Yahoo! Japan! launches! service! for! the! dead!

If you're reading this email, I am no longer alive

Bootnotes 22 Jul 07:33

AddThis springs Canvas tracking test on users without asking

Security researchers uncover massive use of web-visit-trackers

Security 22 Jul 06:58

Cisco relaunches Developer Network

If at first you don't succeed, call it a DevNet

Developer 22 Jul 06:32

WTF is ... Virtual Customer Premises Equipment?

It might just be a global conspiracy to lobotomise YOUR home router

Networks 22 Jul 06:03

Microsoft's MCSE and MCSD will become HARDER to win

Redmond decides it won't replace Masters certifications, so lesser certs get more rigour

Jobs 22 Jul 05:28

Cyber scum pump ransomware at victims from spambot-stuffed websites

Command and control of mal-spam barrage done via Tor

Security 22 Jul 05:01

Twitter hints at messaging moves

WhatsApp with this plan? Facebook's $19b cash dangle, perhaps?

Networks 22 Jul 03:58

Carlos: Slim your working week to just three days of toil

'Midas World' vision suggests you retire later, watch more tellie and buy more stuff

Bootnotes 22 Jul 03:34

Boffins fill a dome with 480 cameras for 3D motion capture

Video 'Panoptic studio' doesn't need no stinkin' sensors

Science 22 Jul 03:02

DIGITAL SALVATION is Facebook's latest feature

Too many posts? We'll save 'em for later says Zuck & Co

Software 22 Jul 02:27

Samsung looks to up Tizen market share ... by upgrading Galaxy Gear

Android-powered smartwatches get Tizen makeover in US

Operating Systems 22 Jul 01:58

Lawyers came in like wrecking ball when boffins tried to break Tor

Unmasking hidden services, users, on the cheap too hot for Carnegie Mellon

Security 22 Jul 01:32

iiNet says metadata retention means a great big tax on everything

ISP suggests proposed down under data dump would be ultimate hacker honeypot

Government 22 Jul 01:15

Apple said to be readying OS X Yosemite public beta

New Mac OS set to open to the masses

Operating Systems 22 Jul 00:58

SK Telecom, Ericsson trial 'elastic cell'

Claims 50 per cent download boost

Networks 22 Jul 00:26

Don't look, Snowden: Security biz chases Tails with zero-day flaws alert

Exodus vows not to sell secrets of whistleblower's favorite OS

Security 21 Jul 23:57

Autonomy's ex-chief beancounter tries to kill HP investor settlement

Tech titan trying to 'forever bury' multi-billion writedown, claims bloke

Business 21 Jul 23:39

Samsung supplier halts assembly line amid child-labor probe

With all orders suspended, mass layoffs feared soon

Business 21 Jul 23:09

Too many IT conferences to cover? MICROSOFT TO THE RESCUE!

Yet more word of cuts emerges from Redmond

Business 21 Jul 22:42

Boffins discuss AI space program at hush-hush IARPA confab

IBM, MIT, plenty of others invited to fill Uncle Sam's spy toolchest, but where's Google?

Science 21 Jul 21:34

IBM hails open POWER8 servers

Promo Big Data and analytics heavy

Data Centre 21 Jul 21:02

Hidden network packet sniffer in MILLIONS of iPhones, iPads – expert

Updated But don't panic – Apple's backdoor is not totally open for all, guru tells us

Security 21 Jul 20:24

August Patch Tuesday to bring Windows bug fixes AND FEATURES – report

Windows 8.1 Update 2 said to arrive in three weeks

Operating Systems 21 Jul 19:49

PROOF the Apple iPhone 6 rumor mill hype-gasm has reached its logical conclusion

A mobe that lights up? My God

Phones 21 Jul 18:44

Cheer up, Nokia fans. It can start making mobes again in 18 months

Analysis The real winner of the Nokia sale is *drumroll* ... Nokia

Phones 21 Jul 18:14

New BOMB detect-o-tech 'could give sniffer dogs competition': TRUE

But so could a magic eight-ball

Security 21 Jul 15:57

FONDLEMANIA: Mobile devices outstrip PCs on China's internet

Chinese folk let their fingers do the browsing

Mobile 21 Jul 15:41

MARS NEEDS OCEANS to support life - and so do exoplanets

Just being in the Goldilocks zone doesn't mean there'll be anyone to eat the porridge

