Google could be a great partner for Iliad in its quest for T-Mobile

C'est ridicule? Not if it works...

Mobile 01 Sep 08:04

NZ Justice Minister scalped as hacker leaks emails

Grab your popcorn: Subterfuge and slur disrupts election run up

Security 01 Sep 07:31

Rubbish WPS config sees WiFi router keys popped in seconds

Another day, another way in to your home router

Security 01 Sep 07:05

Virgin Media blocks 'wankers' from permissable passwords

No bollocks, literally...

Security 01 Sep 06:33

Hot students, 'liquid coolant', bagpipes and Brazilians: It's a cluster compo, folks

HPC Blog Edinburgh, Sao Paulo uni teams chase glory

HPC 01 Sep 06:03

European Commission okays Oracle's MICROS gobble

Dear shareholders, hurry up and sell up, says Big O

Business 01 Sep 05:34

Broadcom reveals $20 'Pi in the sky' IoT development widget

'WICED Sense' comes with sensors and wireless so devs can wire things into stuff

Hardware 01 Sep 05:01

Yahoo! YUI! project! is! no! more!

The world overtook us, yet AGAIN says Purple Palace

Developer 01 Sep 03:58

Facebook, Google and Instagram 'worse than drugs' says Miley Cyrus

Italian boffins agree with popette's theory that haters are the real wrecking balls

Media 01 Sep 03:02

Redmond resists order to hand over overseas email

Court wanted peek as related to US investigation

Law 01 Sep 02:02

Hardkernel nixes RPi clone project

Odroid-W zeroed by SoC supply

Hardware 01 Sep 01:04

Australia deflates Valve with Steam sueball

Alleges breaches of Oz consumer law

Law 01 Sep 00:03

JLaw, Upton caught in celeb nude pics hack

100 women victimised as Apple iCloud accounts reportedly popped

Security 31 Aug 23:28

Apple reportedly inks deal with American Express for its iPhone payments system

To bonk, or not to bonk. That is the question

Weekend Edition 31 Aug 19:36

Google flushes out users of old browsers by serving up CLUNKY, AGED version of search

Ad giant: Yeah, we did that deliberately

Weekend Edition 31 Aug 17:49

Volcanic eruption in Iceland triggers CODE RED aviation warning

Lava-spitting Bárðarbunga prompts action from Met Office

Weekend Edition 31 Aug 15:52

What do you mean, I have to POST a PHYSICAL CHEQUE to get my gun licence?

Stop bitching about firearms fees - we need computerisation

Weekend Edition 31 Aug 14:45

GCHQ protesters stick it to British spooks ... by drinking urine

Activists told NOT to snap pics of staff at the concrete doughnut

Weekend Edition 31 Aug 14:07

'I think photographers get TOO MUCH copyright for their work'

CoTW Reg commentards' views, sliced and diced for your delight and delectation

Weekend Edition 31 Aug 13:30

Report: Sprint to bring Sony Xperia into tough US smartphone market

Could it soon be selling the Japenese giant's Z3 model?

Weekend Edition 31 Aug 12:50

If you think 3D printing is just firing blanks, just you wait

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Feeling sticky, punk?

Hardware 31 Aug 11:03

Weekend reads: Colorless Tsukuru, Kool Korea and strange encounters with IKEA wardrobes

Page File Murakami's bestseller translated at last

Weekend Edition 31 Aug 09:00

Discovery BATTLED 2-foot-long WEE ICICLE on first mission - 30 years ago today

Space shuttle took three attempts to launch

Weekend Edition 30 Aug 19:19

Facebook to let stalkers unearth buried posts with mobe search

Prepare to HAUNT your pal's back catalogue

Weekend Edition 30 Aug 17:58

Sit tight, fanbois. Apple's '$400' wearable release slips into early 2015

Sources: time to put in plenty of clock-watching for' iWatch

Weekend Edition 30 Aug 16:52

Alienware injects EVEN MORE ALIEN into redesigned Area-51 gaming PC

Pics Don't hex me, man

Weekend Edition 30 Aug 16:11

Love XKCD? Love science? You'll love a book about science from Randall Munroe

Page File Cartoonist tackles your Fermi problems in What If?

