Apple blacklists tech journo following explicit BENDY iPhone vid

Floppy phone gets well and truly buckled by teutonic techie

Phones 02 Oct 12:28

Music-mad Brits drive up hardware sales too – claims BPI

Chicken and egg - but which was first?

Media 02 Oct 11:57

The magic storage formula for successful VDI? Just add SSDs

They're cheap, they're plentiful... why not?

Virtualization 02 Oct 11:47

Ingredient found in TASTY BEER is GOOD for your BRAIN

You only have to drink 2k litres a day to see the effect...

Science 02 Oct 11:28

Apple bats away yet another WiLAN patent sueball

Judge gives fruity firm summary judgment win in LTE lawsuit

Law 02 Oct 11:15

Ofcom chief exec Ed Richards to step down in December

Top bod reckons 8 years is enough time to spend running the regulator

Media 02 Oct 10:55

CIOs: What’s stopping you getting on the board?

Reg Events Old hands spill the beans at Reg Roundtable

CIO 01 Oct 11:44

Apple, Google mobe encryption good news... for TERRORISTS – EU top cop

At least he didn't ask us to 'think of the children'

Phones 02 Oct 10:28

TalkTalk and Three want to make it easier to switch mobe networks

... to them, natch. Why else make the effort?

Mobile 02 Oct 10:01

LulzSec supersnitch led attacks on UK, Australia – report

Sabu helped Feds target 30 countries, documents reveal

Security 02 Oct 09:31

One Windows? How does that work... and WTF is a Universal App?

Analysis Microsoft's strategy is to make Store apps popular. Good luck with that

Operating Systems 02 Oct 09:02

IRONY ALERT: Former MI6 chief warns of 'mass snooping' - by PAEDOS

YOUR KIDS are, er, spied on by predators, says dodgy dossier chap

Security 02 Oct 08:23

Larry Ellison: Who's the DINOSAUR NOW, cloudy rivals?

'We're just getting started,' Ellison warns incumbents

Cloud 02 Oct 08:02

Etsy security rule #1: Don't be a jerk to devs

Attack thyself with 0days, preaches former hacker bod

Security 02 Oct 07:45

VMWare virtually in control of Shellshock

Patch here, here, here ... everywhere, really

Security 02 Oct 06:29

SLOSH! Cops dethrone suspect - by tipping over portaloo with him inside

Vid Talk about raising a stink and soiling your career

Bootnotes 02 Oct 06:02

Supercomputer water-cooling comes to solar power

Big Blue shows off Swiss research project

HPC 02 Oct 05:29

IoT coding kit targets experimenters who can't code

SAMLabs hits Kickstarter target

Hardware 02 Oct 05:02

DARPA joins math-secured microkernel race

Embedded systems need better security

Operating Systems 02 Oct 04:02

Researchers bypass Redmond's EMET, again

Version 5 still a bit soft

Security 02 Oct 03:01

Vendors join hands to foster open source NFV

Reference platform rather than standards

Virtualization 02 Oct 02:02

So long Lotus 1-2-3: IBM ceases support after over 30 years of code

One of computing's first killer apps bites the dust

Applications 02 Oct 01:16

Proprietary OS source code LEAKED to web – from 40 years ago

No Shellshock bug spotted in ancient CP/M code so far

Operating Systems 02 Oct 01:12

Google: Hey kids, dump all your files over here with us!

Chocolate Factory promises unlimited storage for students

Storage 02 Oct 00:49

Applied Micro: Get lost, PowerPC! We're flinging 64-bit ARM HeliX cores at robots next year

ARM TechCon HP's Moonshot buddy is getting boisterous

Hardware 02 Oct 00:05

Coming to a theater near you: the TETRIS MOVIE

What, did Stan Lee finally run out of characters?

