You didn't get the MeMO? Asus Pad 7 Android tab is ... not bad

Review Really, er, stands out among cheapie 7-inchers

Tablets 28 Jul 09:01

Dinosaurs 'victims of colossal bad luck' (and a GIANT ASTEROID)

Only JUUUUUST extinct... poor sods, mutter boffins

Science 28 Jul 08:35

Stick a 4K in them: Super high-res TVs are DONE

4,000 pixels is niche now... Don't say we didn't warn you

Media 28 Jul 08:03

DARPA-derived secure microkernel goes open source tomorrow

Hacker-repelling, drone-protecting code will soon be yours to tweak as you see fit

Security 28 Jul 07:31

Joe Average isn't worth $10 a year to Mark Zuckerberg

The Social Network deflates the PC resurgence with mobile-only usage prediction

Business 28 Jul 06:58

VMware counters containers with SaaSy VM disk swap

Patent-in-process offers new way to upgrade cloudy apps

Virtualization 28 Jul 06:35


In space... no one can hear you're green...

Bootnotes 28 Jul 06:00

Verizon to limit unlimited 4G plans

Regular and solid throttling will be administered to 4G data hogs

Networks 28 Jul 05:29

Redmond in rapid rebuild after sysadmin request STUNNER

SaaSy System Center Advisor gains new admin-friendly features

Software 28 Jul 04:58

Bring back error correction, say Danish 'net boffins

We don't need no steenkin' TCP/IP retransmission and the congestion it causes

Networks 28 Jul 03:58

Google outlines research priorities for boffin grants

Everything from cloud to policy

Business 28 Jul 03:03

Batteries take the lithium for charge boost

All Lithium, all the time, witha dash of carbon nano-stuff makes for better batteries

Science 28 Jul 01:33

Colbert report reveals VMware's AirWatch integration plan

Sync and social sharing drawn onto simplified but undated roadmap

Virtualization 28 Jul 00:27

Google's Canadian 'memory hole' to continue

Equustek case reaches beyond Canuck borders

Law 27 Jul 23:33

IEEE gets to work on 25G Ethernet MAC standards

Ethernet wonks seek one standard to bind them all, instead of parallel streams

Data Networking 27 Jul 22:54

ONE EMAIL costs mining company $300 MEEELION

Environmental activist walks free after hoax sent share price over a cliff

Law 26 Jul 10:03

SHOCK and AWS: The fall of Amazon's deflationary cloud

Analysis Just as Jeff Bezos did to books and CDs, Amazon's rivals are now doing to it

Cloud 26 Jul 08:07

DAYS from end of life as we know it: Boffins tell of solar storm near-miss

'We'd still be picking up the pieces now'

Security 26 Jul 00:58

Fares fair, says New York: Lyft finally gets in gear for the Big Apple

Here comes the pink mustache

Small Biz 26 Jul 00:27

NO SALE: IBM won't cash in its chips with GlobalFoundries after all

Chip fab firm wanted IBM's brains but thought its facilities had 'little or no value' – report

Business 25 Jul 23:33

Bose says today IS F*** With Dre Day: Beats sued in patent battle

Music gear giant seeks some of that sweet, sweet Apple pie

Media 25 Jul 23:13

Google to feed machines with evidence of human physical weaknesses – and that's a good thing

Don't panic, citizen. These computers are your frieeeends

Science 25 Jul 22:45

Rackspace touts cloudy, single-tenant OnMetal servers to world+dog

Pricing revealed for dedicated boxes that provision like clouds

Servers 25 Jul 21:46

In the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave ... you can legally carrier unlock your own phone

Once Obama signs law passed today by House of Reps

Law 25 Jul 20:54

How long is too long to wait for a security fix?

