Sony staff face 'weeks of pen and paper' after crippling network hack

And compromising details for megastars may have been pinched – report

Security 28 Nov 23:16

Japan pauses asteroid BOMBING raid – still no word from Bruce Willis?

Hayabusa2 blaster won't fly until December

Science 28 Nov 22:18

Looking for a tip-top high-end storage array (and who isn't?) Gartner names its favorite

Fujitsu box shines at OLPT, almost as good as HDS and HP

Storage 28 Nov 21:08

That sub-$100 Android slab you got on Black Friday? RIDDLED with holes, say infosec bods

You get what you pay for

Security 28 Nov 19:51

Dropbox sees rival file-piles merely as dots in rearview mirror

That CLOUD is moving like the WIND! Eh? What do you mean, 'metaphor police'?

Storage 28 Nov 16:59

Thought tab sales were in the toilet this year? Hah! Wait for next

Global market forecast to decline 3.5 per cent to 185 million

The Channel 28 Nov 16:42

Cutting the cord without losing touch with your office

Here’s how to do mobile if you're an SME

Mobile 28 Nov 16:23

Einstürzende Neubauten's haunting World War I tribute

Music Review The only band that needs compressed air

Weekend Edition 28 Nov 16:04

User flexibility without the risk

Don’t stumble into the responsibility void

Virtualization 27 Nov 15:10

Google Chrome on Windows 'completely unusable', gripe users

Recent versions of browser attract performance, stability complaints

Applications 28 Nov 15:34

How to get ahead in IT: Swap the geek speak for the spreadsheet

A techie's guide to understanding the bosses' biz

CIO 28 Nov 14:58

It's BLOCK FRIDAY: Britain in GREED-crazed bargain bonanza mob frenzy riot MELTDOWN

Crowds bludgeon one another with cheap TVs, websites burn

Networks 28 Nov 14:46

Customers RAGE after Webfusion goes TITSUP

Hosting firm's Total Inability To Support Usual Performance enrages Twittersphere

Networks 28 Nov 14:33

EVIL US web giants shield TERRORISTS? Evil SPIES in net freedom CRUSH PLOT?

Analysis Calm Down and Carry On

Government 28 Nov 14:03

All-flash storage or will you settle for hybrid? How to decide

Don't let your cache thrash

Storage 28 Nov 13:39

UK politicos ask Facebook 'n' pals to keep Ts&Cs simple, stop 'bamboozling' Brits

Government urged to draw up privacy 'kitemark'

Media 28 Nov 13:02

Tough Banana Pi: a Raspberry Pi for colour-blind diehards

Review Wi-Fi? Check. SATA 2 port? Check. Screen - Ow, my eyes!

Hardware 28 Nov 12:42

Docker: Sorry, you're just going to have to learn about it. Today we begin

Sysadmin Blog Containers! Containers! Containers!

Operating Systems 28 Nov 12:18

BOFH: Everyone deserves a little DOWNTIME

Episode 14 Titsup tech holiday special

Weekend Edition 28 Nov 12:01

High Court: You've made our SH*T list – corked pirate sites double in a day

Arrrr. More torrent sites walk the plank

Law 28 Nov 11:46

NetMundial 'rule-the-internet' ISC project gets grudging support of civil society

Well, we won't boycott it, OK? Does that count?

Data Networking 28 Nov 11:33

NHS and POLICE non-emergency services GO DARK after Voda switch failure - source

Nationwide network cockup

Data Networking 28 Nov 11:15

Ten Mac freeware apps for your new Apple baby

Product round-up The latest from the software gift horse stables

Top Ten 28 Nov 11:02

Beyond the genome: YOU'VE BEEN DECODED, again

Welcome to the world of the proteome

Science 28 Nov 10:32

Festive streamers caught in Vulture's claws: Gadget-ogle for audiophiles, video geeks

Breaking Fad Watch out for Chrimbo compatibility, though

Hardware 28 Nov 10:02

21st century data protection: Get back up to date

Join us live in the Reg Studios on 10 December

Storage 28 Nov 09:38

The Glorious Resolution: Feast your eyes on 5 HiDPI laptops

Product round-up EYE-POPPING goodness

Laptops 28 Nov 09:02

UK computing museum starts reboot of 65-year-old EDSAC

Program like it's 1949

Vintage 28 Nov 08:32

Azure has put new life into Active Directory

Cynical sysadmin ventures into the blue yonder

Applications 28 Nov 08:04

World's best threat detection pwned by HOBBIT

Forget nation-states, BAB0 is the stuff of savvy crims

Security 28 Nov 07:32


More TV white space magic

Networks 28 Nov 07:03

DNA survives fiery heat of re-entry on test rocket

Life came here by meteorite theory gets a boost

Science 28 Nov 06:02

Citrix clambers aboard GPU-powered app-delivery bandwagon

VMware, meanwhile, reveals patent-pending desk-o-matic decision maker

Virtualization 28 Nov 05:01

Edward Snowden: best ... security ... educator ... EVER!

Study finds those aware of leaker-at-large harden up and surf smarter

Security 28 Nov 04:03

Cryptocurrency cruncher cranks prime number constellation

Riecoin distributed miner claims world record for prime sextuplet generation

Security 28 Nov 02:58

Chinese search engine Baidu to peddle SmartBike

At least it's not another smartwatch

Hardware 28 Nov 01:59

Leaked Syrian log files reveal attempts to starve rebels of information

Users self-censor to avoid arrest

Security 28 Nov 00:58

VMware secures trademark for something cloudy and secure

What is 'VMware SWITCH'? And is it linked to Virtzilla's looming investor call?

Virtualization 28 Nov 00:06

Singapore rides to rescue of local cabs by out-Ubering Uber

Government develops own taxi app

Software 27 Nov 23:11

Oh BOY! The MICKEY MOUSE Apple Watch is no heart-throb

New gizmo lets Disney character tell you the time

Hardware 27 Nov 18:28

Sharing Economy sharks need love, cuddles and SUBSIDIES – UK.gov

Analysis 'Independent reviewer' demands her industry is showered in gold

Government 27 Nov 17:42

HP's converged storage 'growth engine' stalls

Annual compare shows fall

Storage 27 Nov 17:02

A WHOPPING 8 million Windows Server 2003 systems still out there

Refresh activity to be XP-like, biz still pondering next move

The Channel 27 Nov 16:31

'Watson AI, cloud, mobile', says payments firm, trousering £49m

Gathers cash from Telefonica, MasterCard, Santander

Financial News 27 Nov 16:03

Software firms are over-valued, says Huawei

It’s only code, you greedy chunters

Applications 27 Nov 15:27

Candy Crush King king resigns for 'personal reasons'

Chairman of the board takes leave of absence

Financial News 27 Nov 15:02

Forget the accountancy scandal, our biz is back: Tech Data

We're keeping a lid on costs and exiting unprofitable sales, so there

The Channel 27 Nov 14:24

BlackBerry's turnaround relies on a secret weapon: Its own network

Analysis The NOC nobody wanted is actually quite useful

Mobile 27 Nov 13:59

Syrian Electronic Army in news site 'hack' POP-UP MAYHEM

Gigya redirect exploit blamed for pop-rageous ploy

Security 27 Nov 13:31

Home Depot hacker hosing cost a wallet-draining $43m (so far)

Card firms might make claims against hardware giant, it warns

Security 27 Nov 12:59

Bladerunner sequel might actually be good. Harrison Ford is in it

Go ahead, you're all clear, kid... Sorry, wrong film

Media 27 Nov 12:44

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