Media 01 Oct 23:38

Facebook apologizes for binning accounts of drag queens

Promises to take another look at 'real names' policy

Business 01 Oct 23:34

X-Men boffins demo nanomagnets to replace transistors

Moore's Law could be saved by new chip tech

Science 01 Oct 21:16

FCC flashes cash at broadcasters ahead of wireless auction

Sell off your spectrum for huge profits, feds promise

Government 01 Oct 20:32

Bash bug flung against NAS boxes

SSHit just got real

Security 01 Oct 19:17

Internet of Things? Hold my beer, I got this: ARM crafts OS to rule them all

ARM TechCon New mbed operating system tries to pave over chip rivalries to lure in IoT startups

Cloud 01 Oct 17:15

Xen sticks pin in bug behind Rackspace GLOBAL CLOUD REBOOT

Anatomy of a nasty

Security 01 Oct 16:02

EMC quietly wheels out GIANT SPYCAM MOVIE storage box

You gotta have somewhere to keep all your HD driveway footage

Storage 01 Oct 15:32

Hipster chimps are SLAVES to the latest social trends

Chimp see, chimp do, say simian-studying boffins

Science 01 Oct 15:05

SPECIAL iPHONE TROUSERS will ease Apple into the fashion world

No more bendy phondleslab problem

Phones 01 Oct 14:27

Apple is GOLDBRICKING IT: BEHOLD the iPad Glister-Slab

New fondler set to come in Midas form, whisper sources

Tablets 01 Oct 14:03

Meet AMD's pole-dancing 64-bit ARM chip: Hierofalcon wants to be in a mast near you

Virtual servers, virtual storage, virtual networks ... will it end?

Data Networking 01 Oct 13:07

Wide Open Data: NYC taxi dump catches strip club Johns

Danger of supposed data democracy highlighted

Security 01 Oct 13:05

Biz coughs up even less for security, despite mega breach losses

Spend more, say beancounters

Security 01 Oct 12:37

AWS Enterprise Summit 2014 hits the heart of London

Promo Thinking of going to the town on the cloud? Go to the city first

Cloud 01 Oct 12:17

Reddit trousers $50m to splash on ads, mobile and cash-generating staffers

Oh and we'll toss community some 'crypto gold'

Financial News 01 Oct 11:57

Want to see the back of fossil fuels? Calm down, hippies. CAPITALISM has an answer

Worstall on Wednesday Make it cheaper and they will BUY

Science 01 Oct 11:29

Speaking in Tech: HP-EMC merger 'redonkulous' says EMC man Chad Sakac

Podcast Do your research before writing about it

Data Centre 01 Oct 11:16

DVLA website GOES TITSUP on day paper car tax discs retire

Updated Welcome to GOV.UK - digital by de ... FAULT

Government 01 Oct 10:54

That PERSONAL DATA you give away for free to Facebook 'n' pals? It's worth at least £140

Study finds tectonic shift in pricing our personal data

Applications 01 Oct 10:33

Windows 10: One for the suits, right Microsoft? Or so one THOUGHT

Analysis Redmond busts jarring desktop to apps break

Operating Systems 01 Oct 09:56

Gridstore bigs up hyper-converged box: Our storage nodes 'know' what Hyper-V needs

Upstart: Rivals 'not operating at both ends of the pipe'

Storage 01 Oct 09:27

A moment of brilliance? UPnP for Internet of Stuff lightbulbs

Breaking Fad Thus doth tech of future illuminate present, etc

Hardware 01 Oct 09:03

Microsoft outspends world's tech firms with '€5m' EU lobby bill

And, if you believe these self-reported stats, Google spends just €1.5m...

Government 01 Oct 08:28

Cable guy, Games of Thrones chap team up to make Reg 'best sci-fi film never made' reject

Spike TV to make Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Trilogy

Media 01 Oct 08:05

Larry Ellison, Oracle's humble CTO, demos cloud migration at OpenWorld

OpenWorld Ex-CEO still knows his way around a server

Cloud 01 Oct 07:29

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