Micron cackles as it unveils its chameleonic FLYING DISK KILLER

Flashy beastie barely sips at the juice, too

Storage 17 Sep 15:56

Apple flops out 2FA for iCloud in bid to stop future nude selfie leaks

Millions of 4chan users howl with laughter as Cupertino slams stable door

Cloud 17 Sep 15:34

Speaking in Tech: 'I'm an Apple guy and I COULD CARE LESS about the iPhone 6 and the iWatch'

Podcast Plus: Kids are TERRIFIED of Microsoft's Minecraft buyout

Phones 17 Sep 15:03

Cisco greedily slurps up private cloud-AAS upstart Metacloud

A small part of John Chambers' $1bn cloud play goes into action

Cloud 17 Sep 14:28

NetApp's running with the big dogs: All-flash FlashRay hits the street

But it's not yet ready for prime time, strangely

Storage 17 Sep 13:58

Hey, Scots. Microsoft thinks you'll all vote NO to independence

World's top Google-finding website calls it for the UK

Government 17 Sep 13:33

Wanna keep your data for 1,000 YEARS? No? Hard luck, HDS wants you to anyway

Combine Blu-ray and M-DISC and you get this monster

Storage 17 Sep 13:01

Critical Adobe Reader and Acrobat patches FINALLY make it out

Eight vulns healed, including XSS and DoS paths

Security 17 Sep 12:29

CIOs: Want to find out how to break into the boardroom?

Reg Events Not at the top table? Come to our roundtable

CIO 17 Sep 12:02

What TODO with open source: Google, Facebook and Twitter launch collab project

It's all about making it easier - on their bottom lines

Software 17 Sep 11:42

Edge Research Lab to tackle chilly LOHAN's final test flight

Our US allies to probe potential Vulture 2 servo freeze

SPB 17 Sep 11:22

DOES buying Apple give Chinese workers cancer?

Worstall on Wednesday No, mostly it makes them rich

Business 17 Sep 11:00

UK.gov lobs another fistful of change at SME infosec nightmares

Senior Lib Dem in 'trying to be relevant' shocker. It's only taxpayers' money, after all

Security 17 Sep 10:28

Huawei: Our sales in Europe and US are TINY, admits red-faced exec

Channel recruitment plans are stalling - and US spy accusations still dog the firm

The Channel 17 Sep 09:59

eBay promises to refund seller fees after latest MASSIVE OUTAGE

Tat bazaar: We're protecting YOU from our BUTTER FINGERS

Media 17 Sep 09:29

4K-ing excellent TV is on its way ... in its own sweet time, natch

Breaking Fad For decades Hollywood actually binned its 4K files. Doh!

Hardware 17 Sep 09:01

Will multi-tier flash arrays come to a data centre near you?

One step at a time

Storage 17 Sep 08:34

Hey, Mac fanbois. HGST wants you drooling over its HUGE desktop RACK

What vast digital media repository could possibly need 64 TERABYTES?

Hardware 17 Sep 08:02

VMware releases XenApp to Horizon porting tool

A new skirmish in the VDI cold war

Virtualization 17 Sep 07:33

POW! Digia straps Qt into ejector seat, gleefully pulls handle

'Fly, my pretties' or 'Son, you're on your own'?

Developer 17 Sep 07:02

iOS 8 release: WebGL now runs everywhere. Hurrah for 3D graphics!

HTML 5's pretty neat ... when your browser supports it

Software 17 Sep 06:29

WRISTJOB LOVE BONANZA: justWatch sex app promises blind date hookups

Mankind shuffles into the future, five fingers at a time

Bootnotes 17 Sep 06:01

Citadel Trojan phishes its way into petrochem firm's webmail

Middle Eastern webmail servers popped

Security 17 Sep 05:27

Microsoft staff brace for next round of layoffs – expected Thursday

Satya Nadella, axeman of the geeks

Business 17 Sep 05:02

First Irish boy band U2. Now Apple pushes ANOTHER thing into iPhones, iPods, iPads

