Pssst. Want to buy a timeshare in the clouds?

Comment The Google dilemma — controller or spreader of knowledge?

Cloud 24 Oct 08:36

WIN a 1TB monster Samsung EVO 840 SSD

Competition Three solid state scorchers up for grabs

Hardware 24 Oct 08:01

Google absorbs Oxford Uni boffins in artificial intelligence boost quest

'I'm sorry Larry, I'm afraid I can't do that…'

Security 24 Oct 07:26

Something about this really STINKS: Rosetta probe shoves nose under comet's tail

Rotten eggs, horse dung and almonds – yuck

Science 24 Oct 07:04

Rackspace launches big red rack eater

RackConnect 3.0 release gives Rackspace a much better hybrid cloud story

Cloud 24 Oct 06:31

Adorkable overshare of words like photobomb in this year's dictionaries

And hipsters are finally defined as self-loathing. Sort of

Bootnotes 24 Oct 06:02

MAVEN snaps eight-bit SPACE INVADER

PewPewPew! Siding Spring shot in glorious retro chunks

Science 24 Oct 05:33

'Careful management of headcount' for Juniper after tepid quarter

Translation: the razor's swinging, at customers and in Juniper's back office

Financial News 24 Oct 04:56

Boffins want to put Quanta in containers, after docking

Hyperscale hepcats, back off - this one's about testing entanglement afloat

Science 24 Oct 04:31

Yahoo! Timestamps! Now! Block! Facebook! Email! Snoops!

A year later, selfies saved from Purple Palace zombie email accounts

Security 24 Oct 04:01

Aereo tellyscraper cops fresh licking in US courts

Streaming startup barred from showing live TV streams

Media 24 Oct 03:31

Samsung gets virtual with tiny S5 upgrade and goggle grab

VR headset rumoured to come down chimney with Santa

Hardware 24 Oct 03:01

Would you blow $5.6m to own a dot-word? Meet a bloke who did just that

And just WTF is the point of .spot, Amazon?

Business 24 Oct 02:33

Moscow, Beijing poised to sign deal on joint cyber security ops

Russian, Chinese security projects on the horizon

Security 24 Oct 02:02

Jeff Bezos rolls up another $437m, lights Amazon's cigar with it

Another lossmaking quarter despite sales of over $20bn

Financial News 24 Oct 01:28

Facebook, IBM, court future Chinese elite

Zuckerberg and Rometty join advisory board of top business school

Business 24 Oct 01:03

Whisper. Explain this 'questionable' behavior – senior US senator

Jay Rockefeller demands briefing with not-so-anonymous app maker

Law 24 Oct 00:31

HEY! GET A ROOM, yells Facebook as it discovers IRC, slaps it in an app

Party like it's 1999

Applications 23 Oct 23:52

Satya Nadella wanted cloud, mobile first – Microsoft gives him Windows, Office first

New areas show growth, but still only 13% of the profit pie

Financial News 23 Oct 22:52

Hello, Ello. Still no ads and no features to sell. What do? Bag $5.5m

Did you LOL at Ello? Now see who's laughing ... all the way to the bank

Small Biz 23 Oct 21:23

Apple: We're still GREAT pals with GT and we'd LOVE to team up again

But give us back our $439m

Hardware 23 Oct 20:44

Adobe spies on readers: EVERY DRM page turn leaked to base over SSL

Spot the difference from last time

Security 23 Oct 19:57

France to draft blacklist banning alleged piracy websites – what could POSSIBLY go wrong?

La censure! Le bord mince de la cale de fromage, mes amis!

