Preview redux: Microsoft ships new Windows 10 build with 7,000 changes

Latest bleeding-edge bits borrow Action Center from Windows Phone

Operating Systems 22 Oct 01:02

Apple, GT bury hatchet – but sapphire screen spat skinny stays secret

GT to sell off factory to repay Cupertino loans if deal is approved

Business 22 Oct 00:32

EMC calls sudden event to reveal 'New business development'

VCE absorption tipped, but let's not forget Cloudfather Tucci's time is nearly up

Business 21 Oct 23:58

Marissa! Mayer! ends! 21! month! dry! spell! as! Yahoo! sales! grow!

Purple Palace finally tilts revenue upwards ... but income downwards

Financial News 21 Oct 22:42

Hey Apple, we're gonna tailor Swift as open source – indie devs throw down gauntlet

GPL language clone is 'a friendly nudge' to Cupertino

Developer 21 Oct 20:54

How Magic Leap got $542m from Google: Dress as a SPACEMAN with dayglo dancers

Vid Virtual insanity reality

Media 21 Oct 20:19

ARM heads: Our cores still have legs ... as shares tumble amid 'peak smartphone' fears

Chip shipments up 19% in Q3, but revenues missed

Financial News 21 Oct 19:57

Who will be Europe's privacy champion? Oh, go on then, Mr Deputy

Assistant chief becomes the boss. And it took EU HOW LONG to decide that?

Government 21 Oct 19:15

How much will it take to make OpenStack better? Well, stack dev Mirantis just bagged $100m ...

We'll knock out a wall there, put through some pipes there

Cloud 21 Oct 18:41

NSA approves Samsung Knox for use by TOP SECRET g-men

Nine gadgets from chaebol green-lighted

Mobile 21 Oct 15:59

Edward who? GCHQ boss dodges Snowden topic during last speech

UK spies would rather 'walk' than do 'mass surveillance'

Security 21 Oct 15:32

Reg man has the cure for IBM storage: Just swallow 10 firms

Comment It'll only set you back a few billion

Storage 21 Oct 15:18

Microsoft and Dell’s cloud in a box: Instant Azure for the data centre

Analysis A less painful way to run Microsoft’s private cloud

Cloud 21 Oct 14:35

Yes, yes, Steve Jobs. Look what I'VE done for you lately – Tim Cook

New iPhone biz baron points to Apple's (his) greatest successes

Financial News 21 Oct 13:57

Migrate to the cloud and watch your business take flight

Expand your horizons

Cloud 21 Oct 13:18

Reg Vulture grills Xen hypervisor daddy on latest storage upstart

Interview Coho Data techie gets technical on flash-disk rivals

Storage 21 Oct 13:05

MARS NEEDS WOMEN, says NASA pretendnaut: They are light, eat less

'Some might find the idea offensive' concedes boffin

Science 21 Oct 12:45

Defence giant BAE coughs $230m for cloud heavy SilverSky

Multinational gets defensive over emails

Financial News 21 Oct 12:18

You get what you pay for: Kingston's SSDNow V310 960GB whopper

Review Enterprise-worthy TBW stats ... with price tag to match

Hardware 21 Oct 12:02

Lords take revenge on REVENGE PORN publishers

Jilted Johns and Jennies with busy fingers face two years inside

Law 21 Oct 11:44

Satya Nadella's $84.3m pay packet: Did he use the 'female superpower' to get it?

He can get some Satya's-faction

Jobs 21 Oct 11:28

Hacked and ashamed? C'mon, Brits – report that cybercrime

Gov.uk campaign: Consumer security led to '£670m losses'

Security 21 Oct 11:14

OnePlus One cut-price Android phone on sale to all... for 1 HOUR

Still teasing...

Phones 21 Oct 10:55

Will EMC swallow cloudy upstart? These analysts seem to think so

Maginatics baits hook with software-only storage

Storage 21 Oct 10:26

Luscious LOHAN t-shirts fly into Vulture Central

Then fly straight out to our Kickstarter backers

SPB 21 Oct 10:08

Steelie Neelie orders Germany to sort out its mobe charges – or EU will go FULL LEGAL

Explain this 80% hike or PAY, thunders EC commish

Mobile 21 Oct 09:31

Most cloud apps flout EU data protection rules – study

Data Protection Directive not passed yet, though...