And you can't delete this once it's installed

Phones 17 Sep 04:33

Credit card cutting flaw could have killed EVERY AD on Twitter

Party-pooper gets $2800 for ad-busting bug

Security 17 Sep 04:02

Canonical, AMD, team up with OpenStack-in-a-rack

The hyperconverged hardware market just became a little more crowded

Servers 17 Sep 03:33

US boffins demo 'twisted radio' mux

OAM takes wireless signals to 32 Gbps

Data Networking 17 Sep 03:02

Facebook unleashes inter-cache router code on a waiting world

'Mcrouter' released under BSD license

Cloud 17 Sep 02:29

NO SALE! Rackspace snubs all buyout offers, appoints new CEO

Claims strong results from 'managed cloud' strategy leave it better off alone

Business 17 Sep 01:59

Cisco sprinkles Sourcefire goodies on ASA firewalls

FirePOWER can be licensed into existing kit

Security 17 Sep 01:29

Amazon REINTRODUCES Kindle swindle vulnerability

Malware gives book thief grief

Security 17 Sep 00:58

Oi! You noisy servers! Talk among yourselves and stop bothering that poor router!

RDMA-over-Ethernet steps up to v 2.0, promises less chatter so servers can get on with it

Data Networking 17 Sep 00:28

Run little spreadsheet, run! IBM's Watson is coming to gobble you up

Big Blue's big super's big appetite for big data in big clouds for big analytics

Cloud 16 Sep 21:54

SCREW YOU, Russia! NASA lobs $6.8bn at Boeing AND SpaceX to run space station taxis

Musk charging nearly half as much as Boeing for crew trips

Science 16 Sep 21:27

Court flushes VirnetX's $368m check from Apple down the toilet

Patent damages payout kicked back to lower bench by appeals judges in US

Law 16 Sep 21:12

Hate Facebook? Hate it enough to spend $9k fleeing it? Web 'country club' built for the rich

And two-factor authentication is for the hoi polloi

Networks 16 Sep 20:18

iPhone 6 will make you fork over with Apple Pay if you want to BONK

No NFC access for third-party developers, apps

Developer 16 Sep 19:57

Huawei: Our servers are a flash in the DRAM – thanks, SanDisk

Chinese box builder flings ULLtraDIMMs into processor memory bus – IBM, Dell next?

Storage 16 Sep 19:44

Deutschland, Uber allowed (for now): Ban on taxi app lifted

Sour krauts can't stop car hire service right this second, says Germany judge

Law 16 Sep 18:53

Got your NUDE SELFIES in the cloud? Two-factor auth's your best bet for securing them

Infosec made simple: 2FA, its good points and bad points

Cloud 16 Sep 16:32

OECD lashes out at tax avoiding globocorps' location-flipping antics

You hear that, Amazon, Google, Microsoft et al?

Government 16 Sep 15:55

Huawei: There'll be BLOOD spilled in the smartphone sector soon

No economies of scale? Shut up shop and go home, Chinese firms tells rivals

Phones 16 Sep 15:27

PLEASE STOP with the snooping requests, begs Google as gov data demands skyrocket

Whadya know, spies are still spying. Transparency? Pah

Government 16 Sep 14:59

Was Earth once covered in HELLFIRE? No – more like a wet Sunday night in Iceland

Geoboffins DEBUNK long-held scientific belief

Science 16 Sep 14:37

Cracked it - Vulture 2 power podule fires servos for 4 HOURS

Pixhawk avionics juice issue sorted, onwards to Spaceport America

SPB 16 Sep 14:12

Oi, Tim Cook. Apple Watch. I DARE you to tell me, IN PERSON, that it's secure

State attorney demands Apple CEO bows the knee to him

Hardware 16 Sep 13:42

Xpliant targets white-label Ethernet switch vendors with shiny new silicon

SDK and simulator now, sample product by year's end

Data Networking 16 Sep 13:04

Rejoice, Blighty! UK is the TOP of the WHOLE WORLD ... for PHISHING

Thanks, gullible chumps - now everyone knows we're a soft touch

Security 16 Sep 12:57

Docker scores 40 MILLION greenbacks to pop business into boxes

18 million downloads in three months? Call the money men

Financial News 16 Sep 12:32

Is your data boring? MapR wants you to bore it back with Apache Drill

New release adds support for Google-y SQL-on-Hadoop tech

Data Centre 16 Sep 12:00

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