Google adds a sense of history to Street View with archive footage

Visual 'Wayback Machine' covers 2007 to the present

Media 23 Apr 18:48

IBM rides nightmarish hardware landscape on OpenPOWER Consortium raft

Google mulls 'third-generation of warehouse-scale computing' on Big Blue's open chips

Servers 23 Apr 18:07

Microsoft Azure adds global HUSH-HUSH connection routes with Equinix

New 'ExpressRoute' connections in 16 Equinix bit barns across world

Cloud 23 Apr 17:33

EMC feels burn of declining demand for enterprise storage

Sales edge up but profits collapse by a third for fiscal Q1

The Channel 23 Apr 17:02

Brazilian president signs internet civil rights law

Marco Civil bill enshines 'net neutrality', 'privacy' as law

Networks 23 Apr 16:29

Speaking in Tech: Yes, yes. Storage, VMs, all very important. But what about beating jet lag?

Podcast Our trio talk travel tips, hypervisors and more

CIO 23 Apr 16:02

Huawei exec: 'Word of mouth' will beat Apple and Samsung in Europe

World Mobile Telephone Factory No.3 won't fling the big bucks around just yet

Mobile 23 Apr 15:26

Pure Storage opens wide, VCs shovel in yet MORE millions of $$$

Nearly half a billion dollars of funding to date. But no IPO?

Storage 23 Apr 14:38

UK.gov chucks £28m at F1 tech for buses and diggers plan

Well, not really F1 but who's heard of LMP and VLN*?

Government 23 Apr 13:32

New HDS array: It's a G1000 Jim, but not as we know it*

'Most reliable hardware on the planet' ... is not a BlackBerry lookalike mobe

Storage 23 Apr 13:01

It's GOOD to get RAIN on your upgrade parade: Crucial M550 1TB SSD

Review Performance tweaks and power savings – what's not to like?

Storage 23 Apr 12:38

Apple splats 'new' SSL snooping bug in iOS, OS X - but it's no Heartbleed

Triple-handshake flaw stalks Macs and iThings

Security 23 Apr 12:18

HP's top-end array just TOPPED ITSELF

XP becomes XP7

Storage 23 Apr 11:57

95 floors in 43 SECONDS: Hitachi's new ultra-high-speed lift

Guangzhou skyscraper denizens to hold on to hats

Science 23 Apr 11:42

Only a WEEK left to sign up: Meet the tech heavyweights at AWS Enterprise Summit 2014

Promo Live in London on 29 April

Cloud 23 Apr 11:28

TalkTalk's catch-up telly fib silenced by ad watchdog

'Misled' folk by exaggerating access to Beeb iPlayer, et al services

Media 23 Apr 11:21

Vulture 2 rocket motor heater a non-sizzling success

LOHAN keeps things safely toasty at 28,000m

SPB 23 Apr 10:34

My software-defined life: Boss of MCS-flasher Diablo chats to the Reg

The flash DIMM software angle looks interesting

Storage 23 Apr 10:08

Sat comms kit riddled with backdoors for hackers – researcher

Right, shipmate, identify yourself. LOL? What's your meaning?

Security 23 Apr 09:34

Sony Xperia Z2: 4K vid, great audio, waterproof ... Oh, and you can make a phone call

Decent phone calls and signal quality ... what a FEATURE

Phones 23 Apr 09:01

Tooled-up Ryobi girl takes nine-inch grinder to Asus beach babe

Pic Hands-on blonde shows how to sell hot kit

Bootnotes 23 Apr 08:32

EU: Let's cost financial traders $400m a day, because EVIL BANKERS. Right?

Wait 'til this one hits your pension fund where it hurts

Government 23 Apr 08:03

Enterprise storage will die just like tape did, say chaps with graphs

Wikibon prognosticates, says we're all doomed

Storage 23 Apr 07:29

EE & Vodafone will let you BONK on the TUBE – with Boris' blessing

Transport for London: You can pay, but don't touch

Phones 23 Apr 07:03

Think-tank to infosec: You're doing it wrong

Cyber risks 'similar to 2008 crash'

Security 23 Apr 06:32

Japanese boffin EYES up big bucks with strap-on digi-glasses

Vid AgencyGlass saddles user with creepy OLED display

Bootnotes 23 Apr 05:31

So, just how do you say 'the mutt's nuts' in French?

