It's official: You can now legally carrier-unlock your mobile in the US

Tomorrow belongs to us, says iFixit boss

Law 02 Aug 01:41

Google's mysterious floating techno barge SOLD FOR SCRAP

Baffling boat scuppered after Page and Brin abandon ship

Business 02 Aug 01:14

We sent a probe SIX BILLION km to measure temperature of a COMET doing 135,000 km/h

FYI, it was -70 degrees celsius

Science 02 Aug 00:45

Apple ebook price-fix row: Stiffed readers inch closer to $450m windfall

Judge signs off on payout deal – but it's not over yet

Media 02 Aug 00:11

Microsoft blasts sueball at Samsung in Android patent royalty spat

Updated Claims payment halted after Redmond bought Nokia mobe biz

Business 01 Aug 23:49

What the FLOCK? Addictive 'Flappy Bird' is back – and it's coming for your family

Pic What a time to be alive

Games 01 Aug 22:44

Microsoft: IE11 for Windows Phone 8.1 is TOO GOOD. So we'll cripple it like Safari

Grudgingly supports quirky features so sites look right

Applications 01 Aug 22:01

Comcast, Time Warner boost net speeds in Google Fiber city – COINCIDENCE?

Aah, the power of competition

Broadband 01 Aug 20:54

Vulturization: Who'd be a sysadmin today?

Podcast Trevor and Phoummala chat to Nutanix's Dwayne Lessner about hype, Hyper-V and more

Storage 01 Aug 20:30

Facebook goes down, people dial 911

Police appeal for calm – yes, seriously

Media 01 Aug 19:20

Hey, what's inside those Imation Nexsan arrays? Whoa, bundles of cash?

Same old, same old, though – revenues down and a loss

Storage 01 Aug 18:24

HP storage revenue downturn? It's just a 'kink', says exec

Analysis A blip on the radar

Financial News 01 Aug 16:26

Hey, big spender. Are you as secure as a whitebox vendor?

Sysadmin blog The Internet of Stuff is a HUGE LIABILITY

Data Networking 01 Aug 16:07

Operators get the FEAR as Ofcom proposes 600% hike in mobile spectrum fees

Wait - aren't they increasing prices mid-contract? Hmm...

Mobile 01 Aug 15:29

Apple's iWatch may be DELAYED over sapphire glass supply problems

Fruity firm's November target may slip to the right

Hardware 01 Aug 14:58

Pentagon hacker McKinnon can't visit sick dad for fear of extradition

Leaving England for Scotland a danger, advise lawyers

Security 01 Aug 14:32

IBM snaps up identity access gatekeeper tech

Beefs up security portfolio with CrossIdeas

Financial News 01 Aug 14:01

Plane grounded so cops can cuff semi-legless passenger

Alleged to have flung prosthetic leg, food at crew

Bootnotes 01 Aug 13:35

Defending your digital rights? Then you're a Nazi, says the Open Rights Group

Updated Or, how not to win friends and influence people

Government 01 Aug 13:04

BlackBerry lands feature-light BBM on Windows Phone

Solid port, but Beta lacks vid chat and other extras

Mobile 01 Aug 12:24

Brits STUNG for up to £625 when they try to cancel broadband

Thought that Verizon phonecall was painful?

Broadband 01 Aug 12:01

The Therapod diet: From HUMUNGO DINO to TINY BIRD in 50m years

Video Look, ma, no gastric band

Science 01 Aug 11:37

Insight CEO: We've found bottom line balm to soothe Microsoft pain

Dealer titan ups profit forecasts, pesky sales a different matter...

The Channel 01 Aug 11:18

Brit balloon bod Bodnar circumnavigates planet

Amateur ultralight payload returns to Blighty

SPB 01 Aug 11:02

BOFH: The Great Backup BACKDOWN

Episode 7 'We have to be sure the system works!'

BOFH 01 Aug 10:28

'Guess what: If you use the internet, you’re the subject of experiments'

Quotw Plus: MS 'unclear how citizens will benefit' from ODF

Bootnotes 01 Aug 09:59

House of the rising SAN: Cisco plonks physical 16Gbit/s kit on the table

Virtual, schmirtual, right?