Media 23 Oct 18:53

Upstart brags about cheaper-than-Amazon private cold data cloud

Storiant man asks you to check out their racks

Storage 23 Oct 15:57

Google Glassholes are UNDATEABLE – HP exec

You need an emotional connection, says touchy-feely MD... We can do that

Hardware 23 Oct 15:25

Entity Framework goes 'code first' as Microsoft pulls visual design tool

Visual Studio database diagramming's out the window

Developer 23 Oct 15:01

Ubuntu 14.10 tries pulling a Steve Ballmer on cloudy offerings

Oi, Windows, centOS and openSUSE – behave, we're all friends here

Operating Systems 23 Oct 14:41

Lollipop unwrapped: Chromium WebView will update via Google Play

Faster updates, and more Google control for Android

Applications 23 Oct 14:18

Amazon's AWS opens data center in Germany – just as we said

Scalability away from Uncle Sam, in theory

Storage 23 Oct 14:05

Speaking in Tech: Too fat for MARS!

Podcast And Sarah HATES Doctor Who

Hardware 23 Oct 13:37

Ad-borne Cryptowall ransomware is set to claim FRESH VICTIMS

Cybercrooks slurping hundreds of thousands from innocent marks, say securo-bods

Security 23 Oct 13:19

DOUBLE BONK: Testy fanbois catch Apple Pay picking pockets

Users wail as tapcash transactions are duplicated

Business 23 Oct 13:02

Consumers start feeling the love as Chromebook sales surge

Samsung, Acer, HP take three quarters of Google-based market

The Channel 23 Oct 12:28

Zuckerberg bombshell: Man married to Chinese woman speaks Chinese in China

Oh stop the world, we want to get off

Media 23 Oct 11:58

Web Developers: Autumnal webinars throw light on the Cloud

Promo Special guests for special webinars

Cloud 23 Oct 11:42

Hey, Joe. Give EMC the gun and SHOOT IT DOWN - before someone else messes 'round town

Comment You built it up; tear it down while you still can

Data Centre 23 Oct 11:22

LONG ARM of the SAUR: Brachially gifted dino bone conundrum solved

Deinocheirus mirificus was a bit of a knuckle dragger

Science 23 Oct 11:01

There's a lot more to backup than you thought

Which kind will you choose?

Storage 23 Oct 10:29

Nokia STORMS back into profit, FREE from phones and Windows

Sales up in all divisions. Having fun, Microsoft?

Financial News 23 Oct 10:03

Are there sounds on Mars? NASA launches audio athenaeum

Space scientists capture creepy Kepler chorus, Saturn storms

Science 23 Oct 09:32

The future health of the internet comes down to ONE simple question…

Analysis Can ICANN be forced to agree to oversight of its decisions?

Networks 23 Oct 09:04

Flash! Ah-ahh: Storage in 2014

Join us in the Reg Studios on 27 November

Storage 23 Oct 08:35

Vulture trails claw across Lenovo's touchy N20p Chromebook

Review The Googlebook you can fondle

Laptops 23 Oct 08:04

Xen says its security policies might be buggier than its software

Users didn't know if they were allowed to patch bug behind world cloud reboot

Virtualization 23 Oct 07:29

Want to own .app, .blog or .pet? Best sell a third of yourself for $100m on London Stock Exchange

Registry Afilias preps float ahead of gTLD auction battle

Business 23 Oct 07:03

Microsoft EU warns: If you have ties to the US, Feds can get your data

European corps can't afford to get complacent while American Big Biz battles Uncle Sam

Law 23 Oct 06:32

Boffins who stare at goats: I do believe they’re SHRINKING

Alpine chamois being squashed by global warming

Science 23 Oct 06:05

Quick PHP patch beats slow research reveal

Simple solution to remote code execution

Security 23 Oct 05:33

NIST to hypervisor admins: Pro-tip, secure your systems

Hypervisor security draft open for comment

Virtualization 23 Oct 05:01

Newly-private BMC gets cloud/social/mainframe (!) religion

Warning: Disruption ahead. Once the new products emerge.

Business 23 Oct 04:30

In the next four weeks, 100 people will decide the future of the web

While America tucks into Thanksgiving turkey, the world will be taking over the net

Government 23 Oct 04:01

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