A3Cube turns RAM up to 11 with FORTISSIMO kit

In-memory fabric comes to to HPC I/O project

HPC 18 Sep 07:29

Murdoch to Europe: Inflict MORE PAIN on Google, please

'Platform for piracy' must be punished, or it'll kill us in FIVE YEARS

Law 18 Sep 07:02

Comprehensive guide to obliterating web apps published

Open Web App Security Project releases new app dev opus

Security 18 Sep 06:32

Top Gear Tigers and Bingo Boilers: Farewell then, Phones4U

Phones for the drinking classes

Bootnotes 18 Sep 06:00

Cook explains Apple privacy policy, denies helping Feds

We read the privacy policy so you don't have to

Security 18 Sep 05:31

Spies would need SUPER POWERS to tap undersea cables

Why mess with armoured 10kV cables when land-based, and legal, snoop tools are easier?

Security 18 Sep 05:02

Amazon rekindles e-readers and Fire OS without weeks of whack-a-leak fun

One for kids, a new lightweight, and a sub-$100 Fire

Tablets 18 Sep 04:37

Boffins plot global (browser) cookie crumb trail

Patchwork regulation creates silos of data and worldwide web of data bakers

Security 18 Sep 03:59

One more thing... Now OS X 10.10, new iPads slated 'for October'

Yosemite to come out of beta soon after iOS 8 lands in iThings worldwide

Hardware 18 Sep 03:28

Former VMware CTO Steve Herrod is now mobile API 'appy

Tell marketing to shove it and build your apps right, says virtualiser-turned VC

Developer 18 Sep 02:58

BitTorrent's peer-to-peer chat app Bleep goes live as public alpha

A good day for privacy as invisble.im also reveals its approach to untraceable chats

Security 18 Sep 02:31

Synology bakes word processor, groupware, into its NAS OS

Faster VM clones, too, for those who don't care for advanced share 'n' sync

Storage 18 Sep 01:57

Mathematica hits the Web

Wolfram embraces the cloud, promies private cloud cut of its number-cruncher

Software 18 Sep 01:29

Sweden orders TWO PETAFLOP supercomputer

Royal Institute of Technology tires of mere 93 teraflop machine

HPC 18 Sep 00:58

Read IBM's note to staff announcing mandatory training and 10% pay cut

Big Blue says its outsourcing bods aren't up to snuff on buzzword tech

The Channel 17 Sep 23:42

What's this 'pay as you go' cloud crap? Dunno about you, but my apps don't work that way

Sysadmin blog Why you pay for what you provision

Cloud 17 Sep 22:07

Look out, SpaceX! Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin boffins tapped for US rocket launches

ULA to kick in cash to help end reliance on Russian engines

Science 17 Sep 20:08

iOS 8's Healthkit catches a nasty BUG ... Apple kills new fitness apps

Updated Yanked feature not fit for purpose on day of launch, says Cupertino

Developer 17 Sep 19:26

'Broken code' costs Yelp half a mil in child privacy dust-up with FTC

Busted age block in app is no excuse, says US watchdog

Law 17 Sep 18:19

Big Data's being held back by little talent, says Huawei head techie

Solutions? 'I don't know - but SIs could help'

The Channel 17 Sep 16:26

Micron cackles as it unveils its chameleonic FLYING DISK KILLER

Flashy beastie barely sips at the juice, too

Storage 17 Sep 15:56

Apple flops out 2FA for iCloud in bid to stop future nude selfie leaks

Millions of 4chan users howl with laughter as Cupertino slams stable door

Cloud 17 Sep 15:34

Speaking in Tech: 'I'm an Apple guy and I COULD CARE LESS about the iWatch'

Podcast Plus: Kids are terrified of Microsoft's Minecraft buyout

Phones 17 Sep 15:03

Cisco greedily slurps up private cloud-AAS upstart Metacloud

A small part of John Chambers' $1bn cloud play goes into action

Cloud 17 Sep 14:28

NetApp's running with the big dogs: All-flash FlashRay hits the street

But it's not yet ready for prime time, strangely

Storage 17 Sep 13:58

Hey, Scots. Microsoft's Bing thinks you'll vote NO to independence

World's top Google-finding website calls it for the UK

Government 17 Sep 13:33

Wanna keep your data for 1,000 YEARS? No? Hard luck, HDS wants you to anyway

Combine Blu-ray and M-DISC and you get this monster

Storage 17 Sep 13:01

Critical Adobe Reader and Acrobat patches FINALLY make it out

Eight vulns healed, including XSS and DoS paths

Security 17 Sep 12:29

CIOs: Want to find out how to break into the boardroom?