Cloud 21 Oct 08:58

ICO warns UK broadcasters over filming using drones

Must comply with data protection rules, m'kay?

Hardware 21 Oct 08:02

That's PROFESSOR Woz to you from now on, young whippersnapper

Apple co-founder signs up to teach at Australian University

Business 21 Oct 07:39

Carders punch holes through Staples

Investigation launched into East Coast stores

Security 21 Oct 07:17

VMware gives up on dual-persona smartphone concept

AirWatch has other ideas about the best way to deliver apps to your pocket

Virtualization 21 Oct 07:01

Palo Alto Networks boxes spray firewall creds across the net

Crummy configurations to blame, Moore hardening offered as remedy

Security 21 Oct 06:32

FedEx helps deliver THOUSANDS of spam messages DIRECT to its Blighty customers

Don't worry Wilson, I'll do all the paddling. You just hang on

Small Biz 21 Oct 06:03

Quantum key security steps outside the box

'Device independent' proof a step closer ... if you obey the laws of physics

Security 21 Oct 05:33

UNIX greybeards threaten Debian fork over systemd plan

'Veteran Unix Admins' fear desktop emphasis is betraying open source

Operating Systems 21 Oct 05:02

Who's that sniffing around BlackBerry? Oh, is it YOU again, Lenovo?

Hope springs eternal as possible purchase mooted yet again

Business 21 Oct 04:28

ESNet's 100 Gbps Atlantic link almost ready to flow

London, Geneva added to destinations for giant research net

Networks 21 Oct 04:02

Watch live! NASA video streams Orionid meteor shower – or go outside and look yourself

Vid Earth passes through Halley’s Comet debris

Science 21 Oct 03:24

Vote for us: We're slinging cash at supercomputers!

Australian election campaign features cash-for-cores promise

HPC 21 Oct 02:58

Post-PC era? PAH! Apple says Macs OUTSOLD iPads in Q4

Peak tablet 5.5 million OS X machines hauled in more fruity cash than fondleslabs

Business 21 Oct 02:34

CAGE MATCH: Microsoft, Dell open co-located bit barns in Oz

Whole new species of XaaS spawning in the antipodes

Cloud 21 Oct 02:03

Cisco battles POODLE with a listicle and some twaddle

Borg lists products on which SSL 3.0 vuln has lifted leg, promises fixes

Security 21 Oct 00:58

US Senate's net neutrality warrior to Comcast: Remind us how much you hate web fast lanes

You do hate them, right?

Broadband 21 Oct 00:13

Redmond top man Satya Nadella: 'Microsoft LOVES Linux'

Open-source 'love' fairly runneth over at cloud event

Operating Systems 20 Oct 23:45

Whisper tracks its users. So we tracked down its LA office. This is what happened next

Pics Our man outside HQ of anonymous messaging app

Small Biz 20 Oct 21:58

Apple flings iOS 8.1 at world+dog: Our AMAZEBALLS 9-step installation guide

Let's hope it's not an 8.brick update

Operating Systems 20 Oct 21:23

China is ALREADY spying on Apple iCloud users, watchdog claims

Attack harvests users' info at iPhone 6 launch

Security 20 Oct 20:55

YARR! Pirates walk the plank: DMCA magnets sink in Google results

Spaffing copyrighted stuff over the web? No search ranking for you

Media 20 Oct 20:09

FYI: OS X Yosemite's Spotlight tells Apple EVERYTHING you're looking for

It's on by default – didn't you read the small print?

Security 20 Oct 18:55

ISPs handbagged: BLOCK knock-off sites, rules beak

Historic trademark victory, but sunset clause applies to future blocks

Law 20 Oct 16:12

Microsoft to enter the STRUGGLE of the HUMAN WRIST

It's not just a thumb war, it's total digit war

Hardware 20 Oct 15:33

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