How many telecoms firms left in Europe? Another mega-billion deal slated in France

Numericable's acquistion of Vivendi's SFR approved

Mobile 31 Oct 09:28

One hard ghoulie: 1985's Ghosts 'n Goblins

Antique Code Show Take me dancing naked in the… graveyard

Antique Code Show 31 Oct 09:02

Microsoft patches GroupMe 'full account' hijack hole

Researcher rates Redmond after rapid responds to rathole reveal in Group TXTing app

Security 31 Oct 08:35

Facebook says vendor secrets forced it to homebrew switches

Director of technical ops spills how switch vendors keep diagnostic tricks to themselves

Data Networking 31 Oct 08:02

Free government-penned crypto can swipe identities

Beware of Australians bearing gifts

Security 31 Oct 07:26

So long, thanks for all the ...er, FISH BRIGHTER than boffins thought

Don't let the dolphins keep you in your, er, plaice

Science 31 Oct 07:03

Multi Jet Fusion is HP's promised 3D printer, not crazy 'leccy invention

Hang on Meg, didn't you tell us you'd have one by mid-2014?

Hardware 31 Oct 06:29

Google heads out the back with rifle, puts down POODLE

Next Chrome includes death knell for SSL

Security 31 Oct 06:03

FIFTEEN whole dollars on offer for cranky Pentium 4 buyers

Miracle of US legal system delivers almost-resolution to long-running class action

Law 31 Oct 04:57

Microsoft gets storage QoS and software-defined storage religion

IOPS sniffer and Windows Server technical preview show Redmond's hand

Storage 31 Oct 04:04

Plasma-spaffing boffins plan spaceships driven by FRIKKIN' LASERS

It's all about how you spread the love if you want bottom-up action

Science 31 Oct 03:03

Desktop Linux users beware: the boss thinks you need to be managed

VMware reveals VDI for Linux desktops plan, plus China lab to do the development

Virtualization 31 Oct 02:04

Google's Mr. Roboto, Andy Rubin, to bid sayonara

Android daddy heading off to startup land

Business 31 Oct 01:41

Sony borks fanboi funboxes with dodgy PS4 update

Ready for the new firmware? Not so fast

Games 31 Oct 00:04

Danish court finds Pirate Bay cofounder guilty of hacking CSC servers

Jury doesn't buy 'evil hackers pwned my computer' defense

Security 30 Oct 23:53

CoreOS offers private Docker container registries for world+dog

Your containers, your data center, behind your firewall

Operating Systems 30 Oct 23:08

Brazil greenlights $200m internet cable to Europe in bid to outfox NSA

Only one problem: it won't make the slightest difference. And they know it

Networks 30 Oct 21:59

Verizon set to pay $64 MEEELLION for overbilling customers

Company looks to settle charges of bloating family bills

Mobile 30 Oct 21:08

Lenovo completes Motorola purchase for $2.9bn – $10bn less than Google paid for it

Ah, but the patents Google keeps were worth every penny

Business 30 Oct 20:24

EE launches 150Mbps '4G+' in Central London

LTE-A - Faster phones for Hoxton Hipsters

Mobile 30 Oct 17:53

BT: Consumers and cost cutting save the day

Telco adds 88,000 broadband users, sees £4.38bn in sales

Financial News 30 Oct 17:32

Struggling tape bods Quantum a few quids in after good quarter

Firm is growing again

Storage 30 Oct 16:58

Samaritans 'suicide Twitter-sniffer' backfires over privacy concerns

900,000 twitterati monitored without consent

Applications 30 Oct 16:37

NHS quango fatcats spend £2m tax dosh on iPads and iPhones

British health chiefs coughed small fortune on Apple gadgets

Financial News 30 Oct 16:18

Watch out, Samsung and Apple: Xiaomi's No 3 in smartphones now

From obscurity to selling 19 million mobes a quarter

Phones 30 Oct 15:59

Programming Office 365: Hands On with Microsoft's new APIs

Analysis Half-baked samples – is this stuff really ready?