Vital linguistic question interrupts LOHAN spaceplane mission

SPB 23 Apr 05:02

Japan airport staff dash to replace passcodes after security cock-up

Haneda employee drops key codes ahead of Obama visit

Security 23 Apr 04:29

Cisco kicks off security kit/software/cloud combo

Realtime protection, apparently

Security 23 Apr 04:01

Kill dodgy RNG says NIST

But you already knew that, right?

Security 23 Apr 03:02

Algorithm ramps up genetic computation

'Sailfish' boosts RNA gene expression predictions

Science 23 Apr 02:02

Oz crime-busters' calls for data retention get louder

'We can hold your metadata forever'

Government 23 Apr 01:02

Dorian Nakamoto gets $23,000 payout over Bitcoin invention saga

Maintains he didn't create cryptocurrency, but will join community

Bootnotes 23 Apr 00:28

AOL Mail locks down email servers to deal with spam tsunami

Security problems like it's 1995

Security 23 Apr 00:07

Systems meltdown plunges US immigration courts into pen-and-paper stone age

Massive outage could last four weeks, sources claim

Government 22 Apr 23:55

Patch iOS, OS X now: PDFs, JPEGs, URLs, web pages can pwn your kit

Plus: iThings and desktops at risk of NEW SSL attack flaw

CIO 22 Apr 23:31

STEALTHY NANOROBOTS dress up as viruses, prepare to sneak into YOUR BODY

Cloaking techniques nicked from viruses tackle roadblocks on way to medical frontier

Science 22 Apr 23:05

Apple inaugurates free OS X beta program for world+dog

Prerelease software now open to anyone, not just developers – as long as you keep quiet

Operating Systems 22 Apr 22:52

Got Windows 8.1 Update yet? Get ready for YET ANOTHER ONE – rumor

Leaker claims big release due this fall as Microsoft herds us into the CLOUD

Operating Systems 22 Apr 22:18

Boss of Russia's Facebook says Putin cronies have taken over his company

Found out he was jobless via press report

Media 22 Apr 21:50

VMware slurps more cash from the death of hardware

Expectation-busting quarter means Gelsinger's ship not slowing down yet

Financial News 22 Apr 21:45

US Supreme Court supremo rakes Aereo lawman in oral arguments

Antenna-array content streamers: 'Ruling against us could dissipate the cloud'

Media 22 Apr 20:23

OpenBSD founder wants to bin buggy OpenSSL library, launches fork

One Heartbleed vuln was too many for Theo de Raadt

Security 22 Apr 19:53

Battery-production problems delay anorexic 5.5-inch 'iPhone Air'

Don't know about too rich, but apparently you can be too thin

Phones 22 Apr 18:43

Asteroids as powerful as NUCLEAR BOMBS strike Earth TWICE YEARLY

Cold War tech detects worldwide hit rate

Science 22 Apr 18:42

Apple patent LOCKS drivers out of their OWN PHONES

I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't let you text that

Phones 22 Apr 18:32

SAVE THE EARTH: Give all your iThings back to us, pleads Apple

Then prints 1.5m+ copies of a paper ad slagging off Samsung

Business 22 Apr 16:29

Diablo: Get a load of this, PCIe flash-floggers. It's DIMM fine stuff

PCIe bottlenecks MLC flash when collecting garbage, upstart claims

Storage 22 Apr 15:29

Despite your fancy-schmancy security tech, passwords still weakest link in IT defences

So concludes Verizon's new global data-breach probe

Security 22 Apr 14:48

Violin, Microsoft slip Windows, SQL Server, apps, flash into box

Keep your enemies close, keep your databases closer

Servers 22 Apr 13:36

Och aye! It's the Loch Ness Monster – but only Apple fanbois can see it

Photo evidence Fondleslab-friendly beastie's wake spotted... OR WAS IT?

Bootnotes 22 Apr 13:02

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