Google releases 'Divide' to conquer mobile devices, messaging

Chocolate Factory already good at division: review scores for gCal have gone OFF A CLIFF

Software 21 Nov 03:02

Roll up, roll up, Microsoft's rolled up dozens of OS fixes

Linux VMs over 2TB now possible and Cloud Platform gets a scaled-up cleanup

Operating Systems 21 Nov 01:59

Citadel Trojan snooped on password managers to snatch victims' logins

And then vanished into the night

Security 21 Nov 00:33

Assange™ slumps back on Ecuador's sofa after detention appeal binned

Swedish court rules there's 'great risk' WikiLeaker will dodge prosecution

Law 20 Nov 23:28

Nexus 7 fandroids tell of salty taste after sucking on Google's Lollipop

Web giant looking into why version 5.0 of Android is crippling older slabs

Tablets 20 Nov 22:54

Google, Rockstar to bury zombie Nortel patent lawsuit

Ceasefire called in anti-Android skirmish

Developer 20 Nov 22:08

First Congress, now top govt watchdog digs into ICANN's internet grab

We reveal the key questions US auditors are asking over IANA takeover

Government 20 Nov 21:47

You'll go APE for our new Gorilla Glass 4, Corning reckons

Mythbusters team whored out to promote 'Glass Age'

Hardware 20 Nov 21:07

Uber bends over for internal privacy probe amid stalking claims

As Al Franken fires off an angry letter. Thanks, Al

Small Biz 20 Nov 20:34


Looks for gov malware than evades most antivirus

Security 20 Nov 18:04

Euro digi chief 'H-dot' #twitterfail: 'My favourite app is the weather app'

Oettinger's attempt to follow Ansip goes titsup

Government 20 Nov 16:59

Apple bitchslaps iPhone rival Xiaomi: World No 1? That's BIG TALK

Techie smacks back with talk of homeland triumph. Ooooh

Phones 20 Nov 16:31

Download alert: Nearly ALL top 100 Android, iOS paid apps hacked

Attack of the Clones? Yeah, but much, much scarier – report

Mobile 20 Nov 13:57

After USA FREEDOM Act's failure, what's next for mass surveillance?

Analysis Patriot Act foes could be in for a disappointment

Government 20 Nov 13:20

Webcast: Managing identity to drive business

Join us in the Reg Studios on 26 November

Software 20 Nov 13:10

CERN IT boss: What we do is not really that special

You'll all be doing the same - in about 10 years' time

Cloud 20 Nov 12:46

Huawei: KRYDER STORAGE CRISIS is REAL and 'we’re working on it'

The shark threatening to eat big data just got bigger

Storage 20 Nov 12:31

A life of cybercrime, a caipirinha and a tan: Fraudsters love a Brazilian

School of Crooks in South America

Security 20 Nov 12:15

NXT: The first SPAAAACE cryptocurrency

Our plucky Playmonaut eyes stratospheric profits

SPB 20 Nov 12:03

Blighty's HUMAN DNA-strewing Moon mission raises £200k

3 days, and Kickstarter moves lander 37% nearer takeoff

Science 20 Nov 11:48

Non-profit or charity? Win a data centre makeover from Nutanix

Promo Last chance for your Web-scale Wish

Servers 20 Nov 11:38

Webcam hacker pervs in MASS HOME INVASION

You thought you were all alone? Nope – change your password, says ICO

Security 20 Nov 11:27

All ABOARD! Furious Facebook bus drivers join Teamsters union

You can't poke me, I'm part of the union

Jobs 20 Nov 11:14

You think the CLOUD's insecure? It's BETTER than UK.GOV's DATA CENTRES

We don't even know where some of them ARE – Maude

Cloud 20 Nov 11:02

Oracle to axe over 450 jobs in Euro support centres – sources

Exclusive Database giant declines to comment

The Channel 20 Nov 10:32

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Spawn of Galaxy Alpha and a Note 3 unveiled

Review You don't need to follow trends to be stylus

Tablets 20 Nov 10:01

Our system handles £130bn and it's BUST. Want the job of fixing it? Apply to UK.gov

And you thought financial IT was scary

Government 20 Nov 09:20

Giving mobile users the applications they want is child's play

Buy in or magic up your own

Mobile 20 Nov 09:15

Giant bank IT cockup of 2012 'could have brought down ENTIRE financial system'

£56m fine for blundering RBS, Ulster and Natwest

CIO 20 Nov 09:01

What should America turn to for web advice? That's right: GOV.UK – says ex-Obama IT guru

Analysis Uncle Sam could learn a thing or two from Brits

Developer 20 Nov 08:28

Yet more NSA officials whisper of an internal revolt over US spying. And yet it still goes on

Drake, Binney, Snowden were not alone, report reminds us

Government 20 Nov 08:02

CAPTCHA rapture as 'thousands' affected by seven year-old bug

Fix committed for JQuery validation plugin demo script

Security 20 Nov 07:41


Fat fingered geo-block kept Aussies in the dark

Cloud 20 Nov 07:21

Hackers seize Detroit's database, demand $800k. Motor City shrugs: OK, take it

Bitcoin blackmail backfire bungle

Networks 20 Nov 07:04

Slapnav: Looking for KINKY dark matter? Switch on the GPS!

Boffins use spare atomic clocks to check for errors

Science 20 Nov 06:31

Astro-boffins start opening universe simulation data

Got a supercomputer? Want to simulate a universe? Here you go

Security 20 Nov 06:02

Bittorrent wants to sink Dropbox with Sync 2.0

From beta to alpha to pro

Applications 20 Nov 05:31

CERN's 2014 Xmas gift from the Large Hadron Collider: Two new baryons

Strange beauty a downer for exotic physics

Science 20 Nov 05:02

Greening the copper with NFV, lower power optics from GreenTouch

Network boffins slash link power budgets

Broadband 20 Nov 04:31

Extreme adds switches and partners

SDN stack embiggened

Data Networking 20 Nov 04:02

GOTCHA: Google caught STRIPPING SSL from BT Wi-Fi users' searches

Choc Factory to build crypto bridge 'soon'

Security 20 Nov 03:29

Bada-Bing! Mozilla flips Firefox to YAHOO! for search

Microsoft system will be the default for browser in US until 2020

Business 20 Nov 03:02

'Internet Freedom Panel' to keep web overlord ICANN out of Russian hands – new proposal

Come back with our internet! cries Republican drawing up bill

Government 20 Nov 00:54

Smartphone chip champ Qualcomm says it's ARMed for server wars

Will take on Intel, ARM rivals for the data center

Servers 19 Nov 23:39

Apple Fanboi? Stand by to get Beats Music LIKE IT OR NOT

iOS to get streaming service built-in, early 2015, says report

Media 19 Nov 23:18

Fake antivirus scams: It's a $120m business – and alleged ringleaders have just been frozen

FTC, Florida lob sueball at 'two massive operations'

Law 19 Nov 21:39

Sailfish OS tablet is GO: Fans stuff cash into Jolla's cap in hand

Ex-Nokia engineers get funds to flog MeeGo-ish slabs

Tablets 19 Nov 20:58

Data-center upstart grabs Wozniak, jumps into virtual storage fight

Primary Data launches at EMC and Quantum with 'data hypervisor'

Cloud 19 Nov 20:01

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