MPs to sue UK.gov over 'ridiculous' EMERGENCY data snooping law

DRIP Act was rubber-stamped in THREE days

Cloud 23 Jul 11:18

HP's Machine and IBM's $3bn R&D splash – aka how to survive Google

Comment Failure to crack next-gen semiconductors threatens to set back humanity

Cloud 23 Jul 11:02

Turing biopic with Cumberbatch, Knightley to premiere at London Film Festival

Vid The Imitation Game covers life of gay war hero super-boffin

Media 23 Jul 10:26

Hey Intel – that new Pro 2500 SSD looks awfully familiar

Comment Chipzilla makes power-shifting tweaks

Storage 23 Jul 09:58

June Whitfield and EE to old folk: Would you like a nice cup of tea and some internet, dear?

And a biscuit, and one of those portable phones. Mm, lovely

Networks 23 Jul 09:19

HP and Microsoft prove it again: Big Business Doesn't Create Jobs

Worstall on Wednesday SMEs get lip service - what they need is dinner at the Club

Business 23 Jul 09:00

Tall, dark, but no stranger: Quantum polishes its DXi range

500TB box with self-encryption slots into existing range

Storage 23 Jul 08:39

NO MORE ALL CAPS and other pleasures of Visual Studio 14

Review Unpicking a packed preview that breaks down ASP.NET

Developer 23 Jul 08:20

Yorkshire cops fail to grasp principle behind BT Fon Wi-Fi network

'Prevent people that are passing by to hook up to your network', pleads plod

Security 23 Jul 07:55

StubHub ticked off by trans-Atlantic fraudsters says New York DA

US, Canadian and UK authorities expected to reveal details today

Security 23 Jul 07:42

PayPal post-checkout cash slurp a FEATURE not a BUG

Would you like a super-sized shipping charge with that?

Security 23 Jul 07:20

All those new '5G standards'? Here's the science they rely on

Radio professor tells us how wireless will get faster in the real world

Mobile 23 Jul 07:02

Attackers raid SWISS BANKS with DNS and malware bombs

'Retefe' trojan uses clever spin on old attacks to grant total control of bank accounts

Security 23 Jul 06:40

UK government officially adopts Open Document Format

Microsoft insurgency fails, earns snarky remark from UK digital services head

Government 23 Jul 06:02

Remember 'universal' Windows apps for PCs, slabs and mobes? Microsoft's Nadella does

Analysis Ballmer who? CEO on new direction for Redmond

Business 23 Jul 05:29

Ever wanted to be a Playmonaut? El Reg's Vulture 2 spaceplane sim reveals what it's like

Our Tennessee X-Plane ace sets up virtua-ballocket shot

SPB 23 Jul 05:00

VeloCloud stitches together virty WAN

Not so much wide area as wide aerial

Data Networking 23 Jul 04:28

IoT has too many platforms, says IoT platform startup

Octoblu pitches management / comms platform

Data Networking 23 Jul 04:04

18,000 Apple employees could get bite of profits with class-action lawsuit

Claim Cupertino withheld wages and lunch breaks

Law 23 Jul 03:32

Captain Kirk sets phaser to SLAUGHTER after trying new Facebook app

William Shatner less-than-impressed by Zuck's celebrity-only app

Software 23 Jul 02:27

Android ransomware demands 12x more cash, targets English-speakers

FBI child-abuse warning shake-down gets more sophisticated

Security 23 Jul 02:02

Chips are down at Broadcom: Thousands of workers laid off

Cellphone baseband device biz shuttered

Financial News 23 Jul 01:32

Faced with stiff competition, Facebook just can't satisfy – report

And that's before it started inducing moodswings for science

Networks 23 Jul 00:31

NOW we know why Apple went running to IBM: iPad is an iFAD

But hey, fanbois are still lapping up iPhones, Macs

Financial News 22 Jul 23:59

How's VMware doing? Like a bull in a China shop, boasts virty beast

Growth in Middle Kingdom plus beans spilled on software-defined networking cash

Virtualization 22 Jul 23:22

Are you broke? Good with electronics? Build a better AC/DC box, get back in black with $1m

