Integrate? Moi? Amazon’s first API-free service should open up

Zocalo niggles may nobble Box and Dropbox dethroning effort

Developer 24 Jul 10:26

Seeking LTE expert to insert small cells into BT customers' places

Is this the first step to a FON-a-like 4G network?

Mobile 24 Jul 10:01

New licence and SAP unit sale knackers Software AG's numbers

Q2 revenues down by double digits, profits halved, CEO surprised

Financial News 24 Jul 09:45

VMware fuels cloudy drive with second UK bit barn

First Slough, now Chessington... give it a year and they'll be EVERYWHERE

Cloud 24 Jul 09:15

'Unsolicited texts' outrage: Man fined £4k for DPA breach

But it WASN'T about any SMSes

Security 24 Jul 08:33

BT: Hey guys, we've developed NEW MOBE TECH! It’s called... 2G

Zombie OnePhone claws its way out of the grave again

Mobile 24 Jul 08:02

Watching smut at work is bad but emailing it is just fine, says Oz court

Workers celebrate glorious hole in workplace pr0n policies

Law 24 Jul 07:28

Fortinet fawns over fast-if-unfashionable ASIC

How else can you get a firewall to Terabit-per-second performance?

Data Networking 24 Jul 07:02

eBay impulse buyers STAY AWAY: Holy Grail Superman comic book to fetch $2m+

Certainly not one to click on while drunk at 2AM

Media 24 Jul 06:26

SMELL YOU LATER, LOSERS – Dumbo tells rats, dogs... humans

Junk in the trunk? That's what people have

Science 24 Jul 06:01

World Solar Challenge contender claims new speed record

One charge sees Sunswift travel 500kms at over 100 km/h

SPB 24 Jul 05:04

Mozilla fixes CRITICAL security holes in Firefox, urges v31 upgrade

Misc memory hazards 'could be exploited' - and guess what, one's a Javascript vuln

Security 24 Jul 04:02

Researcher sat on critical IE bugs for THREE YEARS

VUPEN waited for Pwn2Own cash while IE's sandbox leaked

Security 24 Jul 03:33

Bad back? Show some spine and stop popping paracetamol

Study finds common pain-killer doesn't reduce pain or shorten recovery

Science 24 Jul 02:58

Microsoft confirms secret Surface will never see the light of day

Microsoft's form 8-K records decision 'not to ship a new form factor'

Hardware 24 Jul 02:29

50,000 sites backdoored through shoddy WordPress plugin

Not running WordPress? Better hope your neighbour isn't

Security 24 Jul 01:57

vBlock user says EMC bug slipped through VCE's matrix

Just how integrated is integrated infrastructure?

Data Centre 24 Jul 01:31

iOS slurpware brouhaha: Apple explains the unexplained

It's for diagnostics, honest, says iThing goliath in wake of hidden packet sniffer claims

Security 24 Jul 00:34

White? Male? Working in tech? Let us guess ... Twitter? We KNEW it!

Grim diversity numbers dumped alongside Facebook earnings

CIO 24 Jul 00:04

OS X Yosemite beta goes PUBLIC on July 24 – Apple tells El Reg

Starting tomorrow, regular fanbois get to be guinea pigs

Operating Systems 23 Jul 23:42

Facebook haters, look away now: The baby pic site's profit is up 138%

While a third of its addicts log in just from their phones

Networks 23 Jul 23:29

Little trouble in big China: Are some of Qualcomm's chip slingers fibbing?

Patent licensee figure disputes, antitrust probe mar US biz's Q3

Financial News 23 Jul 23:03

Comcast bosses: THAT pushy sales rep was only obeying orders

But those orders are now being revised

Broadband 23 Jul 21:50

IBM soups up SoftLayer for supers with Infiniband tech

Amazon-beating, Google-ganking, Microsoft-muddling high-speed IO lands

Cloud 23 Jul 21:22

Chinese chipsters promise 64-bit ARMs for cheap Android slabs

Allwinner, Actions Semi pledge parts by late 2014 – but can they outpace Samsung?

