Azure has put new life into Active Directory

Cynical sysadmin ventures into the blue yonder

Applications 28 Nov 08:04

World's best threat detection pwned by HOBBIT

Forget nation-states, BAB0 is the stuff of savvy crims

Security 28 Nov 07:32


More TV white space magic

Networks 28 Nov 07:03

DNA survives fiery heat of re-entry on test rocket

Life came here by meteorite theory gets a boost

Science 28 Nov 06:02

Citrix clambers aboard GPU-powered app-delivery bandwagon

VMware, meanwhile, reveals patent-pending desk-o-matic decision maker

Virtualization 28 Nov 05:01

Edward Snowden: best ... security ... educator ... EVER!

Study finds those aware of leaker-at-large harden start to surf smart

Security 28 Nov 04:03

Cryptocurrency cruncher cranks prime number constellation

Riecoin distributed miner claims world record for prime sextuplet generation

Security 28 Nov 02:58

Chinese search engine Baidu to peddle SmartBike

At least it's not another smartwatch

Hardware 28 Nov 01:59

Leaked Syrian log files reveal attempts to starve rebels of information

Users self-censor to avoid arrest

Security 28 Nov 00:58

VMware secures trademark for something cloudy and secure

What is 'VMware SWITCH'? And is it linked to Virtzilla's looming investor call?

Virtualization 28 Nov 00:06

Singapore rides to rescue of local cabs by out-Ubering Uber

Government develops own taxi app

Software 27 Nov 23:11

Oh BOY! The MICKEY MOUSE Apple Watch is no heart-throb

New gizmo lets Disney character tell you the time

Hardware 27 Nov 18:28

Sharing Economy sharks need love, cuddles and SUBSIDIES – UK.gov

Analysis 'Independent reviewer' demands her industry is showered in gold

Government 27 Nov 17:42

HP's converged storage 'growth engine' stalls

Annual compare shows fall

Storage 27 Nov 17:02

A WHOPPING 8 million Windows Server 2003 systems still out there

Refresh activity to be XP-like, biz still pondering next move

The Channel 27 Nov 16:31

'Watson AI, cloud, mobile', says payments firm, trousering £49m

Gathers cash from Telefonica, MasterCard, Santander

Financial News 27 Nov 16:03

Software firms are over-valued, says Huawei

It’s only code, you greedy chunters

Applications 27 Nov 15:27

User flexibility without the risk

Don’t stumble into the responsibility void

Virtualization 27 Nov 15:10

Candy Crush King king resigns for 'personal reasons'

Chairman of the board takes leave of absence

Financial News 27 Nov 15:02

Forget the accountancy scandal, our biz is back: Tech Data

We're keeping a lid on costs and exiting unprofitable sales, so there

The Channel 27 Nov 14:24

BlackBerry's turnaround relies on a secret weapon: Its own network

Analysis The NOC nobody wanted is actually quite useful

Mobile 27 Nov 13:59

Syrian Electronic Army in news site 'hack' POP-UP MAYHEM

Gigya redirect exploit blamed for pop-rageous ploy

Security 27 Nov 13:31

Home Depot hacker hosing cost a wallet-draining $43m (so far)

Card firms might make claims against hardware giant, it warns

Security 27 Nov 12:59

Bladerunner sequel might actually be good. Harrison Ford is in it

Go ahead, you're all clear, kid... Sorry, wrong film

Media 27 Nov 12:44

Yahoo! CIO sued for alleged kickback scam during his stint as Netflix veep

Former employer files suit against Mike Kail

Law 27 Nov 12:30

European Parliament VOTES to BREAK UP GOOGLE. Er, OK then

It CANNA do it, captain.They DON'T have the POWER!

Government 27 Nov 12:15

Home Office: Fancy flogging us some SECRET SPY GEAR?

If you do, tell NOBODY what it's for or how it works

Security 27 Nov 12:01

Hire and hold IT staff in 2015: The Reg's how-to guide

Beware ex-colleagues, think beyond pay packet

Jobs 27 Nov 11:43

The SILO SPRAWL: So just how much virtualising software lipstick does it need?

Comment Uber-SRM or data resource management

Storage 27 Nov 11:29

Do you spend ages wasting time because of a bulging rack?

Comment No more cloud-latency tea breaks for you, users! Get a load of THIS

Storage 27 Nov 11:18

Pity the poor Windows developer: The tools for desktop development are in disarray

Analysis A Microsoft posting reveals deep-seated issues

Developer 27 Nov 11:00

Stop selling spyware to despotic regimes, beg MEPs

... we've enough trouble with Regin as it is

Security 27 Nov 10:19

Ten excellent FREE PC apps to brighten your Windows

Product round-up Fully functional free-for-all

Hardware 27 Nov 10:01

DataCore lifts baton, strikes up the 64th SANsymphony

Welcomes Azure as First Server in the Cloud section

Storage 27 Nov 09:37

Wireless Power standards are like Highlanders: There can be only ONE

Analysis Well get ON with it then, we're waiting

Mobile 27 Nov 09:18

Post-Microsoft, post-PC programming: The portable REVOLUTION

Code jockeys: count up and grab your fabulous tablets

Developer 27 Nov 09:04

Google's whois results say it's a lousy smut searcher

Run whois google.com or whois microsoft.com. We dare you, you PIG◙◙◙◙ER

Bootnotes 27 Nov 07:02

Bitcoin laid bare: Boffins beat anonymity

Up to 60 per cent of transactions can be linked to IPs

Security 27 Nov 06:32

The gender imbalance in IT is real, ongoing and ridiculous

The Z80 and 6502 generation wore the sexist stereotype, now it's up to them to fix it

Jobs 27 Nov 06:02

NSF goes cloudy with US$16 million super funding

Facilities to come online in 2016

HPC 27 Nov 05:29

Global Commission on Internet Governance wobbles into IANA debate

Bland statement and weak paper puts question mark over value of elite group

Networks 27 Nov 05:02

A DRONE OF THEIR OWN: GoPro tabbed for cameracopter launch

Camera firm will cut the middleman for flying filmmakers

Hardware 27 Nov 04:31

Adobe Reader sandbox popped says Google researcher

Yet another reason to make sure you've patched promptly and properly

Security 27 Nov 04:03

Hacker dodges FOUR HUNDRED YEARS in cooler for SCANNING sites

Junk filled forms and auto-bot Acunetix scams showcases absurd computer crime laws

Security 27 Nov 03:26

Siemens issues emergency SCADA patch

Remote exploits plugged in WinCC

Security 27 Nov 03:01

AWS CloudFront wobbles at worst possible time

Two-hour outage had global impact

Cloud 27 Nov 02:26

Gates Foundation to insist on Open Access science

All funded research – and data - to be released under Creative Commons, say Bill and Melinda

Science 27 Nov 01:59

AT&T to FTC: I'd like to see YOU install 1Gbps fiber across the US. Which we're still doing

Telco tells regulator to step off after demand for homework

Broadband 27 Nov 01:27

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