Applications 30 Oct 15:38

BIGGEST THREAT to Europe’s cybersecurity? Hint: not hackers

Largest EVER Europe-wide cybersecurity exercise

Security 30 Oct 15:19

Apple dealer CANCOM: We're RAKING IT IN

EBITDA doubles year-on-year at the German firm

The Channel 30 Oct 14:54

The ULTIMATE CRUELTY: Sandworm uses PowerPoint against Swiss bank customers

From espionage to cybercrime

Security 30 Oct 14:18

Facebook OCP crowd to ogle MICROSOFT'S server-room SECRETS

Open Compute Project claps eyes on Redmond blueprints

Servers 30 Oct 13:56

Ex-Soviet engines fingered after Antares ROCKET launch BLAST

Speculation rife, but Orbital claims it's too early to tell

Science 30 Oct 13:33

UK smart meters arrive in 2020. Hackers have ALREADY found a flaw

Energy summit bods warned of free energy bonanza

Security 30 Oct 13:18

Making an entrance: Remote door-opening tech

Breaking Fad Personal portal peace of mind

Hardware 30 Oct 13:02

Samsung's flagging phone fortunes hit profits hard

Net earnings nearly halve in the third quarter compared to last year

The Channel 30 Oct 12:33

Keep up with the fast-moving world of flash array storage

How to pick the right kind

Storage 30 Oct 12:14

Apple CEO Tim Cook: My well-known gayness 'is a gift from GOD'

'I have benefited from the sacrifice of others'

Bootnotes 30 Oct 11:56

UK consumers particularly prone to piss-poor patching

Java a hot spot – new report

Security 30 Oct 11:38

SkyHawk array swoops down, 136TB claws extended

Skyera offering more capacity, less power usage

Storage 30 Oct 10:58

This time it's SO REAL: Overcoming the open-source orgasm myth with TODO

If the web giants need it to work, hey, maybe it'll work

Cloud 30 Oct 09:58


Storagebod Readers: Could you build a complete data environment off eBay?

Data Centre 30 Oct 09:30

China set to be buried under mountain of surplus robots, warns biz chap

Can't stop the damn things reproducing. Unlike humans

Business 30 Oct 08:57

Humanity now making about 41 mobes EACH SECOND

327 MEEELLION mobes shipped in Q3, say very tired analysts

Phones 30 Oct 08:32

Microsoft fitness bands slapped on wrists: All YOUR HEALTH DATA are BELONG TO US

Wearable will deliver 'actionable insights for healthier living'

Hardware 30 Oct 07:58

Amazon's hybrid cloud: EC2 wrangled by Microsoft's control freak

Plug-in for System Centre gives Windows Server control of Bezos' bit barns

Cloud 30 Oct 07:32

NASA: Spacecraft crash site FOUND ON MOON RIM

'What fun!' exlaims NASA boffin who found the LADEE

Science 30 Oct 06:52

Remember Internet2? It's now a software-defined metacloud

Boffins can slice network into their own private connections for research and fun

Data Networking 30 Oct 05:29

Carders offer malware with the human touch to defeat fraud detection

Huge credit card heists mean crims want to cash out - fast

Security 30 Oct 05:02

Mozilla releases geolocating WiFi sniffer for Android

As if the civilians who never change access point passwords will ever opt out of this one

Security 30 Oct 04:28

Twitter, IBM, in deal to create brainy Big Blue Bird

#Enterprise #BigData #Analytics #BuzzwordFest

Business 30 Oct 03:58

Drupalocalypse! Devs say it's best to assume your CMS is owned

SQLi hole was hit hard, fast, and before most admins even knew it needed patching

Security 30 Oct 03:27

Big Retail: We don't hate Apple, we hate the credit card companies

Group opens up (slightly) about Apple Pay rival CurrentC

Security 30 Oct 02:58

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