Google shuts Glass store and nixes Video Call feature

Ad-giant says 'all spots claimed' in short sale to public

Hardware 16 Apr 17:45

French hard-drive maker LaCie cops to YEAR LONG card data leak

And it didn't find out until the FBI broke the news

Security 16 Apr 16:57

Find NEXT Heartbleed, earn $$$: OpenSSL bug hunt needs donations

Organisers hope to put $250k up for grabs

Security 16 Apr 16:03

Speaking in Tech: Social media, big brands, smut. Never mix these three!

Podcast Plus: Why do we splatter the internet with plugs for our employers, anyway?

Small Biz 16 Apr 15:26

APPLE FAILS to ditch class action suit over ebook PRICE-FIX fiasco

Do not pass go, do cough (up to) $840m in damages

Law 16 Apr 14:59

Hackers attempt to BLACKMAIL plastic surgeons

Nip, tuck and pwn

Security 16 Apr 14:22

Granite becomes Steel: Riverbed rebrands its ROBO gear

Lucky customers get to play with a BRA as well

Servers 16 Apr 14:01

Reg gets sneak peek of Getac's chunky TOUGH AS NAILS 8.1-incher

Pics You think you're hard? Er. Yes

Tablets 16 Apr 13:26

Red-faced LOHAN team 'fesses up in blown SPEARS fuse fiasco

Vid Standing in the corner, big pointy 'D' hats

SPB 16 Apr 13:04

Borked Bitcoin bunker MtGox in administration: Lawyer seizes control

$500m in BTC up in smoke

Financial News 16 Apr 12:37

AMD demos 'Berlin' Opteron, world's first heterogeneous system architecture server chip

Forget CPUs. Forget GPUs. It's all compute, all the time

Storage 16 Apr 12:01

Don't let no-hire pact suit witnesses call Steve Jobs a bullyboy, plead Apple and Google

'Irrelevant' character evidence should be excluded – lawyers

Law 16 Apr 11:41

Amazon wires up email-to-Kindle to its gigantic online hard drive

Send attachments to your e-book reader, watch Bezos' cloud drive slurp it up

Cloud 16 Apr 11:18

Did you know Twitter has a 'consumer product division'? Ex-Google Maps boss now runs it

Put down the puns, Graf – you've got a profit to turn

CIO 16 Apr 11:03

Nutanix tries to lure in BIZ WHALES with fresh storage NOS

Can it interest enormo firms in a bit of 'web-scale' plankton?

Storage 16 Apr 10:28

Techies: Hands-on lab to find out what AWS Cloud can do for you

Promo New skills, bright engineers – London, 30 April

Cloud 16 Apr 09:58

Fusion-io: Ah, Microsoft. I see there's in-memory in SQL Server 2014... **GERONIMO!**

Server flasher leaps in to fulfil need for SQL speed

Storage 16 Apr 09:25

Kingston DataTraveler MicroDuo: Turn your phone into a 72GB beast

Review USB-usiness in the front, micro-USB party in the back

Storage 16 Apr 09:04

Fine print: Dell bod tells us the details of Fluid Cache for SAN

It's not just for Dell's own servers, says marketer

Storage 16 Apr 08:32

LOHAN's Punch and Judy show: The big fat round-up

Pics+Vid All the action from 'Baconur' - Blighty's renamed space flight centre

SPB 16 Apr 07:56

Hic! Storage upstart DEY bought out by Australian wine merchant

Have another glass - this is a fruity one and no mistake

Storage 16 Apr 07:27

Lost your credit card PIN? No worries! Get a new one - over SMS

Mobe firm gets PCI DSS green light for text-crypto service

Security 16 Apr 07:02

Zebra grazes Motorola Solutions' enterprise business for $US3.45bn

Motorola to focus on government and public safety markets

Business 16 Apr 06:33

Sorry London, Europe's top tech city is Munich

New 'Atlas of ICT Activity' finds innovation isn't happening at Silicon Roundabout

