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No more aching 2-day void to wait through each week

Site News 20 Aug 11:20

Trundle, trundle, FLEEEP: iPhone 6 production grinds to halt

Screen snags plague fruity supplier Pegatron

Phones 22 Aug 17:10

Street-beating Brocade bounces back

Third quarter revenue rise and profits add shine to its switches

Financial News 22 Aug 16:25

Jarvis versus Jarvis: Don't DISRUPT the DISRUPTION GURU!

Comment The pissed-off media pundits’ pundit

Media 22 Aug 15:55

Renegade NSA, GCHQ spies fix Tor vulns – claims project chief

As one hand smashes, the other hand repairs

Security 22 Aug 15:34

LOHAN Kickstarter campaign IS GO!

Click here to support Vulture 2 spaceplane launch

SPB 22 Aug 15:33

Echopraxia scores 'diamond cutter' on the sci-fi hardness scale

Page File Book review: Plenty of science and philosophy, no soppy rubbish

Weekend Edition 22 Aug 15:00

LG takes on Nokia X, Moto G: These are the cheapie 'droids you've been looking for

Though Fino and Bella do sound like cartoon characters

Phones 22 Aug 14:27

Fujitsu flasher pleases data-intensive divas – SPC-1 benchmark

Cheap storage array IOPS and lots of them

Storage 22 Aug 14:05

Microsoft parts Azure cloud, reveals NoSQL doc database

We're not in a relational world anymore, Dorothy

Applications 22 Aug 13:26

'Video on internet may not be entirely truthful': Times headline

QuoTW Plus 'I'm laughing at you all as I type this on my Win98 machine'

Weekend Edition 22 Aug 13:00

Brit balloon bod Bodnar overflies North Pole

B-64 amateur ultralight payload approaching second circumnavigation

SPB 22 Aug 12:31

The Register Monopoly Pubcrawl Mobile Map: VODAFONE WINS VOICE

Special Report Ideal if you use your phone for talking

Weekend Edition 22 Aug 11:59

LOHAN gets laughing gear round promotional mug

First Kickstarter reward lands at spaceplane mission HQ

SPB 22 Aug 11:38

Primetime precrime? Minority Report TV series 'being developed'

I have to know. I have to find out what happened to my life

Media 22 Aug 11:18

Vampires and Ninjas versus the Alien Jedi Robot Pirates: It's ON

Weekend Big Data Project Help us settle THE great question of modern times

Weekend Edition 22 Aug 11:00

HP lets the SAN shine: StoreVirtual now bigger, flashier, OpenStack-ier

Plus added 3PAR flash seasoning

Storage 22 Aug 10:57

Brainboxes caught opening Bitcoin fraud emails. Seriously, guys?

Firehose of spam proves surprisingly handy for cryptocash miscreants

Security 22 Aug 10:39

True fact: 1 in 4 Brits are now TERRORISTS

YouGov poll reveals terrible truth about the enemy within

Government 22 Aug 10:13


But they'd lose a deathmatch against the coming Humvee-sized, armoured Arctic ones

Science 22 Aug 09:32

WIN: Your passport to PuppetConf 2014

Reg Offer 6 free tickets, 35% off discount code

Site News 22 Aug 09:05

TV transport tech, part 2: From sofa to server at the touch of a button

Feature The high tech journey behind your telly remote control

Hardware 22 Aug 08:32

Biz data botherer CommVault slips out fresh do-it-all bundle

Easier, simpler and faster – to buy, that is

Storage 22 Aug 08:03

ISIS terror fanatics invade Diaspora after Twitter ban

Nothing we can do to stop them, claims decentralized network

Security 22 Aug 07:29

Claim: Microsoft Alt-F4'd Chilean government open-source install bid

The US has form in Chile

Business 22 Aug 07:02

US Copyright Office rules that monkeys CAN'T claim copyright over their selfies

Photographer can't cash in on primate pics

Policy 22 Aug 06:31

Security precogs divine web vulnerabilities BEFORE THEY EXIST

Wayback is way ahead: Three million web properties will go under the pwned hammer

Science 22 Aug 06:16


Ten points of stuff out of a five pound bag

Science 22 Aug 05:31

Facebook needs to defend Austrian privacy violation case

Court rubber-stamps Max Schrems' class action

Law 22 Aug 05:03

Don't even THINK about copyright violation, says Indian state

Pre-emptive arrest for pirates in Karnataka

Law 22 Aug 04:32

SDN? More like $$$DN: Sales to soar from $1bn today to $8bn by 2018

But bit-shuffling box sales will rise by even more, says IDC

Business 22 Aug 04:02

ARM64 gets better GPU support in CUDA release

CUDA 6.5 eyes HPC market

Developer 22 Aug 02:57

Carbon tetrachloride releases still too high, says NASA

Oi! Didn't you get the Montreal memo?

Science 22 Aug 02:02

Malicious app can get past Android WITHOUT PERMISSIONS

Be careful what you install, say boffins. Again.

Security 22 Aug 01:02

Cult of T-Mob US wants you to INDOCTRINATE your friends and family

Legere lures customers with promise of free data

Mobile 22 Aug 00:47

AWS levels up in game of government security – and now one step below classified access

Cloud colossus still fondling DoD's top non-secrets for now

Cloud 21 Aug 23:57

Obama's healthcare.gov savior says: 'No suits please, we're techies'

Mikey Dickerson plans change in move from Google to running government IT

Government 21 Aug 23:20

Your Bitcoins aren't money – but it is barter, so we'll tax it, ta ... says Australia's taxman

Pay attention, miners

Government 21 Aug 22:32

Tesla: YES – We'll build a network of free Superchargers in Oz

Model S slated to land Down Under later this year

Business 21 Aug 22:02

Microsoft refuses to nip 'Windows 9' unzip lip slip

Look at the shiny Windows 8.1, why can't you people talk about 8.1, sobs an exec somewhere

Operating Systems 21 Aug 20:07

VMware vaporises vCHS hybrid cloud service

VMworld 2014 AnD yEt mOre cRazy cAps to dEal wIth

Cloud 21 Aug 18:22

Cyber spies whip out 'Machete', stride towards Latin America

¡Ay, caramba! Don't open hot Brazilian XXX.rar

Security 21 Aug 16:05

Get ready: The top-bracket young coders of the 2020s will be mostly GIRLS

Teen boys eclipsed in A* GCSE Computing rankings

Government 21 Aug 15:27

HP Storage results: Gloomy, but there's light at the end of the tunnel

Comment Sort it out HP, you're on a good thing here

Financial News 21 Aug 15:02

Déjà vu: Virgin Media jacks up broadband prices

Screw copper phone lines, we're UNIQUE, bleats telco

Broadband 21 Aug 14:33

Linux duo land $54m VC Xamarin cash bag

A 'pretty strong signal,' says CEO

Developer 21 Aug 14:01

Microsoft: We plan to CLEAN UP this here Windows Store town

Paid-for apps that provide free downloads? Really

Security 21 Aug 13:28

Death by 1,000 cuts: Mainstream storage array suppliers are bleeding

Comment Cloud, all-flash kit, object storage slicing away at titans of storage

Storage 21 Aug 12:57

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