Elon Musk's space truck PLUMMETS towards Earth

Vid Dragon cargo 'craft released from International Space Station

Science 25 Oct 19:02

SHOW ME THE MONEY! Ballmer on Amazon: 'They're not a real biz, they make NO cash'

Vid 'Proud of the BEELLIONS of $$$ I made at Microsoft'

Cloud 25 Oct 17:09

Sun's latest FIERY BURP causes hour-long RADIO BLACKOUT

Pic NASA observes MAJOR solar flare in MASSIVE sunspot

Science 25 Oct 15:46

Google it! Nest buys Revolv, KILLS new sales of home hub

Take my temperature, I'm feeling a little bit dizzy

Business 25 Oct 13:40

Catch up on the top tech stories this week with Regina Eggbert

Vid Spoons at the ready! Time to crack open the last 7 days in IT

Weekend Edition 25 Oct 13:00

This Changes Everything? OH Naomi Klein, NO

Worstall @ the Weekend It's not capitalism that's broken here, it's publishing

Weekend Edition 25 Oct 12:00

The Flash lives up to its name with a fast-paced pilot full of potential

TV Review Boring love plot can't detract from fun DC Comics' adventure

Weekend Edition 25 Oct 11:00

UK.gov pushes for SWIFT ACTION against nuisance calls, threatens £500k fines

DCMS seeks lowering of legal threshold to fight rogue firms

Law 25 Oct 10:30

Caterham Seven 160 review: The Raspberry Pi of motoring

Vulture at the Wheel Back to driving's basics with a joyously legal high

Weekend Edition 25 Oct 10:00

'ANYTHING BUT STABLE' Netflix suffers BIG Europe-wide outage

Friday night LIVE? Nope. The only thing streaming are tears down my face

Data Centre 25 Oct 09:30

GCHQ staff 'would sooner walk' than do anything 'resembling mass surveillance’

QuoTW House of Lords discovers Google Maps

Weekend Edition 25 Oct 09:00

Weekend reads: Russell Brand's Revolution and Joy Division's Ian Curtis gets lyrical

Page File And Lemony Snicket's author goes piratical

Weekend Edition 25 Oct 08:00

SKYPE has the HOTS for my NAKED WIFE

Something for the Weekend, Sir? If she has nothing to hide, she has nothing to worry about, right?

Weekend Edition 25 Oct 07:01

Time to test your sarcasm detectors: It's the UN's global comms shakeup extravaganza!

Five days of socializing and… well, judge for yourself

Networks 25 Oct 04:04

Wanna see how Russia et al hope to shape the internet? ITU opens up (a little more) to public

Unfortunately you now have to make sense of the documents

Government 25 Oct 03:03

Google CEO Larry Page gives Sundar Pichai keys to the kingdom

Android, Chrome boss moves another step closer to Choc Factory's top job

Business 25 Oct 02:04

Cheapo telcos fined for their cheapo security: Financial records on 305,000 people spilled

Firms stored sensitive data in clear text for all to see

Security 25 Oct 01:00

LG taps TSMC to bake its first-ever mobile chip

Joins Apple, Samsung in ARM chipmaking party with Nuclun

Phones 25 Oct 00:28

FCC: You'll have to wait EVEN LONGER for faster wireless broadband

US spectrum auction won't happen until 2016 now

Mobile 24 Oct 23:47

Breaking news: Google exec in terrifying SKY PLUNGE DRAMA

Baumgartner bummed by high-up's higher-up one-up?

Science 24 Oct 23:08

Revealed: The amazing magical innovation in the iPad Mini 3 – a lick of paint

Teardown And a fingerprint sensor

Tablets 24 Oct 21:41

Silicon Valley scrooges paid staff $1.21 an hour in a 122-hour week

Dept of Labor fines Electronics For Imaging the max – $3.5k

Business 24 Oct 21:26

Wanna hop carriers with your iPad's Apple SIM? SWERVE AT&T

Unless you want your network-swapping tech disabled for good, that is

Mobile 24 Oct 20:53

FTDI yanks chip-bricking driver from Windows Update, vows to fight on

Next driver to battle fake chips with 'non-invasive' methods

Developer 24 Oct 19:53

Moment of truth for LOHAN's servos: Our US allies are poised for final test flight

Will Vulture 2 freeze at altitude? Edge Research Lab to find out

SPB 24 Oct 18:52

Activist investors force Riverbed into climbdown over cash 'n' costs

Comment Bad news for the stronghold firms

Data Networking 24 Oct 18:16

Screw the guvmint, vows CEO of ubiquitous Korean jabber app KakaoTalk

Ordinary Koreans: 'Meh, that's nice. What's for tea?'