Business 16 Apr 05:58

Snowden-inspired crypto-email service Lavaboom launches

German service pays tribute to Lavabit

Security 16 Apr 05:28

Feast your PUNY eyes on highest resolution phone display EVER

Too much pixel dust for your strained eyeballs to handle

Phones 16 Apr 05:03

Parallels could whip VMware or Microsoft, happier as Robin Hood

Ingram deal puts junior virtualiser in box seat to broker SaaS and cloud

Cloud 16 Apr 04:04

FOUR DAYS: That's how long it took to crack Galaxy S5 fingerscanner

Sammy's newbie cooked slower than iPhone, also costs more to build

Security 16 Apr 03:42

This time it's 'Personal': new Office 365 sub covers just two devices

Redmond also brings Office into Google's back yard

Applications 16 Apr 02:13

Nvidia's new CUDA 6 has the 'most significant new functionality in the history of CUDA'

Goal: To make programming their finicky but muscular GPUs an easier task for mere mortals

Developer 16 Apr 01:59

Red Hat to ship RHEL 7 release candidate with a taste of container tech

Grab 'near-final' version of next Enterprise Linux next week

Operating Systems 16 Apr 01:14

Eugene Kaspersky: Ukraine conflict hurts enterprise security

With governments occupied, criminals could capitalize

Security 16 Apr 01:12

Wall St's DROOLING as Twitter GULPS DOWN analytics firm Gnip

Stock price boost on potential to earn big bucks from tweets

Business 16 Apr 01:09

Oracle working on at least 13 Heartbleed fixes

Big Red's cloud is safe and Oracle Linux 6 has been patched, but Java has some issues

Security 16 Apr 01:02

Batten down the hatches, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS due in TWO DAYS

Admins dab straining server brows in advance of Trusty Tahr's long-term support landing

Operating Systems 16 Apr 00:31

KILLER SPONGES menacing California coastline

Surfers are safe, crustaceans less so

Science 16 Apr 00:28

Kaspersky's Security for Virtualization pushed to XenServer and HyperV

Platform looks to slim down security protections in virtual instances

Security 15 Apr 23:52

Red Hat bets on 'Project Atomic' for its container-loaded server future

FrankenContainer scheme blends tiny OS with Docker containers

Virtualization 15 Apr 23:31

Microsoft's Nadella: SQL Server 2014 means we're all about data

Adds new big data tools in quest for 'ambient intelligence'

Cloud 15 Apr 23:24

Intel sees 'signs of improvement in the PC business' but earnings remain 'Meh...'

Prospects for the future, however, please Wall Street money men

Financial News 15 Apr 21:21

Samsung files patent for ear-mounted Google Glass competitor

Pics Wearables are coming, and there's nothing you can do to stop them

Hardware 15 Apr 20:17

Tom Ridge: Private sector lagging in cybersecurity

Former US Homeland Security boss scorns enterprise security efforts

Security 15 Apr 20:05

VMware fires up vCloud Disaster Recovery service

Anti-Godzilla tech saves precious bit barn data from unforeseen stomping

Cloud 15 Apr 17:43

Akamai scoffs humble pie: Heartbleed defence crumbles, new SSL keys for customers

We got this covered ... er, maybe not

Security 15 Apr 16:54

Ex-Tony Blair adviser is new top boss at UK spy-hive GCHQ

Robert Hannigan to replace Sir Iain Lobban in the autumn

Government 15 Apr 15:29

Oracle's Larry Ellison has the MOST MASSIVE PACKAGE IN PUBLIC

Billionaire IT baron earns twice as much as the next in line, Disney chief Bob Iger

Business 15 Apr 14:57

Rounded corners? Pah! Amazon's '3D phone has eye-tracking tech'

Now THAT'S what we call a proper new feature

Phones 15 Apr 13:58

Look out, bankers! It's Lily Cole and her (Brit taxpayer-funded) WISH-PRINTING ATM

DreamWatch And her escort of mounted beggars

Small Biz 15 Apr 13:44

Thanks, Amazon – we'll take it from here: SAP muscles in on cloud subscriptions

Throwing the business sink at Salesforce and Workday

Cloud 15 Apr 13:10

Did a date calculation bug just cost hard-up Co-op Bank £110m?

And just when Brit banking org needs £400m to stay afloat

CIO 15 Apr 12:41

You want an IT course? Welcome to QA Training's Week of Free

Promo Check out these online courses

Jobs 15 Apr 12:09

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