keeps on giving

Security 22 Apr 07:04

HTC mulls swoop for Nokia's MASSIVE Chennai plant

Assembly line would boost mobe maker's Indian push

Business 22 Apr 06:40

Sleuths find nosy NORKS drones on the Chinternet

UAVs likely to have been made in the Middle Kingdom

Bootnotes 22 Apr 06:20

Google to refund buyers of 'fake' anti-virus app

Here's a little chocolate...

Security 22 Apr 06:02

Reg man builds smart home rig, gains SUPREME CONTROL of DOMAIN – Pics

Feature LightwaveRF and Arduino: Bright ideas for dim DIYers

Hardware 22 Apr 05:02

Boffins brew graphene in kitchen blender

Will it blend? You bet

Science 22 Apr 04:01

WiLAN files appeal in Apple WiFi case

Back from under the bridge

Law 22 Apr 03:01

NBN Co to government: 'unchain us'

One-way competition isn't competition

Policy 22 Apr 02:32

Google boffins beat own Captchas

The StreetView numbers game

Security 22 Apr 02:02

Rejoice, Russians! The annexation of Crimea is complete and legitimate – Google Maps proves it

Ukrainians and everyone else ... ssssh!

Media 22 Apr 00:38

Netflix speaks out against Comcast–Time Warner megadeal

'Oh, and by the way, we're raising our fees as well'

Media 21 Apr 23:53

Github cofounder resigns after clearance in sex-harass probe

Errors of judgment cited by third-party investigators

Business 21 Apr 23:30

AT&T dangles gigabit broadband plans over 100 US cities

So soon after a mulled Google Fiber expansion, fancy that

Broadband 21 Apr 22:35

CEO Tim Cook sweeps Apple's inconvenient truths under a solar panel

Vid Don’t mention Foxconn, repairs or bulldozers

Business 21 Apr 22:06

Microsoft to spend $1.1bn to build Iowa data center

Gets tax, infrastructure incentives; promises jobs, $8m in annual property taxes

Servers 21 Apr 21:55

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