Reg Events Not at the top table? Come to our roundtable

CIO 17 Sep 12:02

What TODO with open source: Google, Facebook and Twitter launch collab project

It's all about making it easier - on their bottom lines

Software 17 Sep 11:42

Edge Research Lab to tackle chilly LOHAN's final test flight

Our US allies to probe potential Vulture 2 servo freeze

SPB 17 Sep 11:22

Will Apple give Chinese iPhone workers cancer? THE TRUTH

Worstall on Wednesday At least it mostly it makes them rich

Business 17 Sep 11:00

UK.gov lobs another fistful of change at SME infosec nightmares

Senior Lib Dem in 'trying to be relevant' shocker. It's only taxpayers' money, after all

Security 17 Sep 10:28

Huawei: Our sales in Europe and US are TINY, admits red-faced exec

Channel recruitment plans are stalling - and US spy accusations still dog the firm

The Channel 17 Sep 09:59

eBay promises to refund seller fees after latest MASSIVE OUTAGE

Tat bazaar: We're protecting YOU from our BUTTER FINGERS

Media 17 Sep 09:29

4K-ing excellent TV is on its way ... in its own sweet time, natch

Breaking Fad For decades Hollywood actually binned its 4K files. Doh!

Hardware 17 Sep 09:01

Will multi-tier flash arrays come to a data centre near you?

One step at a time

Storage 17 Sep 08:34

Hey, Mac fanbois. HGST wants you drooling over its HUGE desktop RACK

What vast digital media repository could possibly need 64 TERABYTES?

Hardware 17 Sep 08:02

VMware releases XenApp to Horizon porting tool

A new skirmish in the VDI cold war

Virtualization 17 Sep 07:33

POW! Digia straps Qt into ejector seat, gleefully pulls handle

'Fly, my pretties' or 'Son, you're on your own'?

Developer 17 Sep 07:02

iOS 8 release: WebGL now runs everywhere. Hurrah for 3D graphics!

HTML 5's pretty neat ... when your browser supports it

Software 17 Sep 06:29

WRISTJOB LOVE BONANZA: justWatch sex app promises blind date hookups

Mankind shuffles into the future, five fingers at a time

Bootnotes 17 Sep 06:01

Citadel Trojan phishes its way into petrochem firm's webmail

Middle Eastern webmail servers popped

Security 17 Sep 05:27

Microsoft staff brace for next round of layoffs – expected Thursday

Satya Nadella, axeman of the geeks

Business 17 Sep 05:02

First Irish boy band U2. Now Apple pushes ANOTHER thing into iPhones, iPods, iPads

And you can't delete this once it's installed

Phones 17 Sep 04:33

Credit card cutting flaw could have killed EVERY AD on Twitter

Party-pooper gets $2800 for ad-busting bug

Security 17 Sep 04:02

Canonical, AMD, team up with OpenStack-in-a-rack

The hyperconverged hardware market just became a little more crowded

Servers 17 Sep 03:33

US boffins demo 'twisted radio' mux

OAM takes wireless signals to 32 Gbps

Data Networking 17 Sep 03:02

Facebook unleashes inter-cache router code on a waiting world

'Mcrouter' released under BSD license

Cloud 17 Sep 02:29

NO SALE! Rackspace snubs all buyout offers, appoints new CEO

Claims strong results from 'managed cloud' strategy leave it better off alone

Business 17 Sep 01:59

Cisco sprinkles Sourcefire goodies on ASA firewalls

FirePOWER can be licensed into existing kit

Security 17 Sep 01:29

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