Tablets 23 Jul 20:35

Tails-hacking Exodus: Here's video proof of our code-injection attack

It's not a Tor exploit, but it will hit fully patched systems with default settings, we're told

Security 23 Jul 20:11

Who should do security clearance checks? Did you say 'chat-bot'? This military slinger hopes so

Study finds emotionless code likely to extract dark secrets

Government 23 Jul 19:43

Microsoft: We're building ONE TRUE WINDOWS to rule us all

+Analysis Enterprise, Windows still power firm's shaky money-maker

Financial News 23 Jul 18:31

YouTube radio stream boss 'quits Google' amid outcry from indie labels

Out of the frying pan and into the fire some startup

Media 23 Jul 17:57

EMC revenues are up. But, hey Joe, I heard you shot your profits down...

Second quarter results: It's good, and it's, er, not so good

Financial News 23 Jul 17:03

FRIKKIN' LASERS could REPLACE fibre-optic comms cables

Fire a laser, make an air tube, do stuff. Simple, innit?

Data Networking 23 Jul 16:55

Speaking in Tech: Microsoft DOES have a stake in Android, y'know

Podcast Ever been asked to give feedback on enterprise helldesks? Thought not

Cloud 23 Jul 16:35

Google rival BLASTS Almunia 'n' pals for settlement proposals

Auctioning off links WILL pay off for Google, insists Foundem

Government 23 Jul 15:56

Apple fanbois SCREAM as update BRICKS their Macbook Airs

Ragegasm spills over as firmware upgrade kills machines

Cloud 23 Jul 15:31

Help yourself to anyone's photos FOR FREE, suggests UK.gov

Copyright law reforms will keep m'learned friends busy

Government 23 Jul 14:56

LinkedIn slurps B2B marketing bods Bizo for $175m

Mini shopping spree! Network buys 2 companies in 2 weeks

Financial News 23 Jul 14:28


Pics Did he get the good(ie)s? What do YOU think, reader...

Hardware 23 Jul 14:03

Microsoft unsheathes cheap Android-killer: Behold, the Lumia 530

Say it with us: I'm King of the Landfill-ill-ill-ill

Phones 23 Jul 13:33

Reg Latin scholars scrap over LOHAN's stirring motto

WTF is 'Et anatis cum tape XL WD'?

SPB 23 Jul 12:54

Capita: We've spent £150m on acquisitions... SHOW US the MONEY

Can't get damn jammed turnover dial to move up

Financial News 23 Jul 12:36

Mr Almunia, how many more times can Google rewrite Euro search 'dominance' settlement?

Analysis We count 3 so far... Are there no limits?

Government 23 Jul 12:18

Attack of the clones: Oracle's latest Red Hat Linux lookalike arrives

Oracle's Linux boss says Larry's Linux isn't just for Oracle apps anymore

Cloud 23 Jul 12:01

Climate: 'An excuse for tax hikes', scientists 'don't know what they're talking about'

People of the world's responses to new survey

Science 23 Jul 11:41

MPs to sue UK.gov over 'ridiculous' EMERGENCY data snooping law

DRIP Act was rubber-stamped in THREE days

Cloud 23 Jul 11:18

HP's Machine and IBM's $3bn R&D splash – aka how to survive Google

Comment Failure to crack next-gen semiconductors threatens to set back humanity

Cloud 23 Jul 11:02

Turing biopic with Cumberbatch, Knightley to premiere at London Film Festival

Vid The Imitation Game covers life of gay war hero super-boffin

Media 23 Jul 10:26

Hey Intel – that new Pro 2500 SSD looks awfully familiar

Comment Chipzilla makes power-shifting tweaks

Storage 23 Jul 09:58

June Whitfield and EE to old folk: Would you like a nice cup of tea and some internet, dear?

And a biscuit, and one of those portable phones. Mm, lovely

Networks 23 Jul 09:19

HP and Microsoft prove it again: Big Business Doesn't Create Jobs

Worstall on Wednesday SMEs get lip service - what they need is dinner at the Club

Business 23 Jul 09:00

Tall, dark, but no stranger: Quantum polishes its DXi range

500TB box with self-encryption slots into existing range

Storage 23 Jul 08:39

Do your execs take mobile security seriously?

Reader Poll Situation, tactics and air cover

Security 11 Jul 13:36

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