TeleCity boss directed to the exit after a decade at helm of data centre biz

Michael Tobin 'makes way for next stage of development'

Data Centre 27 Aug 10:53

Better be Nimble, tech giants, or mutant upstarts will make off with your sales

Usual suspects struggling to create competing products

Storage 27 Aug 10:37

Finally, a practical use for 3D printing: Helping surgeons rehearse

Measure twice, cut once: Have a poke before going into theatre

Science 27 Aug 10:02

Securobods warn of wide open backdoor in Netis/Netcore routers

Single, hardcoded password in firmware, claim researchers

Security 27 Aug 09:27

Raspberry Pi B+: PHWOAR, get a load of those pins

Review More USB ports than your laptop? You'd better believe it...

Hardware 27 Aug 09:02

Nutanix tacks Cloud Connect onto Amazon's cloudy back-end

Plus: New hyperconverged box adds grunt...

Storage 27 Aug 08:34

EE accused of silencing customer gripes on social media pages


Mobile 27 Aug 08:02

PCI Council wants YOU to give it things to DO

How about enforcing PCI DSS?

Security 27 Aug 07:32

(Not so) Instagram now: Time-shifting Hyperlapse iPhone tool unleashed

Photos app now able to shoot fast-moving videos

Applications 27 Aug 07:01

Goog says patch⁵⁰ your Chrome

64-bit browser loads cat vids FIFTEEN PERCENT faster!

Security 27 Aug 06:32

Why has the web gone to hell? Market chaos and HUMAN NATURE

Worstall on Wednesday Tim Berners-Lee isn't happy, but we should be

Applications 27 Aug 06:05

Google ghostly graphics haunt Image search

'Technical issue' sees NBA star, car crash pic, in search for pancakes

Software 27 Aug 05:32

Hey FCC, Comcast-TWC merger is bad news for Netflix, says Netflix

Combined giants would fleece lowly video streamers, claims not-so-lowly video streamer

Business 27 Aug 05:02

China researches supersonic submarine

Shanghai to San Fran in two hours would be a trick, though

Science 27 Aug 04:02

Ex US cybersecurity czar guilty in child sex abuse website case

Health and Human Services IT security chief headed online to share vile images

Law 27 Aug 02:56

PhabletPhace: All the cool kids are doing it in Asia

Phát, smart and happy

Tablets 27 Aug 01:53

EOS, Lockheed to track space junk from Oz

WA facility gets laser-eyes out of the fog

Science 27 Aug 01:01

VMware puts VDI in the woodchipper

VMWorld 2014 Project Fargo and CloudVolumes shred VDI storage requirements

Virtualization 26 Aug 23:58

Now that's FIRE WIRE: HP recalls 6 MILLION burn-risk laptop cables

Right in the middle of Burning Mains Man week

Laptops 26 Aug 22:05

Atlantis furtles furious flash-DIMM VDI scorcher

VMworld 2014 Putting the hype in hyper-converged

Virtualization 26 Aug 21:29

Google kicks PowerPoint in the fondleslab

Slideware side blow to Apple, too

Applications 26 Aug 21:06

Comcast-Time Warner merger: CloudFlare's fare flare fair warning

Web host lifts lid on price hikes caused by 'increasing consolidation of networks'

Networks 26 Aug 20:19

Next blockbuster you watch could be rendered on Google: Star Trek fx biz Zync gobbled

Sergey, beam us up!

HPC 26 Aug 19:59

Honey, I shrunk the workstation … into a Chromebook

VMworld 2014 VMware teams with Google and NVIDIA to bring plenty o' pixels into

Virtualization 26 Aug 19:29

Galileo! Galileo. Galileo! Galileo frigged-LEO: Easy come, easy go. Little high, little low

You think you can love me and leave me to die? Never – ESA

Science 26 Aug 18:45

Super Cali signs a kill-switch, campaigners say it's atrocious

Remote-death button bad news for crooks, protesters – and great news for hackers?

Law 26 Aug 18:17

EMC slings Isilon onto a forklift, shifts it into Emerging Technologies

Storage gear joins XTremIO, DSSD and ViPR

Storage 26 Aug 17:41

Cleversafe CEO: We could tell you about the 8TB drive, but...

Seagate silent sickness strikes

Storage 26 Aug 17:05

LG pokes G3 Stylus at Samsung's Galaxy Note

Want more? You'll have to wait for IFA

Phones 26 Aug 16:01

That 8TB Seagate MONSTER? It's HERE... Have a look (sans specs)

Data gulping disk drive

Storage 26 Aug 15:37

Experimental hypersonic SUPERMISSILE destroyed 4 SECONDS after US launched it

Weapons of crap construction?

Science 26 Aug 14:58

Show Mother Russia you love her: Click HERE and AHHH NYET!

That Kelhios badness is infecting you - securobods

Security 26 Aug 14:32

Apple promises to lift Curse of the Drained iPhone 5 Battery

Have you tried turning it off and...? Never mind, here's a replacement

Phones 26 Aug 14:02

VMware EMC partner Cisco inks reselling deal... with Simplivity

Exocet for EVO: RAIL?

Servers 26 Aug 13:25

Next moneybags kingpins of tech: Fondleslab game devs

Tablet games market to swell to $13 beeelllion - analyst

Games 26 Aug 13:01

Will It Blend? Maybe. BlackBerry’s secret comeback weapon

The Desktop PIM buddy: A 1990s idea finally done right?

Mobile 26 Aug 12:26

‪‪Email list hack flap at 'sleep with a stranger' site Couchsurfing‬

Hospitality exchange firm says 'member data was not exposed'

Security 26 Aug 11:02

Sin COS to tan Windows? Chinese operating system to debut in autumn – report

Development alliance working on desktop, mobe software

Operating Systems 26 Aug 10:29

Our LOHAN spaceplane ballocket Kickstarter climbs through £8000

Through 25 per cent but more is needed: Get your UNIQUE rewards!

SPB 26 Aug 09:29

One for the road: Alfresco gulps $45m pre-IPO VC shot

Big business sales push before the big business sell push

Financial News 26 Aug 09:03

Six of the best gaming keyboard and mouse combos

Product round-up Fingers on buttons, teams

Games 26 Aug 08:35

VMware's high-wire balancing act: EVO might drag us ALL down

Comment Get it right, EMC, or there'll be STORAGE CIVIL WAR. Mark my words

Storage 26 Aug 08:02

Researcher details how malware gives AV the slip

'They're coming! Everyone back to your places!'

Security 26 Aug 07:32

Linux turns 23 and Linus Torvalds celebrates as only he can

No, not with swearing, but by controlling the release cycle

Operating Systems 26 Aug 07:02

Attack flogged through shiny-clicky social media buttons

66,000 users popped by malicious Flash fudging add-on

Security 26 Aug 06:31

Wearables market set to EXPLODE... Wait, is that a STRAP-ON chair?

It's not just wrist 'puters any more

Hardware 26 Aug 06:04

Three quarters of South Korea popped in online gaming raids

Records used to plunder game items, sold off to low lifes

Security 26 Aug 05:02

Intel in Taiwanese IoT tie-tup

Expands partnership with Chunghwa Telecom

Business 26 Aug 04:29

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