Weekend Edition 30 Aug 15:01

EE fails to apologise for HUGE T-Mobile outage that hit Brits on Friday

Updated Customer: 'Please change your name to occasionally somewhere'

Weekend Edition 30 Aug 14:15

Britain's housing crisis: What are we going to do about it?

Worstall @ the Weekend Rent control: Better than bombs at destroying housing

Weekend Edition 30 Aug 13:45

Are we there yet, are we there yet? Ballmer 'like a small child' upon buying basketball club

Ex-Microsoft boss in a show of emotion? Colour us shocked

Weekend Edition 30 Aug 12:30

RIP MSN Messenger, kthxbai. Microsoft finally flicks on KILL SWITCH in China

Redmond silences aged IM service, touts Skype

Weekend Edition 30 Aug 11:58

Vulture News anchor Regina Eggbert is (sort of) LIVE from London

Vid Your weekend news roundup, delivered by our very own animated egg

Weekend Edition 30 Aug 11:03

Tim Cook: 'I'd call what's going on in fondleslabs a speed bump'

QuoTW Plus: 'Another sh*t feature of Word that's driving me to distraction...'

Weekend Edition 30 Aug 10:08

Boiling point: Tech and the perfect cuppa

Review Smart ways to let off steam

Weekend Edition 30 Aug 08:02

NASA to reformat Opportunity rover's memory from 125 million miles away

Interplanetary admins will back up data and get to work

Science 30 Aug 00:15

Angry Birds CEO hops into slingshot, goes 'WEEEEE!'

Mikael Hed steps down as Rovio boss

Business 29 Aug 22:42

Kaspersky backpedals on 'done nothing wrong, nothing to fear' blather

Founder (and internet passport fan) now says privacy is precious

Business 29 Aug 21:22

Intel unleashed octo-core speed demon for the power-crazed crowd

Haswell-E processors designed for gamers and workstation crowds

Hardware 29 Aug 19:05

America's CTO leaving role for Silicon Valley in White House shakeup

Google exec floated as possible replacement for departing tech chief

Government 29 Aug 18:21

Ninja Pirate Zombie Vampires versus Chuck Norris and the Space Marines

Weekend Big Data Project Harvest of Brains

Weekend Edition 29 Aug 16:03

They're not a travelling polka band, they're German HPC kids packing Big Iron

HPC blog Close-up look at students vying for ISC'14 Kluster Kup

HPC 29 Aug 16:02

Community chest: Storage firms need to pay open-source debts

Storagebod Samba implementation? Time to get some devs on the job

Storage 29 Aug 15:03

Siri: Helpful personal assistant or SERIAL APP KILLER?

Comment Will we even need apps any more?

Mobile 29 Aug 14:03

Too slow with that iPhone refresh, Apple: Android is GOBBLING up US mobile market

... And everywhere else too

Phones 29 Aug 13:34

Larger iPad could target big biz, save Apple from low-end scrum

Analysis 12.9-inch iPad to reverse tablet slowdown?

Tablets 29 Aug 12:58

FIRST LOOK: Gartner gurus present all-flash prognostications

Diagram key to array success?

Storage 29 Aug 12:32

BOFH: The current value of our IT ASSets? Minus eleventy-seven...

Episode 9 Oh Beancounter, don't make us get the hose

Weekend Edition 29 Aug 12:19

KER-CHING! CryptoWall ransomware scam rakes in $1 MEEELLION

Anatomy of the net's most destructive ransomware threat

Security 29 Aug 11:55

Nokia: Read our Maps, Samsung – we're HERE for the Gear

Only on the Tizen smartwatch...

Phones 29 Aug 11:43

Brit chip biz CSR rebuffs US takeover bid from Microchip Technologies

Bluetooth firms suggest a pairing, but it's not going smoothly

Financial News 29 Aug 11:09

SIEMs like a good idea: How to manage security in real time

Live webcast Join us in Reg Studios on September 29

Security 29 Aug 11:05

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