Networks 24 Oct 16:56

32,000 Hungarians plan to take to the streets for 'internet tax' protest

New law proposes taxing every gigabyte in the land

Law 24 Oct 16:01

iMessage SPAM floods US mobile networks

iSpam knockoff goods scam

Security 24 Oct 15:33

Microsoft discovers long-lost phone division down back of sofa

Confirms it'll be chucking 'Lumia' brand into the round file

Phones 24 Oct 15:06

Ubuntu's shiny 10th birthday Unicorn: An upgrade fantasy

Review Exciting possibilities. Just not yet

Operating Systems 24 Oct 14:33

Happy 2nd birthday, Windows 8 and Surface: Anatomy of a disaster

Analysis Heart of Windows 8 lives on in Windows 10

Operating Systems 24 Oct 14:04

Not a loyal follower of @BritishMonarchy? You missed The QUEEN*'s first Tweet

Her Maj opens 'Information Age' at the Science Museum

Bootnotes 24 Oct 13:25

Bitcasa bins $10-a-month Infinite storage offer

Comment Firm cites 'low demand' plus 'abusers'

Storage 24 Oct 13:02

Kip Thorne explains how he created the black hole for Interstellar

Vid Movie special effects project spawns academic papers on gravitational lensing

Science 24 Oct 12:29

Techies: Meet the Microsoft A Team at Future Decoded

Promo Brian Cox, Sir Nigel Shadbolt at Tech Day, ExCeL, 12 Nov

Applications 24 Oct 12:01

CBS goes OTT, releases EVERY EPISODE of Star Trek EVER MADE

$5.99 a month will buy you current primetime shows too

Media 24 Oct 11:46

Dropbox-but-with-an-actual-box firm touts new biz appliances

Cloudy-style biz P2P - but without the cloud

Storage 24 Oct 11:29

Lucky you. Twitter offers you its 'Digits' (for mobe app sign-ins)

No ma – no passwords

Media 24 Oct 11:03

We chat to CloudFlare about its 'EVERYBODY GETS SSL' venture

Interview Has gutsy move generated biz?

Cloud 24 Oct 10:34

Meet Mr Gamification: He's got a NUDGE or two for you

Battle of Ideas Geddit?!?

Media 24 Oct 10:05

Cisco patches three-year-old remote code-execution hole

Patch or kill Telnet

Security 24 Oct 09:33

Kingston's aviation empire: From industry firsts to Airfix heroes

Geek's Guide to Britain Sir Thomas Sopwith's suburban Surrey hub

Geek's Guide 24 Oct 09:03

Pssst. Want to buy a timeshare in the clouds?

Comment The Google dilemma — controller or spreader of knowledge?

Cloud 24 Oct 08:36

WIN a 1TB monster Samsung EVO 840 SSD

Competition Three solid state scorchers up for grabs

Hardware 24 Oct 08:01

Google absorbs Oxford Uni boffins in artificial intelligence boost quest

'I'm sorry Larry, I'm afraid I can't do that…'

Security 24 Oct 07:26

What's that STINK? Rosetta probe shoves nose under comet's tail

Rotten eggs, horse dung and almonds – yuck

Science 24 Oct 07:04

Rackspace launches big red rack eater

RackConnect 3.0 release gives Rackspace a much better hybrid cloud story

Cloud 24 Oct 06:31

Adorkable overshare of words like photobomb in this year's dictionaries

And hipsters are finally defined as self-loathing. Sort of

Bootnotes 24 Oct 06:02

MAVEN snaps eight-bit SPACE INVADER

PewPewPew! Siding Spring shot in glorious retro chunks

Science 24 Oct 05:33

'Careful management of headcount' for Juniper after tepid quarter

Translation: the razor's swinging, at customers and in Juniper's back office

Financial News 24 Oct 04:56

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