That current affairs pun was shocking but it has potential

Hardware 22 Jul 22:40

SAP gets into OpenStack bed with... ORACLE? (and 100 others)

Splurges $25k to get a seat at the open-source cloud project's marketing table

Cloud 22 Jul 21:58

Microsoft bags more BUCKS – but profit's flat as Nadella waves axe

Earnings for Q4 narrowly miss estimates after Nokia gobble

Financial News 22 Jul 21:37

Report: Google back in Europe's crosshairs over web domination claims

Antitrust investigation set to widen after rivals trash settlement deal

Government 22 Jul 21:26

Goodwill's goodwill rocked as Feds probe bank card hacking scam

We think we're safe, insists non-profit

Security 22 Jul 19:49

iTime for a smartwatch: Apple gets patent for its wrist-puter

It does everything a smartwatch should do ... but Apple owns it

Hardware 22 Jul 19:26

Shields up! Nvidia crams Tegra K1 into gaming slab to rival your PS3

Android fondleslab to stream action from PCs

Games 22 Jul 19:04

The triumph of VVOL: Everyone's jumping into bed with VMware

Mega-roundup 'Bandwagon'? Yes, we're on it and so what, say big dogs

Storage 22 Jul 18:27

Games industry set for $5 BILLION haircut, warn beancounters

Game over. Insert coins to continue play

Games 22 Jul 17:56

Lads from Lagos turn from 419 scams to basic malware slinging

Smooth-tongued online lovers struggle to get to grips with slimy RAT infestations

Security 22 Jul 17:04

Kickstarter tin-rattlers offer reboot of '80s Integrated Space Plan megagraphic

But ours is better, and it's FREE - click right here

Science 22 Jul 16:43

STILL no move by Brit data cops over Google's 2012 privacy slurp

Even the Italian databinieri have got their boots on now, but not the ICO

Government 22 Jul 15:56

Report: American tech firms charge Britons a thumping nationality tax

Without representation, too. Time for a Boston (Lincs) Macbook Party?

The Channel 22 Jul 14:41

Hacker claims breach of Wall Street Journal and Vice websites, punts 'user data' for sale

Also supposedly hit a gadgets site called 'CNET'

Security 22 Jul 14:14

Major problems beset UK ISP filth filters: But it's OK, nobody uses them

It's almost as though pr0n was actually rather popular

Networks 22 Jul 13:42

Home Office threw £347m in the bin on failed asylum processing IT project

Shiny new bin ready for new £208m programme

Government 22 Jul 13:16

EMC boss Tucci’s last battle: Stopping a forced VMware selloff

Analysis Elliott Management sinks its teeth into retiring godhead

Storage 22 Jul 12:42

Motorist 'thought car had caught fire' as Adele track came on stereo

'FIRE' caption on dashboard prompts dunderheaded hard shoulder halt

Bootnotes 22 Jul 12:12

ARM: We've signed 41 new deals and we are IN to the Internet Of Stuff

Profits up but royalties down in the Silicon Fen

Financial News 22 Jul 11:43

ITC: Seagate and LSI can infringe Realtek patents because Realtek isn't in the US

Land of the (get off scot) free, when it's a foreign owner

Law 22 Jul 11:14

Apple orders huge MOUNTAIN of 80 MILLION 'Air' iPhone 6s

Bigger, harder trouser bulges foretold for fanbois

Phones 22 Jul 10:44

Experts gathered round corpse of PC market: It's ALIVE! Alive, we tell you

Give it another blast with the XP defibrillator! Clear! >BZZZT<

The Channel 22 Jul 10:29

Lawyer reviewing terror laws and special powers: Definition of 'terrorism' is too broad

Can sweep up hate crims, bloggers, journos

Security 22 Jul 09:53

THUD! WD plonks down SIX TERABYTE 'consumer NAS' fatboy

Now that's a LOT of porn or pirated movies. Or, you know, other consumer stuff

Storage 22 Jul 09:30

SAP: It was our Big Data software wot won it for Germany

Vorsprung durch grossendatatechnik, as we like to say in Germany

Servers 22 Jul 08:56

Do your execs take mobile security seriously?

Reader Poll Situation, tactics and air cover

Security 11 Jul 13:36

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