Science 21 Jul 14:59

Huawei's turnover rockets upwards. Suck on that, US government

Sales boom by nearly a fifth despite US and Aussie regimes' spy fear boycott

The Channel 21 Jul 14:07

iThing builder Foxconn applies to be mobile network operator in China

Wants its customer's customers' customers

Mobile 21 Jul 13:29

You! Pirate! Stop pirating, or we shall admonish you politely. Repeatedly, if necessary

And we shall go about telling people you smell. No, not really

Media 21 Jul 13:11

Secondhand Point-o-Sale terminal was horrific security midden

Not so much backdoors as frontdoors, basically without doors in them

Security 21 Jul 12:37

New Star Wars movie plot details leak, violate common sense and laws of physics

Can't add detail in subhead because SPOILERS

Bootnotes 21 Jul 12:23

UK.gov pops lid off £70m barrel of non-Cloudable hosting pork

Come and get it while it's still porky, shouts Cabinet Office

The Channel 21 Jul 11:54

US judge: YES, cops or feds so can slurp an ENTIRE Gmail account

Crooks don't have folders labelled 'drug records', opines NY beak

Cloud 21 Jul 11:22

What kind of Big Data is yours? Is it data bauxite, data aluminium ... or data Dreamliner?

Analysis And can it beat a psychic octopus

Data Centre 21 Jul 10:58

GoTenna: How does this 'magic' work?

An ideal product if you believe the Earth is flat

Mobile 21 Jul 10:32

So whither Microsoft? If Nadella knows, he's keeping it well hidden

Analysis A thousand cuts, but no actual death

Business 21 Jul 10:00

Clouds gathering above Big Blue's storage empire

Public cumuli from AWS, Google and Microsoft, to be specific

Storage 21 Jul 09:27

BBC goes offline in MASSIVE COCKUP: Stephen Fry partly muzzled

Auntie tight-lipped as major outage rolls on

Media 21 Jul 09:06

Party like it's not 1999: Cry FREEDOM for a better web

Programming the Web, Pt. I Lumpy but free - the future is here

Developer 21 Jul 09:01

There's NOTHING on TV in Europe – American video DOMINATES

Analysis Even France's mega subsidies don't stop US content onslaught

Media 21 Jul 08:39

Banning handheld phone use by drivers had NO effect on accident rate - study

Some new ban obviously in order. Radios? Children?

Phones 21 Jul 08:04

Snowden wants YOU – yes, YOU – to build spy-busting tech

Says it's your civic duty to turn our KIDS into SYSADMINS

Security 21 Jul 07:45

Activist investor plans to de-federate EMC: report

Elliott Management Corp puts a billion bucks on the table to spin out VMware

Business 21 Jul 07:27

The Sun took a day off last week and made NO sunspots

Someone needs to get that lazy star cooking again before things get cold around here

Science 21 Jul 07:20

CAIDA to survey peers, colo sheds and ISPs for new map of internet

Also changes name from CAIDA to CAIDA, just to confuse things

Networks 21 Jul 07:02

Orange spent weekend spamming customers with TXTs

Zero, not infinity, is the Magic Number customers want

Networks 21 Jul 06:28

Cave pits, ideal for human bases, FOUND ON MOON

Come on in out of the radiation and meteorites, and enjoy the unchanging temperature

Science 21 Jul 06:08

Students hack Tesla Model S, make all its doors pop open IN MOTION

Toot the horn, too

Security 21 Jul 04:01

Do your execs take mobile security seriously?

Reader Poll Situation, tactics and air cover

Security 11 Jul 13:36

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