Sysadmin blog Synology finally patches OpenSSL bugs in Trevor's NAS

Security 25 Jul 20:40

Twitch rich as Google flicks $1bn hitch switch, claims snitch

Gameplay streaming biz and search king refuse to deny fresh gobble rumors

Financial News 25 Jul 19:37

Need a US visa, passport? Prepare for misery: Database crash strands thousands

'It's going to take a little while'

Government 25 Jul 19:22

Indie ISP to Netflix: Give it a rest about 'net neutrality' – and get your checkbook out

The side of the debate you don't often hear

Broadband 25 Jul 16:58

Healthy Fibre biz fattens QLogic's bottom line... and not before time

Only way is up for storage adapter supplier

Storage 25 Jul 16:03

Feel free to BONK on the TUBE, says Transport for London

Plus: Almost NOBODY uses pay-by-bonk on buses - Visa

Financial News 25 Jul 15:29

Disaster Recovery upstart joins DR 'as a service' gang

Quorum joins the aaS crowd with DRaaS offering

Storage 25 Jul 15:03

Audio tech upstart DTS takes on Wi-Fi speaker juggernaut Sonos

Wireless speaker tech market gets feisty

Media 25 Jul 14:39

The XP factor gives MEGA-DISTIE Ingram Q2 sales a boost

Just don't ask about operating profits...

The Channel 25 Jul 13:58

Pinterest diversity stats: Also pale and male (but not as much as Twitter)

Cats'n'flowers site latest to admit white men rule its roost

Jobs 25 Jul 13:32

French authorities take lead in grilling Google on 'Right to be Forgotten'

Will that be medium or raaaaare?

Government 25 Jul 13:02

Jurassic squawk: Dinos were Earth's early FEATHERED friends

Pic Boffins research: Ancient dinos may all have had 'potential' fluff

Science 25 Jul 12:29

Termination charges drop smacks Vodafone and EE in the WALLET

Europe hits saturation

Mobile 25 Jul 12:01

UK.gov's Open Source switch WON'T get rid of Microsoft, y'know

Analysis What do you mean, we've ditched Redmond in favour of IBM?!

Government 25 Jul 11:36

Apple smacked with privacy sueball over Location Services

Class action launched on behalf of 100 million iPhone owners

Law 25 Jul 11:18

US judge 'troubled' by Apple's $450m bid to end ebook price-fixing row

Beak questions whether settlement is fair to customers

Law 25 Jul 11:01

Sysadmin Day 2014: Quick, there's still time to get the beers in

He walked over the broken glass, killed the thugs... and er... reconnected the cables*

Servers 25 Jul 10:24

BSkyB slurps Murdoch's Italian and German Sky assets to beef up European pay-TV biz

Pays Uncle Rupert £4.9bn for square-eyed deal

Media 25 Jul 09:58

The END of the FONDLESLAB KINGS? Apple and Samsung have reason to FEAR

With all appliances and means to boot... Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown

The Channel 25 Jul 09:27

Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid: The plug-in for plutocrats

Review It's amazing what swapping batteries can do

Hardware 25 Jul 09:01

NSA man: 'Tell me about your Turkish connections'

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Spooks ask Dabbsy to suggest a nice hotel with pool

Bootnotes 25 Jul 08:32

Vote now for LOHAN's stirring mission patch motto

Poll Does the shed actually know no bounds, or what?

SPB 25 Jul 08:02

Roll out the welcome mat to hackers and crackers

Security chap pens guide to bug bounty programs that won't fail like Yahoo!'s

Security 25 Jul 07:41

Australia floats website blocks and ISP liability to stop copyright thieves

Big Content could get the right to order ISPs to stop traffic

Law 25 Jul 07:18

Teardown gurus iFixit play with Fire – Amazon's new mobe

Amazon handset proves a complex bit of kit in repair tests

Phones 25 Jul 07:02

Huawei to virtual world: Give us your desktops and no-one gets hurt

Telecom-directed virty efforts won't be pitched at mainstream workloads … yet

Virtualization 25 Jul 06:32

Do your execs take mobile security seriously?

Reader Poll Situation, tactics and air cover

Security 11 Jul 13:36

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