Data Networking 01 Aug 09:32

Fiat Panda Cross: 'Interesting-looking' Multipla spawn hits UK

Review What the HELL is THAT?

Hardware 01 Aug 09:03

The Register is HIRING technology hacks for the WORLD

Live on Earth? Want to be a Vulture? Enquire within

Jobs 01 Aug 08:35

Quicker, easier to fly to MOON than change web standards ... OR IS IT?

Programming the Web, Pt. II Snail's pace system might be forced to speed up

Developer 01 Aug 07:59

Security chap writes recipe for Raspberry Pi honeypot network

Cunning security plan: dangle £28 ARM boxes and watch crooks take the bait

Security 01 Aug 07:33

Elite Systems promises to order ZX Spectrum revival in two weeks

Also, Specy dev seeks help to name all-new game

Hardware 01 Aug 06:58

Wireless charging stretches the friendship by 45mm

Qi standard now works over longer distances

Hardware 01 Aug 06:30

REGULAR FISTING is GOOD for your HEALTH, says respected surveyor

Wagwan, bruv, come bump the rock with me like Ali G, init

Bootnotes 01 Aug 06:05

5G about the whole network, not just speed, says Alca-Luminary

Devices and networks need to decide the best - not just fastest - link for each app

Networks 01 Aug 05:29

Retailers shot up by PoS scraping brute force cannon

Run end-to-end crypto or die trying, hacker warns

Security 01 Aug 05:01

Linode open-sources its secret support sauce

IaaS operator happy for you to edit its tutorials

Cloud 01 Aug 04:28

CIA super-spy so sorry spies spied on Senate's torture scrutiny PCs

That thing we swore blind we never did? About that…

Government 01 Aug 03:56

What's that? A PHP SPECIFICATION? Surely you're joking, Facebook

Zuck's engineers unveil formal spec based on PHP 5.6

Developer 01 Aug 03:31

Twitter: Hey. Remember us? Hello, yes. Govts want to spy on us too!

Report shows information requests going through the roof (unlike the website's profits)

Government 01 Aug 02:29

Ah ha, mon amour violet ... French Iliad attempts to nibble on T-Mobile US

Offer for American telco may already have been tossed in le poubelle

Mobile 01 Aug 01:30

EMC promises 'lots' of news about converged compute at VMworld

Has VMware's MARVIN morphed into VMCI?

Data Centre 01 Aug 00:28

Plug and PREY: Hackers reprogram USB drives to silently infect PCs

BadUSB instructs gadget chips to inject key-presses, redirect net traffic and more

Security 31 Jul 22:59

Call off the firing squad: HP grants stay of execution to OpenVMS

Startup to take over support for today's Itaniums and beyond

Operating Systems 31 Jul 22:21

Mars rover 2020: Oxygen generation and 6 more amazing experiments

Pic Landing on a Red Planet near you in six years' time, hopefully

Science 31 Jul 21:55

T-Mobile US preps for $43 MEEELLION shower of gold on cram victims

Network braces for quarterly hit from repaying unwanted SMS charges

Mobile 31 Jul 21:08

Veeam's vigorous voyage vindicates virty servers' backup virtues

Firm reckons breakneck customer growth rate's continuing

Storage 31 Jul 21:02

Microsoft's Euro cloud darkens: US FEDS can dig into foreign servers

They're not emails, they're business records, says court

Storage 31 Jul 19:47

Grabby baddie scours Paddy Power's towers: 650k punters leaked and it took 4 years to admit it

We're still a safe bet, say bookies

Security 31 Jul 19:40

Tesla and Panasonic to build NOT-SO-SECRET GigaFactory in US

This'll help me flog more 'leccy motors, says Elon Musk

Financial News 31 Jul 17:02

Overland Storage and BDT end four-year-long patent spat

BDT invests in Overland, Overland shares plummet

Storage 31 Jul 15:59

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